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Institutional Gurus Destroy Institutions

[Papal voting and GBC guru voting are ecclesiastic systems -- condemned by Srila Rupa Goswami] 

[Author will remain anonymous]

In fact some teachers tried a few things to set it right in ISKCON like S. S Bhakti Swarupa Damodar Swami, he was a great devotee and Gour Govinda swami was too. Aindra Dasa was good, and SS Bhakti Vikash Swami is an excellent sannyasi. They worked hard to correct ISKCON, but material interests created from within the society are already deeply rooted. You cannot fix people who do not want to be fixed.  

Plus there is a lot of inside competition and desire for supremacy within their guru group. 

The fall of Gunagrahi dasa prabhuji was only sad for some. This was very good and favourable for others, especially his competitors within the institution. There are those who are going to get a big slice of his followers and zone and assets. And another competitor will be happily adopting the new litter of Gunagrahi's abandoned orphans of iskcon. Some of them almost want the other gurus within the institution to fail, then they can move in and takeover some remnants of the zone and followers. And many are now waiting like vultures to divide up the pie when Jayapataka goes away. 

Guru should be the supreme authority, but this does not work for an institutional guru. Srila Prabhupada said the Pope is just a figurehead, and the guru who is regulated by the institution is a figurehead also.

What do you think about the idea of these personalities like Maha hari, Mahajan, Dristha, Baladeva, and who knows who else? They are working to be the ones who will choose and approve the future gurus of iskcon. Then they will be like the gatekeepers to the throne. So there is another big competition to get this type of power. And these GBC gatekeepers will only allow in those lucky few who agree to support the corrupt status quo, and they agree to work under the authority of the gatekeepers.  

But what if we don't read what Srila Prabhupada said? Be sure that what we read was written by Srila Prabhupada. We'll never know or understand the guru tattva otherwise. These institutions are originally inspired and created by the bona fide gurus, mahantas, but their missions can fall into institutional corruption, and then the guru post fails too. 

Never has an institution with so much political leadership like modern ISKCON, which is so fallible, has ever produced a soul who can save the world. Srila Prabhupada blesses any sincere disciple to follow the instructions and be qualified in order to save others. But they have to be qualified to acquire the power to create a healthy institution and save souls. 

Instead, what usually happens is that once people are inside the institution, included some of the leaders and their disciples who try to be honest, they try to live within iskcon and maybe at the same time live outside, but in the end they too are becoming complicit in all the corruption. They have to support the status quo of GBC false gurus just like people had to worship the Pope in medieval times or be branded a heretic. So most people went along with it.

They all have to agree to the main propaganda that gurus are often falling, and then you'll need another institutional initiation guru, its a business arrangement in their group. They are never going to say, Gunagrahi was never a guru and we made a big mistake giving him that position. They are going to say, Gunagrahi was one of our gurus, but gurus fall down. So now you'll need to accept another one of our gurus that we have pre-chosen for you. And now there is a fight to become one of the people who chooses these gurus. 

They never seem to consider that every time their gurus fall down that dozens or maybe hundreds of people leave the institution. The institution is not their main concern, their little guru fiefdom kingdoms are.   

To maintain their status of gurus, they are dependent on being part of the institutional corruption. You must accept to live within the corruption so as not to lose the institutional support. But if a guru is really heavy, he would be going alone and independent with his own power and not depending on a corrupt institution.  

Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Thakur never ran or supported such concepts as these institutional diversions. 

A guru cannot release other imprisoned souls if he is himself a prisoner of a complicated corporate guru administrative system, with terminal illness corruption. One of many cases is how iskcon Mayapur is guilty of so much disobedience to Prabhupada. Many of their gurus have already publicly admitted widespread corruption of their system, at the same time they say we are gurus who are perfected beings. They are creating confusion on purpose so their system will be able to continue for a few more years. 

So they'll sometimes admit it is all corruption, but then they are going to save others by bringing them into the same corruption system as well. But a man who is already in the prison of institutional corruption and maya cannot bring others out of the prison. They need to save themselves before they can save others.  

A person who is only a guru for years, or maybe only a few hours, before he is caught in corruption, this is a failed system. This then filters down to the local situation where people have to deal with the fact their guru was a cheater. And then it comes out that the rest of the leaders supported him anyway knowing he was bogus, and then this discredits the whole Krishna religion. Of course there are many people today who say they do this on purpose because they want to bring down the religion and destroy it. 

So the end product is that more and more people will reject the entire religion. A religion that cannot even produce proper gurus for its worship is destined to become no longer relevant eventually. People will flee and not come back to take it up. The institutional guru program is killing the ISKCON institution, or at least making it no longer relevant.   


PADA: For the the sake of the family, one may abandon an individual. For the sake of a village, one may abandon a family. For the country's sake,one may abandon a village. For the sake of the soul, one may abandon the world (Mahabharata 2.55.10)

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  1. Correct, the ISKCON GBC (like Jayadvaita) says that God's successor gurus are often debauchees, whereas no Christians believe that God's successors are often debauchees. The followers of Jesus only worship a pure devotee and they would never worship a conditioned soul as their guru.

    Worse, the GBC even coerces folks offer their food to people who are watching porn, like Gunagrahi has been doing for decades, despite the GBC knew about it for decades. What kind of prasadam are they producing by forcing people to offer their food to porno debauchees?

    You cannot offer your food to pornography debauchees, for starters God will never accept such odious offerings, yes even the Christians know better. Offering food to their porno swami program is clearly the agents of Kali at work. ys pd


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