Friday, April 8, 2016

Stockholm Temple In Danger of Closing

[PADA: Yep, if you want to shut down the Prabhupadanuga's program and kick all these devotees out of Krishna's temples, the GBC will spend millions funding a lawsuit for that purpose. Yet, if your temple needs help to stay where it is, or to secure another location, the money dries up suddenly? 

This really shows us where the bogus GBC's priority is, they want to spend millions to sue the Prabhupadanuga devotees -- to remove all of them and SHUT their program DOWN, so there is mainly only money for shutting things down and removing more and more devotees from Krishna's temples, not for keeping things going. 

In sum! Why is the GBC spending millions and millions to remove more and more devotees and shut down Krishna's temple programs, and they are NOT spending millions to save their own temples like Stockholm? Duh! The bogus gurus' main priority expenditure is -- to remove more and more devotees and empty out more and more temples, and shut more things down. Keeping things going is not even a priority at all, shutting things down is their main priority. Told ya! ys pd]  

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