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Gunagrahi Swami Admits Pornography Addiction

Update: Gunagrahi's final days:


A Sannyasa is not supposed to meditate on women, duh! What happens when he is the GBC's sum total of the demigods acharya?

[PADA: This is a good start for Gunagrahi swami, he gets a little credit for some honesty. He finally admits he has been watching "explicit materials" (pornography) the whole while that he was the bogus GBC's "sannyasa" and "sum total of the demigods" "parampara guru." 

At the same time, the GBC and Gunagrahi have been claiming he is a person who can absorb sins like Jesus (aka -- diksha guru). So he has a way to go, for starters he needs to admit they are not qualified to "absorb sins like Jesus" and this is why they are falling, getting sick, and dying etc. Srila Prabhupada says if a neophyte acts prematurely as a diksha guru -- he will be overwhelmed by taking sins from his followers, and this will cause him to: fall down, get sick, and perhaps die from fatal ailments.  

Gunagrahi seems to think his deviation is not too bad because many other "devotees" have been falling down into -- drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, using or selling dope, having illicit affairs, watching porno, even sometimes falling back into eating meat. Not the same! These falling down rank and file devotees know they are fallen and they would never ADVERTISE that they are the sum total of the demigods / gurus / Krishna's successors, because they are at least being honest. And many Christians are the same, they know they are fallen and never compare themselves to God's successors / Jesus / messiahs. 

Then again, one reason a lot of these rank and file devotees fell down so badly is that the Gunagrahi program tossed them off the good ship of ISKCON -- that Srila Prabhupada had worked so hard to make for them as a shelter -- and the Gunagrahi thugs sector made these devotees walk the plank and fall back into the material ocean. 

I even noticed some GBC gurus laughing once how badly some devotees were falling (after they were tossed off the boat). Laughing at the suffering of others is said to be demoniac. So the mass of devotees were kicked off the boat so these guys could "take over the preaching." And now Hrdayananda has apparently taken time off from his Santa Monica condo to be staying in motels while travelling the USA in a rented car, while writing a paper to attack the rest of the GBC. This is their idea of "taking over the preaching"? So they stopped everyone else's preaching, and then they did not preach properly themselves. 

This means Gunagrahi's ilk are partly or largely to blame for a lot of these rank and file people falling and failing. For example, one nice woman who was a sort of friend of PADA's -- died of a tragic heroin overdose. She said that since she could no longer live in ISKCON, she no longer wanted to live. 

OK Gunagrahi's program killed her, and killed many others like her the same way, i.e. her blood is all over their hands. Gunagrahi's program caused her untimely death, and he will be judged by the higher authorities for that crime against her. And she is just one out of tons of other victims the Gunagrahi party will have to answer for. And if the list of their victims is almost endless, that means their suffering result will be almost endless. Never mind the spiritual deaths they caused for hundreds of devotees and millions of general public folks who will never turn to Krishna thanks to the bogus pastimes of these wonderful blokes.

Gunagrahi has thus been knowingly cheating the human society into thinking he is the guru successor to God. Not really the whole society has been cheated of course, we Prabhupadanugas knew the whole while he was a big cheater and giant bluffer, which is of course why Gunagrahi's program bans, beats, sues and kills us. 

This is another reason Gunagrahi's ilk will have to be punished severely for his helping orchestrate these vicious and oppressive crimes upon the innocent Vaishnavas. Vaishnavas who dissented from Gunagrahi's program were even killed, and that means he will have to personally answer for all the crimes his regime orchestrated -- in his future life. It appears he has already started suffering in this life for all these crimes against God, Guru and Vaishnava. 

There is also a detailed and sordid story we received about Gunagrahi's having illicit sex with the ex-wife of a GBC guru, and we'll have to spare you the odious details here, its too gross even for PADA's standards. Suffice it to say, Gunagrahi and very likely many other GBC leaders knew ALL ALONG he was not qualified to be a sannyasa (what to speak of being an acharya). 

These guys just want to cheat people, and exploit their religious sentiments. Which is why Srila Prabhupada says -- those who cheat the religious sentiments of the innocent public and devotees by posing as gurus artificially, they are destined for the most obnoxious regions after their death. Why? 

Religious sentiments are the natural trend and tendency of the jeeva souls. 

Thus to divert the natural tendency of the jeeva's worship propensity AWAY from Krishna's pure devotees -- and to steal this worship for one's own self-interest is the MOST SEVERE of crimes in Krishna's kingdom. Its stealing from Krishna's direct property, i.e. stealing the sentiments meant only for Krishna and His pure devotees. Then again, various rascals will aggressively sit in the King's seat and take over that seat by vicious tactics, as we see in so many examples from history. 

And thus diverting the innocent's religious sentiments away from pure devotees and onto ONESELF is among the highest of crimes and misdemeanors in Krishna's realm. Srila Prabhupada says -- these false gurus are therefore NEVER FORGIVEN by the Lord or any agents of the Lord. Such persons are thus condemned to a very, very dark and unlimited suffering future. OK, they go down the darkest rabbit holes of the endless universes -- and the key gets lost. Did we forget to mention that Srila Prabhupada says that there are thousands and thousands of hellish planets, and false gurus go to the darkest and lowest of them?

Then again, since anyone who makes himself a false guru is NEVER forgiven by the Lord -- nor any agents of the Lord, he cannot be saved by anyone, anywhere, at any time, ever. Such persons are DOOMED, at least so says shastra. Of course these rascals have no regards for shastra, that's a given.  

And even though we might forgive them, and its good to a limited extent for them if we do that, but our forgiveness cannot save them from NOT EVER being forgiven by the Lord or any agents of the Lord. They will still have to pay this all back, with interest.      

And! This is why Srila Prabhupada said in 1977, no more sannyasa, you folks are making a laughingstock of sannyasa, and this is HARMING the good name of KRISHNA and ISKCON. 

Srila Prabhupada said in 1977: ISKCON instead needs to build a varnasrama society based on GRHASTHA householders. So lets suspend sannyasa and -- "let them get married." That is the DIRECT order of the acharya, i.e. you guys should not take sannyasa, you are not fit for that order, you should get married. 

Had Gunagrahi done that, i.e. got married, it would have given him a path to vent his lusty desires, and later on let these desires subside more naturally as he and his wife grew older (especially if they had children). My karmi friend is spending $15,000 on doctors to "get his sex drive back," hee hee, oftentimes it will dwindle all by itself as people get older -- even for the materialists.  

No more sannyasa! That means, you folks are too lusty to make it as a sannyasa. The GBC and Gunagrahi program INSTEAD went full tilt the other direction, they started mass producing sannyasas and not only that, calling them ACHARYAS. In sum, they countermanded the DIRECT order of the acharya to make the society run by householders.

And! If they are not EVEN bare minimum fit for sannyasa, how did they become fit for ACHARYAS? Then we have had Sridhara Maharaja and Narayana Maharaja encouraging all this foolishness. However, as Srila Prabhupada says, an artificial thing cannot stand, and so these "sannyasas" have been failing, flopping and falling left right and center, and worse, they are saying these failing people are LORD KRISHNA'S GURU SUCCESSORS!  

This situation under people like Gunagrahi has deteriorated so badly, that we now have people like various GBC leaders and their hero writer Jayadvaita saying gurus fall down into illicit sex, as if its a common thing for acharyas to be debauchees. In other words the standard for guru and acharya has deteriorated to the levels of a debauchee. 

Anyway, we are pretty sure many more of the GBC knew about this problem a long time ago, because we certainly did. The leaders just keep placing these lower class persons in their guru seats -- and then they sort of hope for the best, while expecting the worst. Its like selling a used car with a bad motor about to blow up, and hoping at least it drives off the lot.  

There is no integrity in their process, thus their "guru successor to God" folks are regularly being caught falling and failing, and then the GBC leaders take little or no action to remedy these problems. Even Rocana says the GBC is responsible for keeping degraded people in the guru post, because they have no meaningful enforcement. 

Of course ACTUAL gurus would not need monitoring and enforcement in the first place, they would already be pure and above all these contaminations. The idea that acharyas need monitoring and enforcement of the regulations of bhakti yoga is foolishness, the acharyas are already following everything perfectly.  

Now Gunagrahi needs "counselling" for sex addiction. And this is all a pattern. OK so Hansadutta went crazy; Kirtanananda went crazy; Bhagavan's kleenex maha was crazy; Satsvarupa went crazy (and wrote "Sanatorium" never mind the art); Bhakti Tirtha and Harikesh and others were lecturing in public about the subterranean demons; Jayatirtha said LSD is Radha's feet dust; and the list is endless. 

What people fail to realize is that gurus and acharyas who "need mental help" are not bona fide. A psychic was consulted by Satsvarupa about his headaches and the psychic said to him, "you need to get a yellow pages phone book and look up churches, and you need to just go to one of them, you need to go to ANY church AND right away." Of course the next problem is that these guys do not take anyone's advice. Now Gunagrahi admits he has been watching porno the whole time and he resigned, but only after he gets stage four cancer. Imitating acharyas will make these people get sick, fall down, and go crazy, when are they going to figure this out? 

And yet, some truth is better than none. There is a lot more Gunagrahi needs to explain, like for example -- why does he support the program whose idea is that God's successors are often falling into illicit sex, drugs, and crimes -- left, right and center? Why is his program saying God's successors are most of the time -- pornographic / dope head / fools and debauchees? And now some of his followers are crying because they realize they have been cheated, yes wherever the rascals go, people are crying! Duh! 

Where is the respect for God to say His successors are almost always odious debauchees? There is none! Then again, Tripurari swami, Prithu, Trivikrama, Bhakti Vikas swami, Ravindra Swarupa, Jayadvaita, their whole crew here, they all said for decades that acharyas are often debauchees, and they will all have to answer the higher authority for that crime. 

Gunagrahi needs to start to get some basic respect for God, for starters by stopping repeating his party's idea that God's successors are often debauchees, and that might save him somewhat before his untimely demise here. 

At the same time, I know a number of ex-kulis and other victims who pray every day that ALL of these people will simply die and go to hell as soon as possible, after the way the Gunagrahi program treated them. Its a given that many people will be doing the happy dance when these people depart, just like many people were overjoyed when Tamal, Kirtanananda, Jayatirtha and others departed, because this saved people from these oppressors. So, its actually ok for Vaishnavas to be happy when Vaishnava oppressors depart their bodies. 

I also know a devotee who keeps "Yamaraja's good riddance" list, and every time one of these people goes away, he ticks off their names, and he says this has made Yamaraja very happy to get this person into his hands. Hee hee! It also seems like a lot of them are getting accelerated karma, and they are thus falling, getting ill, going bonkers like SDG and Mahavishnu swami, and a number are dying or dead. You could say its an epidemic of fall down, sickness, madness and death. 

Anyway! Gunagrahi has started to admit something, lets see if he can go the extra mileage and do more. Anything more will help his future, so he better get on it sooner rather than later. Later will simply be too late. As usual, Srila Prabhupada is now the official GBC fall guy, notice the GBC says people can take shelter of Srila Prabhupada in the short term, until they "re-initiate" you with another hokey messiah. ys pd 



  1. We wrote about Gunagrahi's watching porno a long time ago. Many years ago, Brahmananda and Gargamuni went by his motorhome and they heard "people having sex" noises. So they went inside and discovered that the sex noises were coming from a porn video that Gunagrahi was watching.

    So they opened up his motorhome compartments and they found a stash of porno movies. Brahmananda also told me the story of Gunagrahi having some very sick form of sex with the ex-wife of a GBC. Suffice it to say -- he is a lusty dog, and suffice it to say, the GBC should have known their acharya is a lusty dog since others knew for sure.

    So yes, the entire GBC should have known about the actions of their "bona fide acharyas" a long time ago, we just get the tip of the iceberg. It appears the GBC knows their "parampara acharyas" are deviating, and yet they still keep them in that seat. They knew Jayatirtha was having illicit sex and taking drugs, and they said, we need to keep him in the acharya seat. Of course Sridhara Maharaja helped, he said that we need to keep these rascals in acharyas seats too. So yes, that is their idea, fools, rascals and debauchees are acharyas and God's successor parampara members. Right, this will never make God happy, you got it.

    At the same time my middle aged karmi friend is paying $15,000 to get his sex drive back, he cannot have sex anymore, that is because when he was young he got married, had kids, and he burned out that desire. That is what Gunagrahi was told to do by Prabhupada, get married, then he would have lost that desire in due course by nature's arrangement. He defied God and guru and he thus became a dog, and that is the result of defying God, guru and nature, one becomes a dog. Its just unfortunate that the GBC thinks lusty dogs are parampara members, they will certainly have to answer for promoting that process, and banning and killing us for disagreeing. And the GBC is spending apparently $20m in court trying to sue us for our not worshiping their lusty dog messiahs. In sum, yes, many GBC know about all this and many other deviations ages ago. ys pd

  2. Bhakta D: I have to say when he fell down many years ago he wanted to give up the Sannyasa ashram and Tamal Krishna Maharaja told him that he should NOT and that he should just continue in the Sannyasa ashram. An instruction that he submitted to, because he considered Tamal to be his higher Authority. It just goes to show, learn Srila Prabhupada's teaching so you have the proper intelligence in discriminating on what to accept and what to reject.


    PADA: Right, as soon as many GBC, Tamal, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja etc. are told these GBC's "acharyas" are failing, they often say -- these fallen persons need to stay in the seat of acharya to "keep the faith of the sisyas." OK we need to cheat people and exploit the faith of the innocent, so we can keep the big dollars rolling in. This is all about money apparently.

    That also means they have no respect for the acharya's seat. Even in the ordinary world, the janitor cannot sit in the seat of the executive businessman and take over his post. The janitor has to clean the executive's office, not take over the office, sit in the director's seat, and claim to be the same as the top executive and expect the same title, salary, respect and so on.

    Then again, pornography swamis are not even qualified to be the janitors, and yet they are taking over the seat of the top executives and God's messiahs. Yes, Tamal, Sridhara Maharaja, Narayana Maharaja, they all knew nonsense was going on in the name of acharya, and they covered it up and continued the cheating. So there are the cheaters and the cheated, and they are the cheaters. The good news is that they are being exposed.

    A woman also wrote -- that she and her friends would not want to marry a person who is addicted to pornography anyway, even the women do not want this bum as their husband, nevermind as their guru. I think Gunagrahi was at one time married and he gave up his wife to be an artificial renounced person for glory, pooja, big bucks, followers and etc. This is called stealing the pooja meant for the acharya, prime offense number one to Krishna, stealing the pooja meant for His actual acharyas. Krishna does not tolerate people who steal even a farthing from the pure devotee, what to speak of these guys heisting millions from ISKCON, and hogging the acharya's seat -- when all they were supposed to do was -- to be the janitor, and all this was done for the purpose of establishing the worship of their pornography gurus. That means they kicked out thousands and thousands of devotees, so they could establish the worship of their pornography gurus. And this was reported to Tamal and others, so they knew this was going on, but that is what they wanted, they wanted to have this agenda going on. Gunagrahi is only telling us a fraction of the real story here, but at least he is giving us one percent, better than no percent. ys pd

  3. Adikavi Wolf to ISKCON FRIENDS

    Gunagrahi Maharaja gets choked by Lord Krishna Himself!

    Someone just shared a post about a letter written by H H Guna Grahi Maharaja (GGM). I was with him twice when he was found in pornographic related activities. I was hoping he would say so before he left his body, but not because I want any nonsense to come out about his activities. Instead it is because I wish to state that Lord Krishna Personally choked Guna Grahi Maharaja in front of me. Here is how it happened.

    I knew GGM before he took sannyasa. When I joined the San Diego temple he was affectionately known as "Guna" by most of the devotees, and he had made half of the devotees in the temple into devotees. He got married but he later told me he thought the next stage was to give up family life so after about one year he left his wife. She helped decorate the beautifully decorated ISKCON temple in San Diego with all the bas relief sculptures on the walls.

    I asked if I could join his party and was allowed. He had a camper / sleeping van he named "The Vaikuntha Ratha" and myself and Dhruva Maharaja das were on his party. We would go out preaching at colleges during the day and take rest late at night. Just late enough to miss mangala aroti the next morning and GGM would give class.

    After a couple of weeks of this I started to miss the morning programs. I began to wonder why Dhruva and I were always sent out at night to buy some paper towels, two or three times a week, and other supplies, every night, leaving the swami alone. So I confided in Dhruva and he said he had been wondering too, especially since GGM always sent us very far away to buy things we could have gotten much closer.

    So we asked another devotee to follow GGM while we went out the next night. The other devotee followed GGM to a porno store. Then, the next night, Dhruva and I went to the same porno store. We showed a picture of GGM to the shop owner, an Indian, and he said GGM was a regular customer of his.

    We then told the owner why we were there. We also called a bhaktin, Lori, who had a car full of witnesses including Gargamuni Prabhu I think who just happened to be in San Diego at the time. The temple president was Badrinarayana Dasa, now swami.

    When GGM walked in Dhruva and I were hiding behind a rack of magazines and GGM walked right up to the store owner and asked "Did you get any of those magazines in yet?" he had been waiting for a particular kind. "Aha! Busted!" I yelled. He saw me and Dhruva.

    Then I told him about all the other devotees involved. I had wanted him to be caught. But then something happened that changed my mind. While GGM was facing the Indian manager I saw his face in the mirror. It started to look like he was being choked. He looked at me to see if I was doing it and couldn't breathe. Then it stopped and he said, "Krishna choked me!" I laughed because I did not believe it but the Indian man said, "Now Krishna will choke you someday because of that too."

    Dhruva and I and Lori discussed whether we thought it might be true or not. None of us were sure, but because of the Indian man I thought it might be true. Finally we called Badrinarayan thinking he would expose GGM but instead he said he was on his way to help cover this up, that was what he was expert at.

    [PADA: Badrinarayan is the guy the GBC calls to cover things up? Hee hee, is this why he is called Mr. Shifty? ys pd]

  4. PADA: A few devotees from South America have wrote to thank PADA for clarifying this issue. Apparently, the GBC is not doing a very good job of making things clear to their citizens.

    Same thing happened when Prabhavishnu swami fell down, Mahanidhi fell down, Mayapura was revolting and etc. various people came to PADA news to read the other side of the story.

    Its sad that the GBC is not transparent in their dealings. As Adi Kavi says above, Badrinarayan's job is to cover these things up. The problem for all these GBC people nowadays is, everyone is starting to compare notes and see this is the same problem all over the place, its thus no longer possible for guys like Badrinarayan to keep a lid on all this forever.

    The good news is that at least some of the victims end up adopting our idea to worship the bona fide acharya.

    PADA agrees with the woman who wrote that the people who watch porno are not good candidates to be husbands, thus -- she would not accept this type person as her husband, and yet this is the guy the GBC selects as their sum total of the demigods diksha guru parampara acharyas. So she thinks the GBC is taking people who are not even qualified to be husbands, and they select these fools to be "God's guru successors," which she thinks is utter foolishness and corruption, and she is right. Why is this woman more advanced than the assembled GBC, including Bhakti Vikas swami and the whole lot of them? Why does she know their porno-pada gurus are not bona fide, and the GBC just covers this all up for decades and continues as if nothing is wrong? That is what people are now asking us, good question! ys pd

  5. Thanks prabhu, yes right, the "New World Order" and GBC's agenda are one and the same, they both want people to worship their MUNDANE and conditioned souls, so they can keep the mass of public and mass of devotees of ISKCON in bondage and illusion. Yes, it is an agenda.

    I personally do not think this is all due to the current New World Order alone, since people were worshiping mundane lusty fools way back millions of years ago in the time of Ravana, and they were worshiping mundane Popes in the middle ages, and they basically worship lusty mundane movie stars, lusty gurus, yogis and swamis and so on and etc. nowadays. And the bogus GBC is simply part of that process.

    But your point is well taken, why else would the GBC force people to worship their debauchees and illicit sex deviants, unless their plan was to keep the mass of public and mass of devotees in material bondage forever? Yes, we become what we worship, which is why, the GBC wants people to worship their illicit sex addicts acharya's pooja program, so the mass of people will ALSO become illicit sex addicts. Then they wonder why there is a molesting program and etc.

    Yep, I agree, they have an agenda here, they do not want people to worship pure devotees, they want people to worship their debauchee messiahs, and there is a VERY sinister purpose for that. Agreed. That is why Srila Prabhupada says these false gurus are destined for the worst destination, because they are dragging the whole human society down, so they are impacting others malefically, so its not just that they want to go to hell, they want to drag many others there with them. Anyway yes, the so-called New World Order is dragging the society down, and so are the GBC, so yes, they are one and the same agenda. I would agree. ys pd

    Srila Prabhupada: We are also slaves. But we are slaves of the person who is perfect (Kṛṣṇa), and the materialists are slaves of their senses.
    Morning Walk -- December 25, 1976, Bombay:

    Guest (1): No, sir, there you are also correct. I would say this, that these American boys and young girls who have come here, because this, our mind is conditioned into inferiority complex or slave-minded person, everything which is adopted there must be...
    Prabhupāda: No, we are also slaves, but we are slave of the right person.
    Guest (1): Yes, of the Supreme.
    Prabhupāda: That is the difference. And they are slaves of their senses. That is the difference. We are not master. We are also slaves. But we are slaves of the person who is perfect, and they are slaves of their senses.



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