Saturday, April 30, 2016

RE: Tribhuvanath Das (UK)

TRIBHUVANATH DAS: So therefore if you don’t study the scriptures how will you know what you are surrendering to? You’re not even giving yourself a choice because you don’t even know what you are surrendering to isn’t it. Some people say "Oh, I’ve lost faith!” Faith in what? Do you understand my point? Faith in what? Something you didn’t even know you should have faith in, if you don’t study the sastras, then how can you know what you should have faith in. What to speak of having faith. You don’t even know what you should have faith in. So that’s why we suffer because we don’t even know what it is we should believe in because we haven’t taken that step of entering into the transcendental nature of Vedic literature.

SB 3.19.34 Our Training is in Sound - Birmingham, 22 Aug 97


[PADA: Tribhuvanath told me that Jayatirtha is a total crack pot and he was never going to surrender to him or the GBC that supports him. I said offering bhogha to this Jayatirtha is wrong and not authorized, and he told me he only offers his bhogha to Prabhupada. He told me I was right to challenge this foolishness. 

He told me he would rather sleep in his car in the parking lot of the Hindu temples, and he was doing that while I was living in UK. I sometimes gave him 50 quid because he had little money for petrol. I said at the time we have to worship Prabhupada, and he gave me a big smile and said, that's the only safe position to have. And we have been proven right in spades, the only pure sound we can truly rely on are the words of the pure acharya Srila Prabhupada. 

Of course he is also right, the reason people in ISKCON are suffering is because they do not study the shastra. The problem of course is that as soon as anyone reads the shastra, and decides to worship the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada as their acharya, then they are banned, beaten, excommunicated and maybe sometimes -- killed. So what happens when -- no one is allowed to follow the shastra?   

I also believe Tribhuvanath is like hundreds and hundreds of my brothers and sisters who departed their bodies prematurely. They just did not want to participate in the GBC's dog and pony guru party, and so they left the scene -- permanently. The good news is that Krishna always sorts everything out in the end, and thus they will be allowed to continue in the next realm because their desire is to serve Krishna and His pure acharya. Krishna will fulfil their desires, of this there is no doubt.

ys pd]

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