Friday, April 15, 2016

Govinda Dasi Injured in Car Wreck

[PADA: This is very sad. Unfortunately, sometimes devotees will hurt themselves in a car wreck in order to avoid hitting an animal on the road. Not sure who was driving the car she was in, however I think we need to realize that human life is more important than animal life, so we should save ourselves (and other humans in our car) first, and worry about the life of the animal secondary. 

Then again, its like a split second reaction and its hard to be ready for such an event. 

Lets hope she makes a rapid and full recovery. Govinda Dasi gets the PADA "four star bravery award" for her speaking up publicly against the book changes, which is more than maybe ninety nine percent of the ISKCON men have been doing. No wonder Bhakti vikas swami is so upset with some of these women, especially those who have more Kshatriya blood than "men" like him ever will have. ys pd] 

Update on Govinda Dasi * - Friday ....

(Injuries sustained when the van she was in swerved to miss striking a deer. The deer may be OK, but the van hit a tree)

Our dear Govinda dasi (yes, The Govinda dasi) is waiting for an open OR for facial surgery. The damage appears to be to her left eye and the bones surrounding the eye, and she is in a neck brace for extra precaution. She is in the trauma ICU at UF Health Shands Hospital (1515 SW Archer Rd, Gainesville, FL 32608), Rm. 4120.

I just visited with her, Stritama Sherreitt and Dasaratha Suta. Stritama has taken Govinda's personal possessions home, for safekeeping. Dasaratha Suta just had CT scans of his head to waist and is waiting on the results to see if he will be admitted or sent home.

A godsister is coordinating someone to sit with Govinda at least for today. When Govinda dasi is moved to a room after surgery, then we can bring in a tape player or sound device to play Srila Prabhupada's tapes, pics of Krishna, Prabhupada, etc. Right now, there is absolutely nothing in the room. She told me that she was not in physical pain as much as mental pain; she does not like hospitals or the thought that she may require surgeries and a long recovery.

The trauma ICU nurse was all over me about visiting, and I work here. Staff are very protective of trauma patients and will not permit visitors to overwhelm the patient. You must call into the unit to seek permission to visit before you walk through the double doors. So it will be necessary to coordinate visits and keep conversation and noise to a minimum.


  1. UPDATE- On the condition of Our Godsister - Govinda Devi dasi from a Prabhupada disciple in the USA. She in Intensive Care and undergoing Major Surgery. Her face was smashed by the car accident as it hit a Tree....

    A nurse told devotees she May lose one eye.

    PLEASE CONTINUE YOUR PRAYERS FOR HER AND DASARATH SUTA DAS Prabhu who were in the serious car crash in Gainesville USA yesterday.
    Spread the word for Prayers and Help to her, Thank You.

    All Glories- to Srila Prabhupada and His sincere disciples.
    Thank you prabhu's, Your servant, Jaya Madhava dasa in Moscow

  2. From Dasarath Suta on what ACTUALLY OCCURRED when the deer jumped in front of the van) ......

    "Regarding the tragic accident with Govinda dasi and Dasaratha Suta. He writes: I FINALLY UNDERSTOOD WHAT HAPPENED! From my puzzling experience, as well as the testimony of the drivers behind us.

    It took me a few days to figure out exactly what happened in those 3 or 4 seconds, due to my concussion. We did NOT "swerve to avoid hitting the deer" -- the deer jumped out and one of them hit the bumper which set off the airbags, I was blinded by the impact and by losing my glasses, I knew another car was right behind us so I couldn't slam on the brakes, so I GENTLY applied the brakes and GENTLY steered off the road.

    Govinda Dasi was badly injured by a faulty airbag deployment system because she was moaning BEFORE we even hit the tree.

    This is why I got only a few scratches, whereas she required 7-hour surgery to fix her facial damage. My van's heavy-duty solid metal chrome bumper and truck frame saved her from being squashed by the tree. And the Holy Names I was screaming protected us both from a worse fate of rolling the van, possibly breaking necks and ejecting into the treeline. Radhe Radhe!"

  3. PLEASE HELP! Govinda dasi may be released tomorrow or the next day from the hospital. This came as a total surprise to Govinda dasi this morning, and Chitra called me from the hospital with the news. I spoke with the nurses and requested they keep her a few more days. I am oversees. There are no arrangements yet for where she will stay and who will care for her. Please message me if you can host Govinda dasi and/or care for her for short term or long term.


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