Friday, April 29, 2016

New Prabhupadanugas Worldwide Web Site

[PADA: This site plans to include some "how to" videos to show people how to do bhogha offerings, deity pooja, fire sacrifices, kirtan, bhajan, playing devotional instruments and so on. If you have some of these types of videos you'd like to have placed here -- please -- send them here. A lot of people simply do not have access to the bona fide way these things are meant to be done.

This site is meant to be be a neutral "networking platform" for any and all Prabhupadanugas worldwide, so helpful additions will be welcomed. Its still basically "under construction" so please be patient as it is developed more in future.

PADA began using the title name "Written by the Prabhupadanugas" on the front page of our earlier papers, starting around 1985. At that time, there were no other devotees calling themselves "Prabhupadanugas" -- at least not in any other public essays, documents or forums etc. that we ever saw at that time.

And there were no other "Prabhupadanugas" writing for us and co-authoring our earlier papers either, we just used that title hoping that one day there would be a group of Prabhupadanugas, and its sort of happening now. Yep, more and more people are using that title to describe themselves these days, so the term is catching on.  

PS: Any "how to" videos you have (or you make in future) which you would like to see posted right here can also be published by sending the links to  Mucho Thanks! ys pd]  

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