Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Madhu Pandit Gets Padma Sri Award (Video)

[PADA: Some folks have been saying its very sinful for Krishna's devotees to be associated with "big important people" like for example -- Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Narendra Modi, Pranab Mukherjee, Hema Malini and so on and so forth, because these people are "contaminated businessmen and politicians." Therefore we should never seek their association what to speak of cooperation from these "big" people.

Then again, some of these same critic guys have also said to PADA that driving a taxi is very sinful for devotees. Except, that was the job Jayananda had for several years, and Srila Prabhupada approved of Jayananda having that job, and moreover Srila Prabhupada took donations from his taxi driving income.

Why are they attacking Jayananda and Srila Prabhupada? And what job exactly do they consider as saintly these days? Worse, some of these critics are getting "government assistance" -- an income which come from taxes on everything going on in mundane society.

And how did you guess, these critics are not going to send donations to the taxi driving devotees so they can quit their jobs! Hee hee! They just want the taxi driving devotees to starve to death, while they are sucking on a giant ghee soaked jalebe! Well jeepers, how considerate prabhu!

And when we went to India and spent nearly two years there travelling with Srila Prabhupada, he was always saying we need to seek out the cooperation and support from -- the big industrialists, big politicians, big movie actors and so on and so forth.

And Srila Prabhupada encouraged us to arrange for him to meet with these big important people, collect donations from these people, get them to endorse his program, become his life members and so forth. So that was all along Srila Prabhupada's program and how do I know? I am an eye witness! That was and is his program. And he did essentially the same thing in the West, he encouraged us to set up with meetings for him with big dignitaries, political leaders, scholars, priests, musical types like George Harrison, media people and so on.

At the same time, some of these "big" people are the past and current BIG leaders of India. Why would we not want the assistance of the big leaders of India for doing our program in India? This make no sense whatever, we should declare that the leaders of India are sinful and corrupt and not have them help promote the Krishna religion? That means, these critics have no idea how Srila Prabhupada did things, plain and simple. He wanted us to get the endorsement and support of these "big people" and he said that constantly.

Then again some of his God brothers also criticized that we (us and Srila Prabhupada) were staying for a few days at a winery and beer factory, and some of the life members served meat in their restaurants and so on. Srila Prabhupada collected support and money from all over the place, and that was and is his idea.

And this is of course why people like Madhu Pandit are able to make big programs, whereas his critics who say we should not get cooperation from big people, they clearly cannot make big programs themselves. In fact a number of these critics have no program whatever. Anyway, we should remember that Srila Prabhupada's process was (and STILL IS!) -- to get help, cooperation, support and endorsement from big people, And we should either do that ourselves, or if we cannot, we should not criticize Srila Prabhupada's program of getting this cooperation from these "big" sources. He was totally in favor of it, I was there!

Anyway! Good Job!

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