Thursday, March 1, 2018

Malati's "Weakened Standards" Lecture (video)

[PADA: Malati is still trying to tell us that the ISKCON GBC are Krishna's successor gurus, yet these "gurus" are engaged in a laundry list of deviations, weakened standards and in fact -- "mission drift." In point of fact, she says some of these gurus are advertising public programs that do not mention Srila Prabhupada, ISKCON, or Krishna but "divine love" and so on. So, she still thinks that gurus are ordinary conditioned beings who need voting in, voting out, correcting, censure, suspending, removal for deviations and so on and so forth. 

And she has become a critic of these gurus herself. OK she is a disciple of Rocana dasa? How did these people become the superior advisers to the guru successors in a chain of gurus from God? 

And as such, she has appointed herself as one of these "correcting agents" who is advising these "gurus" and chastising them for all sorts of changed (weakened) standards from that of the acharya. So, she is still trying to sell the idea that the guru from Vaikuntha is an ordinary man who has to be given all sorts of correcting chastisements from -- the GBC, Prahladananda's "guru services committee," herself, and so on. Except, Srila Prabhupada says it is an offense to consider that the guru needs correcting advice, what to speak of full scale "committees" that are specifically being arranged to "manage" these GBC acharyas. 

Of course this begs the question, if Malati, former leading member of the Prithu Putra Satanic cult, is one of the "superior advisers of the acharyas" -- then what kind of acharyas is she promoting here? And Malati says we should not promote the Gaudiya Matha's deviations, but this was their exact deviation, they made conditioned souls into gurus and then tried to "advise and mange" these gurus. And then again, if Malati's program is promoting "God's successor acharyas" who are engaged in illicit sex and even crimes, isn't this corrupting the morals of minors by telling little children that God's successors are often criminal debauchees, which is what her program is doing? 

She says that the GBC gurus are producing grand disciples, ooops, that means she thinks that these GBC are qualified to take the post of Jesus and absorb sins? Srila Prabhupada says if neophytes try to be diksha gurus and absorb sins, they will fail. Why does she want people to fail? Yes, the GBC celebrated the 500th year of Lord Chaitanya's appearance, but they did so by making a sexual predator into their reinstated acharya. 

Yes, the GBC has buried another sexual predator in a samadhi in Vrndavana. These things are not minor mission drift, and its misleading to say these are minor issues. These are major league deviations. Anyway, she has some sentiment for doing the right thing, but as long as she promotes the idea that acharyas are often deviants, nothing can progress. 

Saying that the guru successors to Krishna and Srila Prabhupada are deviating is saying that the whole parampara is deviating. She is shooting down the whole concept of the parampara by saying its full of deviations which need correcting, that makes the whole guru parampara a mundane process. Its amazing to me that any original disciple of Srila Prabhupada would later dedicate their lives to saying that acharyas are usually deviating if not debauchees, which means she is insulting the parampara every day of her existence. If the guru needs correcting for mission drift, then they are not gurus. Its that simple.        

If the guru chain is full of deviants, then everyone connected to that chain is subordinated to these deviations ...

*** Programs are taking place that do not mention Srila Prabhupada or Krishna.

PADA: Self evident what this means.

*** Bhagavad Gita is mentioned to new people, without mentioning Srila Prabhupada's, causing confusion over which Gita they should read.

PADA: Yep!

*** More elaborate guru pooja is being given to some of the new gurus than Srila Prabhupada's.

PADA: Finally figuring this out? This is also a problem for some deities, who seem to be living in ghetto like conditions while "the guru" lives like a prince.

*** Srila Prabhupada is your guru, he is not mine.

PADA: What we heard in the early 1980s, its just got worse.

*** Leaders are promoting vegan-ism.

PADA: This is the full program in some GBC's zones. Right, and what happens to the children who are not getting proper nutrition? 

*** Srila Prabhupada is being lumped in with "other gurus."

PADA: Well known. How is this problem being fixed? 

*** Devotees should avoid Facebook and the internet.

PADA: They might learn something from others? 

*** Not taking initiation.

PADA: We know a hundred people at least who want to be initiated, but they will never take initiation from a GBC guru. Again, how is this being fixed? And why would Malati encourage neophytes to initiate others, and thus take sins, which they cannot absorb, and which makes the false diksha gurus fall down, get sick, and die prematurely? And how can she say that taking initiation from non-realized persons is "proper initiation"?

*** Mayavadas leading kirtanas at ISKCON temples.

PADA: Yes, widely reported. Of course if the Prabhupada people are being kicked out ..

*** ISKCON Devotees going to mundane Bhakti-fest types programs ...

*** An ISKCON Sannyasa's printed program's leaflet does not even mention Srila Prabhupada, or Krishna, or ISKCON, its a program to "establish divine love."

*** ISKCON creating interfaith programs that waters down the whole process.

PADA: Many GBC's program leaflets are the same at Bhakti fest's, or otherwise misleading? Right, the process is being watered down all along. Starting with, gurus are often debauchees.

*** Flirtatious behavior among ISKCON congregation members.

PADA: Well yep.

*** Biggest issue is: people object to changing the books.

PADA: Well yep.

*** Demigod worship is being introduced. 

PADA: Of course, bilking the Hindus. What about Hindu marriages, car poojas etc.?

*** Devotion to Srila Prabhupada is not fanaticism.

PADA: Why is this topic even required? However, Malati does not seem to understand that worship of the GBC's gurus is what is fanaticism. Nor does she explain why we need to worship conditioned souls as gurus? She says (a GBC) "was a guru and he fell down." So she is promoting the idea that gurus are deviating and falling down. Where is this stated in the books? So anyway, she is trying to have it both ways, they are gurus but they are deviating, that means she thinks gurus are deviating fools who need her correction. She still thinks she is the superior advisor to the acharyas, no, she is the inferior corrupting agent of the parampara. The whole idea that we need to make a lecture correcting the guru and making the guru look foolish is making the whole idea of guru mundane, and some say, that is her objective. ys pd 

How did Malati become the chief adviser to the acharyas?


  1. Right, we should give Malati a lot of credit for bringing any of these issues up. These issues have been simmering in the back drop since 1977, and its like pulling donkey's teeth to get any of this into a public forum.


    She is hitting on some of the main pillar problems and this may mean, the GBC itself knows that it has to start to address some of this or face more incriminating and vociferous opposition. So yes, this is a good start and should be credited as such. ys pd

  2. Should be "week end standards," GBC's gurus and their followers goof off all week and try to dress up for the Sunday feast where they try to look like big, important devotees. Love that one prabhu! Thanks!


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