Friday, April 22, 2016

Become a Cow Doctor!

Learn To Become Doctor for Cows in 108 days.

No Charges,No Hidden Financial motives.

Completely free of cost.

We will arrange your expenses Food & Stay

We will make you a Full fledged Proper Non certified Doctor For cows who will be able to perform Surgery & everything what is needed to save & serve cows.

After learning everything with us,you will be able help even other types of cattles & animals to great extent since majority medicines are similar,only doses change depending on animal weight.

When is the date  We already began & you can join even tomorrow. Did we already make any doctors? Yes more then 1008. We are performing Surgeries & treatment to 500 plus cows everyday & you will assist our non certified doctors & learn the process .

Are we better then mainstream veteran doctors? Yes till now we were able to help & save 80% cases which had no solution with any veteran doctors,since we have traditional & old healing methods for cows along with modern medicines.

If interested sign up & send your name & your available dates for learning on our whatsapp number +91 9819019019

You can share this message with all goseva groups & Our mission is to make 1 million doctors worldwide so that no cows are left to die & suffer untreated in todays world.

Gajanand agarwal

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