Friday, March 30, 2018

Testimony from Laksminath (France)


Jean-Luc Delvallée (Laksminath das)

I am 'only' 68 but I am banned from New Mayapur France (where I joined in 1977) along with many other elders who dared to speak about the truth related with the suicide of an elder devotee CITRADEVI dd .... ON THE STAKE (nothing left).

She had been harassed up to the point of committing suicide. The 'doctor' of the community made a report to the GBC saying that her act was due to her Parkinson disease. So many devotees left New Maypaura since. They were told to be 'not sincere'....

You may know or heard about Kishori Mathajee (75)? She was Srila Prabhupada's personal cook for years in Vrdnavan (look You tube: Prabhupada's memories by her grace Kishori dd) and she has wonderful (sometimes funny) sweet memories from her close association with her Guru. He told her to teach anything she learned from him to the devotees. 

SHE IS FORBIDDEN TO COME ANY MORE AT NEW MAYAPUR FOR THE LAST 3 YEARS WITH NO TIME LIMIT. She is a very bold lady, very straightforward and she is on top of the black list of GAUDAMANDALA DAS, the NM TP. He said: "Don't listen to what she says about Prabhupada .... she had not so much association with him .... It is only bla bla...." "Don't eat anything she is cooking, it is poison....SHE IS A WITCH".....

So arrogant he told her "I shall consider you as a Prabhupada disciple when you behave as a Prabhupada disciple"....
This guy (Bhagavan disciple) has been away for years after stealing the money from the temple, left his wife and young daughter with a dutch prostitute, dealt drugs and cheated so many people, including devotees (myself also). He even went to the worse anti-cult movement to give informations against ISKCON for money.
He expelled so many devotees with approbation of GBCs: HRDAYCAITANYA & MADHUSEVITA..... I have been trying over the years to bring attention from devotees and GBCs: they just don't care (where is DEVOTEE CARE?). I did my best to take her defense.
The day when I read to her the mail about our ban, she fainted right away! GBCs say that everything is going nicely in New Mayapur ... you can even see a film on ISKCON news showing how nice is the place: lies!... It is not said how many devotees and GUESTS left the place being totally disgusted ... hundreds! Unlimited vaisnava aparadha... Shame! 

Very very rare are the devotees all over France who are preaching who dare to send anyone to this place: "A place where the Lord or His devotee is offended is unholy. One should leave it immediately otherwise he lose his sukrti" (SB)...To my knowledge 7 devotees had dream (some several times) that the Deities left the place. Serious situation.

New Mayapur has been taken over by Kalicellas. "They dress like devotees but they are agents of Kali, you have to observe them, wipp them out"...If you read Mahabharata: who are the expelled? who is expelling? Clear and simple. Of course, I am the offender N°1, fault finder N°1, politician N°1 in France......but I rather feel like a reporter. So sad to see no much reactions, no solidarity (although they speak of cooperation) from French devotees and others. 

Easy to see on Facebook, Youtube and so on the thirst of the public for TRUTH.... Although we know that it is the 'last leg of religion', is ISKCON showing the way? No hope for Bhakti without Truth......LOVE AND TRUST...Haribol.

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