Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Book Review: Killing for Krishna (from Australia)

Received this letter from a fellow in New Zealand who read my book.

Hello Henry,

I wrote to years ago when I had just graduated from university and was very puffed up thinking I was some kind of scholar! You sent me your manuscript about New Vrindaban that you were working on at the time and I read it and commented and sent it back to you.

Anyway, many years later I came across your new book Killing for Krishna on Amazon and immediately purchased it for my Kindle. Having recently finished it, I just want to thank you immensely for your hard work in writing and publishing this fantastic book. The style of writing and the balanced approach to the subject is so good and perfect for what you are trying to achieve. It makes me sad that so many of those involved are still high up in ISKCON and unable to admit to their roles in the Sulochan murder (Radhanath in particular) and the other unsavoury activities of New Vrindaban. To think that so much of the place was built with drug money and illegal merchandising is completely mind blowing.

I would love to pass the book on to the devotees of Wellington who are totally under the spell of one Devamrita Swami but I know there would be no point as they would refuse to either read it or discount all the information contained therein, as you are obviously a huge “demon.” (Hahahaha.)

All these so-called “renounced” men, flying around the world in business class, with I-pads, apartments around the world, Apple watches, credit cards, property investments and who knows what else are an absolute joke and a complete mockery of what a Sannyasa / Sadhu is meant to be. I can only hope that many read your book before they get sucked into that world.

So once again, thank you so much for writing the book, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the full New Vrindaban history!

Yours sincerely,

RNM, Wellington, New Zealand

[PADA: Yep, people are catching on to their scam. YS PD]

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