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Mahatma das (Gunagrahi's Twin) Reinventing Krishna Religion?

Founder of "Touchstone Training," where you will be "trained" in the Mahatma process that God's guru successors and messiahs are often deviants, debauchees, homosexuals, criminals, pornography addicts, sexual predators, dope heads, and so forth. 

PADA: Mahatma Das has been one of the world's leading living exponents of the post-1977 GBC's idea -- that God's "guru successors" / acharyas / residents of Krishna loka / assistants of the gopis / messiahs etc. are often falling into illicit sex. And he has been assisted by his other pals like Jayadvaita swami (Jay Israel) Hrdayananda swami (Howard Resnik) etc. Yep! Who knew? God's "successor gurus" are often fallen, dope heads, porno swamis, homosexuals, criminals and debauchees. 

Of course Srila Prabhupada says -- anyone who claims that Krishna's successor gurus are deviants is a "resident of hell" (narakah). We simply cannot find any support for the GBC's / Mahatma's idea that Krishna's guru successors are often debauchees and deviants. What we can easily find in shastra are quotes saying -- that exponents of this "acharyas are often debauchees" idea are sinful fools heading for the lower regions (hell). 

Then again, any average ten year old child walking down the street anywhere in the USA could defeat Mahatma in a guru tattva debate. If we ask the USA child "are God's gurus, successors and messiahs engaged in debauchee's behavior"? Any average child knows the answer right away, it is "nope." 

Only Mahatma's GBC guru's clan claims that God's messiahs are often debauchees, because apparently they have less brains than any ten year old kid anywhere in the USA. There is also no sense to the idea that: (A) God is pure and perfect therefore (B) His successors are fools and debauchees. 

This does not make any sense at all, even to a younger person. Nope, its simple common sense: (A) God is pure therefore (B) His successors are too! How many people think like Mahatma das, God is pure, therefore His successor is a debauchee, deviant, homosexual, pornography addict, criminal, sexual predator etc.?     

Then again, if the "pure successor to God" is a deviant, that would make God Himself a deviant. And this is why some people ask PADA, "are these GBC guru guys actually God hating demons who want to make God look evil -- by His having evil successors"? Well, at least some think yes, they are. 

Why are folks like Mahatma preaching that God's guru successors are often (or usually) deviants? How did you guess, a Narayana Maharaja follower also started chastising PADA recently for our attacking Gunagrahi swami, he says we should allow people to repent for watching porn. OK, so the acharya has to go to the Church's pornography addict's club and repent and atone for his sins. Why would the acharya have to go to a rectification class at his own church?    

Ummm, and worse, why are they saying the residents of Krishna loka are watching porn in the first place? And now, they have to repent for that? It almost seems like following Narayan Maharaja is some sort of curse, they tend to misinterpret just about everything. Sorry, residents of Krishna loka are not watching porn, and they do not have to repent for same. They are transcendent to all these contaminations ALREADY. Then again, even the sincere basic sadhaka is transcendent to all this ALREADY as well.

Srila Prabhupada ALSO writes in the Nectar of Devotion that its very offensive to consider that pure devotees require atonements. OK pure devotees are transcendental to atonements, yet Mahatama's program has devised all sorts of contrived -- guru's censure, suspension, chastisement, atonement, removal, monitoring, and even excommunion -- "the new rules" for their pure devotee "God's successors."      

And if God's pure devotee successors are often deviants. why would any regular person then bother to strive to become a pure devotee, since there is no point, because even the pure will (often!) fail? Why bother to become pure, if the pure are always failing? So this is another way of encouraging atheism, ... there are no actual pure devotees of God, its all false and failure. And this is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, the atheists tend to think religion is some sort of hopeless process. 

And Mahatma's Krishnafest twin brother Gunagrahi swami (George Levinton) has in fact been one of these debauchee "pure devotee gurus" that Mahatma das has been promoting. Gunagrahi is apparently connected to: -- his own debauchee behaviors; supporting other debauchees as acharyas; ruining preaching programs; ruining people's lives; and he seems to be involved in various property scams in South America -- in addition to his crime of being a false prophet.    

Magic Is The Chanting album for sale by Krishnafest was released May 06, 2008 on the Cd Baby label. Featuring His Holiness Danavir Goswami, His Grace Mahatma dasa & His Holiness Gunagrahi Goswami.

Right, three blind mice who all supported the program that God's successor gurus are fools, deviants, homosexuals, debauchees, sexual predators, criminals and so on. Worse, they are even teaching small children that God's successors are often debauchees, isn't this itself criminal "corrupting the morals of minors"? Its certainly fraud, to claim that the Krishna religion teaches that debauchees are part of a chain of God's successors. Where does KRISHNA or Srila Prabhupada say that God's successors and gurus are often debauchees? 

This is fraudulent misrepresenting of their teachings, and its corrupting the morals of minors too. Why does Mahatma think small children should be taught that the successors to God are sexual predators, porno swamis, homosexuals, deviants, drug addicts and so forth, unless he intends to pollute children's minds with the idea they should worship contamination? And Mahatma has done that maybe to a large extent, since some of the ex-kulis have argued with PADA that "gurus fall into deviations." Yep, even Jesus might be Satanic.

First of all, Mahatma das has been hanging out with his porno watching pal Gunagrahi swami, the GBC's alleged successor to God. These guys are ideology twins. That is, when they are not hanging out with their other pals in Mayapura, ok such as the other founding fathers of the debauchee messiah's program like Jayapataka / Bhavananda / Hari Sauri etc. 

And recently 17 year old "Krishna Kid" writes, our abused and victimized children have been committing suicide seeing that these bogus leaders being given places of authority in Mayapura, why is this still going on? Its going on because guys like Mahatma have supported a process that keeps these deviants in places of authority, why else? 

Mahatma now says ISKCON needs to start a fresh style of preaching, i.e. his "preaching workshops" to attract people. What is he preaching? Isn't he already preaching that porno swamis are links in chain of gurus going back to God? That is already not working for him and his clan?

He says people want spirituality, but not religion. Well yes, they want spirituality (to worship God) but they do not want to worship Mahatma's porno swamis and illicit sex guru's process (bogus religion). Mahatma is right, people are fed up with Mahatma's corrupt apa-dharma religion which teaches that the path back to God is to worship their illicit sex acharyas. The mass of people are done with Mahatma's cheating process. As Srila Prabhupada says, these false prophets turn the mass of people away from religion in Kali Yuga. 

For that matter, even Mahatma himself is over and done with the GBC's process, even he cannot make his illicit sex messiah's program work, hence he is coming up with his new idea of "making workshops" for preaching, i.e. hiding who he really is and not admitting he is one of the main cheer leaders of the worship of debauchees as "successors to God" project. Now he is going to re-package himself as some sort of New Age spiritual counsellor and focus group leader. 

This proves that we were right all along, Mahatma's preaching to people that they have to worship an illicit sex and porno swami's guru lineage in order to attain God is about as attractive as telling these people they need to worship a stinking dead fish in order to attain God. OK it is not going to attract people. 

So now he thinks there is some "other method" of re-packaging his stinky dead fish illicit sex messiah's program, and that will fool people into coming forward and offering support. This is another version of the Hrdayananda idea, that we need to repackage the Krishna religion a some sort of New Age psycho-babble, because its not working, or at least their version of it is not working. 

These folks have to repackage themselves as someone other than who they really are, because people are not accepting who they are now, i.e. the world's leading living exponents of the worship of illicit sex "successors to God." Sulochan used to say, even dogs do not worship illicit sex, they are more advanced (than Mahatma das). 

Too bad, the public will eventually find out that Mahatma is one of the world's leading living exponents of the idea that we have to worship his illicit sex acharyas program to attain God, and people will run away from that program just as they are running away from ISKCON now under their current debauchee messiahs project.    

Mahatma seems to think that some sort of New Age seminars are going to fix things, when in fact hardly no one is coming to ISKCON because when they come to visit, Mahatma's ilk says they need to worship their debauchee guru program in order to attain God. People are simply not buying this idea in ISKCON, rather people are leaving in droves, why would they buy it elsewhere? 

Even a number of the Indian devotees are waking up that this is a fraud: "As an Indian devotee I know many other Indian devotees have accepted the system of ritvik given by His Divine Grace. Only the bogus Gaudiya Math Gurus and the American Gurus and GBC want this living guru / acarya system kept going."

So go ahead Mahatma, start your New Age counselling program, and continue preaching that messiahs are often debauchees, and you will accomplish more of the same, i.e. you won't attract people. Mahatma also says he needs $125,000 a year for his program, well why not borrow this from the GBC since they are spending millions suing the Prabhupada devotees. They have plenty of money. Anyway this is a good sign, it means, they are de facto admitting their living debauchee pooja program is failing. Repackaging this stinky dead fish won't make it smell any better ... ys pd    

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  1. Thanks prabhu, Yep! Mahatma's program should not be called touchstone but touchstools, because everything he touches turns to stools. I like that concept!

    Yep! You are right, his temples are ghost towns, the devotees are gone, the gurukulis are gone, the women are fried to toast, ISKCON is bankrupted, samkirtana has virtually disappeared, book distribution is a trickle of what it was, BTG has become a propaganda arm of his illicit sex pooja project, and his program caused ISKCON massive bad publicity, lawsuits, and all sorts of bad PR that has cost the society millions and maybe billions of lost revenues.

    Meanwhile, his program has made a mockery of Krishna and His guru's position by saying debauchees are often Krishna's guru successors.
    Good question prabhu, is there one stick of anything left that his program has not burnt, maimed, ruined, or totally destroyed in ISKCON?

    The good news is, even Mahatma knows his program has failed, and that is why he thinks he can put a new wrapper on his stinky mess, and try to re-sell the same stinky product. That will not work either, he has to come up with a better product than worship of debauchees as his messiahs.

    You are very merciful prabhu to think, maybe even he will figure that out eventually. We are not so hopeful, these debauchee messiah promoters are very determined, they really want to destroy people's faith in religion, and they will go to almost any lengths to make that happen.

    Very few of them repent, just like the Gaudiya Math folks never really repented. Of course we can hope they will, that's nice of you to hope for the best, but here at PADA we only hope for the best, but expect the worst when it comes to these guys.

    NOT TO WORRY though, we are always getting LOTS more readers, thus many rank and file people will wake up and we will go marching ahead with or without these crooked leaders. For example one woman from the Pacific rim area just wrote to tell me everything PADA says is RIGHT! Touchstools, hee hee, I like that! Says it all! ys pd


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