Saturday, April 2, 2016

Bhagavat Maharaja Needs Medical Assistance

[PADA: Yep, its amazing, the GBC thinks their $400,000,000 abuse lawsuit is spare change peanuts, so after they lost that lawsuit at great expense, they started another lawsuit, this time a $20,000,000 lawsuit in India. And its looking like they are losing that one too, never mind their programs were raided by the police, they lost the Syracuse Federal lawsuit etc. all of which costs tons of money too. Whats a few million bucks down the drain between you and me, who cares?

And they were going to sue us folks, claiming they had the copyright to the words "Hare Krishna," so they wanted to start many more lawsuits. Yet if some former ISKCON devotees need a few thousand dollars for health care, the cupboard is suddenly bare?

I am not really in agreement with Bhagavat's going off to Narayana Maharaja, since NM was a chief cheer leader of Tamal's bogus gurus, at the same time, we do wish Bhagavat Maharaja well and we hope he does get the care he needs. ys pd] 

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