Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Shakti Fest Yoga Music Festival (May 10th)

Thu. May 10, 2018 - Mon. May 14, 2018

Joshua Tree Retreat Center
59700 29 Palms Highway
Joshua Tree, CA 92252


[PADA: More than a few ex-ISKCON seniors and youth have told us that they are going to this festival, despite the tickets are apparently several hundred dollars and "its a long drive to Joshua Tree even from Los Angeles." One of them also sent me their ad. Why? Because, as some of these people tell me, there is not much of any dynamic kirtana programs going on for them in the ISKCON GBC's circles. 

Yes, much more important than almost anything else the GBC has failed to do, it is to continue the process of "Hari-nama samkirtana." "Its like Lord Chaitanya's movement -- without Lord Chaitanya's movement," as one disgruntled ex-kuli told us. Hence, many ex-ISKCON adults and their children are forced to find alternate venues to "find association" as another one of them told me. 

And as others report, the GBC are making a Hindu hodge podge "cultural center" out of a lot of the ISKCON temples, just to keep the donation box stuffed. Very sad that it has come to this state. Anyway we neither encourage nor discourage anyone from attending. We pretty much agree with the reasons so many people are discouraged by the bogus GBC's guru process, and their drying up the samkirtana program to the point, many ordinary people wonder: where have all the devotees disappeared to? 

And that is why its somewhat understandable folks will seek alternate programs. The good news is, at least some devotees go and they preach nicely about Krishna and Prabhupada. And a few of them preach that Prabhupada is the acharya, and so on. 

So its kind of making the best of a bad bargain. Its just a little frustrating that we are down to, getting the best of a bad bargain and not having proper programs inside the institution. Anyway, if anyone goes and wants to make a report on any Krishna type preaching / kirtanas / associations they find there, if any, and whatever else they can report that is positive news, send to: ys pd    

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