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Review of Saksi and Joanne Keown French's God Men

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Review of Shaksi and Joanne Keown French (Australia) God men program. 


Why is God's Avatar often a paunchy older man who dies of various diseases? 

OK first of all, some of the "Avatar Sathya Sai Baba" folks wrote to me a long time ago asking for my advice in dealing with "sexual predator" problems in their program. As a legal disclaimer, I cannot say for sure if any of these claims are bona fide or not, however it does seem that there has not been a fully official government and CID investigation into all these claims, or a lawsuit against all the web sites making these claims (see below). If there has been, I'd like to see it.

Shaksi and Joanne Keown French India friends told me some years ago that I should not doubt the above swami, because he is bona fide. 

Of course then again, you have to ask yourself -- what kind of people worship a paunchy older man as "an incarnation of God"? I am not the only person asking this question, some videos have been made from India "exposing Sai Baba's magic tricks."

However, some of Shaksi's pals apparently think that this guy looks like God? And this old man God eventually died of multiple diseases. Thus, God is an older man who dies of diseases. just like uncle Charley and my old dog Lucinda? Then Shaksi wonders why people in the West have doubts about his religion? OK for starters -- God would not be getting old, diseased and then dying in a hospital, which is already known to anyone over the age of five in the USA. Its well known here and accepted among Christians that God is in fact a SPIRITUAL being and not some old guy dying in the hospital.

Yep! Even in the West people know that God is not some paunchy older guy who dies in the hospital of diabetes, cancer, heart failure and etc. Any five year old Christian child knows God's body is not a sack of blood and manure that has to die and etc. Shaksi of course criticizes Srila Prabhupada for not worshiping his paunchy old man disease ridden Gods. Yep, who knew! God is diseased, God is in the hospital, God is on life support, God is dead, is this the most advanced idea Shaksi and Joanne Keown French came come up with? Any five year old could defeat these people.

Then again Mother Amma is a pretty hefty sort of middle aged lady and how did you guess, she too is called the "Divine Mother" by some of her folks. Granted, she is a nice lady, and we are told she is a great and kind person. Agreed. Avatar? Probably not. Then again I'd rather associate with her than a lot of the so-called Krishnas even, point taken.

Yet that does not make her an Avatar or such?

Then again we have another Avatar fellow in Vrndavana, who looks like he is about 75 years old if he is a day, who is always photographed wearing Krishna style clothes and a flute, sitting next to Krishna and etc. Some of his folks think he too is an Avatar. Nice guy? Sure! Incarnation of God? Not so sure! Getting old and about to die, yep!

Anyway! Lets say a paunchy middle aged man is God, and Shaksi is also a paunchy middle aged man himself. Apparently Shaksi and God are one and the same and they both share the same beautiful forms. Heh heh heh. And the rest of the world wonders why there always seems to be so many God men and Avatars all over the place over there? This problem is not really our doing, its out there all over the place, that there is a trend in India to make Avatars and Gods out of people with material bodies. An Avatar on every street corner perhaps. Shaksi is making his own religion into a laughing stock by promoting mundane mortal bodies as God's body.

Srila Prabhupada said that the material body is a bag of stools and urine etc., and Shaksi's friends apparently think this bag of stools is God's Avatar. So this is called ignorance, again any five year old Christian child in the USA knows that God does not have a body made of pus and stools that requires going to the hospital when he is dying, simply stated, because God is not diseased, old and dying in a hospital like us minor league mortals.

In sum, Srila Prabhupada is correct, some older guy who dies from multiple diseases is NOT an Avatar of God. Period! Anyway, we have no way of verifying anything stated here, but this is a sign that at least some ex-members are not happy with the program:

Did we forget to mention that Sathya Sai Baba had a group of young men around him -- dressed as female "gopis." Yep, Shasksi and Joanne French's and friends God man program has some weird attraction to cross dressing. Ooops, and cross dressing of young males as females. Of course Rama Krishna is reported to have dressed like a woman, Swami Nithyananda was cross dressing, is there a pattern among Saksi's God men program here to be dressing like women -- or is it just me seeing this?

Why is it that the Shaksi and Joanne French program is attracted to these cross dressing God programs? Srila Prabhupada said these "saints" who dress as women are sahajiyas, they are trying to cheat people into thinking they are advanced lovers of God, but God is not attracted to men dressed as women, especially when the body they have is made of bile, urine, stools and pus etc.

Why would God be attracted to that? This is more of the Shaksi program's foolishness, they think God is attracted to men, dressed as women? Well jeepers, we have an abundance of men over here in San Francisco who dress as women, and honestly, some of them look pretty darn lady-like -- ok at least when compared to some of these cross dressing babas. I saw some photos of a group of old men in India dressed as "gopis" and I could not help but think, how do these guys think this is attractive to God? Thank goodness Srila Prabhupada told us how bogus these people are.

Saksi and Joanne Keown French's Avatar program of dressing boys as girls.


Ramakrishna paramahamsa


Meet Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa: 1836-1886

“When righteousness declines and ways of evil conduct increase, I take birth to reestablish the pattern of divinity. For the protection of the virtuous and the destruction of the wicked I am born in every age.” — Bhagavad Gita.

“He who was Rama and He who was Krishna has now been born as Ramakrishna.” — Sri Ramakrishna, two days before his mahasamadhi.


Was claimed to be the next incarnation of Rama and Krishna. Ooops, another middle aged incarnation of God who seems to have been missing a few teeth, and this time God has a beard!
God is described as the most beautiful person, and this is Shaksi and Joanne Keown French idea of the most beautiful person? Yep, Shaksi's program thinks a bag of bile, stools and pus is God's Avatar. Even my Grandmotherly old neighbor with her 10 cats knows God's body is not full of stools, pus, mucous and bacterial worms.

Of course this begs the questions, why does God get old, get sick, and He has to die in a hospital, like uncle Joe does? And why can't God even keep all His teeth together? Why does God have to take Alka-Seltzer? And Shaksi says we offended his Bhagwan. Whereas Srila Prabhupada says this type of material bodied person cannot be an incarnation of God.

Of course this is already known to 98 percent of the world's population already, that a body made of stools and pus is not God's Avatar's body. Shaksi's program is making itself look foolish to support these God men, which is why the PK movie joking about bogus God men was so popular in India, lots of people are realizing these God men are not bona fide. 

Why do people like Shaksi support the program that God incarnates often as a paunchy elderly man who dies of various diseases? And that is always the same question that keeps coming up actually all over the world? What kind of incarnations are we getting over here? This is not even rocket science, many people all over the world think these guys are bogus "God men." Again, in India they made the "PK movie" which is basically a criticism and backlash against these bogus God men. Why is Shaksi promoting all this, knowing how foolish it is viewed everywhere else, and even in India since PK was a top hit movie?



But in a few months his health showed improvement, and he recovered to some extent his natural buoyancy of spirit. His happy mother was encouraged to think it might be a good time to arrange his marriage. The boy was now twenty-three years old. A wife would bring him back to earth. And she was delighted when her son welcomed her suggestion. Perhaps he saw in it the finger of God.

Saradamani, a little girl of five, lived in the neighbouring village of Jayrambati. Even at this age she had been praying to God to make her character as stainless and fragrant as the white tuberose. Looking at the full moon, she would say: "O God, there are dark spots even on the moon. But make my character spotless." It was she who was selected as the bride for Sri Ramakrishna.

The marriage ceremony was duly performed. Such early marriage in India is in the nature of a betrothal, the marriage being consummated when the girl attains puberty. But in this case the marriage remained for ever unconsummated. Sri Ramakrishna lived at Kamarpukur about a year and a half and then returned to Dakshineswar.

[PADA: Oh swell, God was having bouts of madness when he was 23 years old, and marrying a five year old girl would help Him recover. Unfortunately Ramakrishna went on thinking he was a God, so the madness apparently continued. Nope, we cannot make this stuff up! Ramakrishna thought a bag of stools was God before he got married, and he thought that after as well. God is a bag of stools body?

Shaksi also says that when an older man marries a young girl that makes him a de facto pedophile. OK, we did not say that, he does! Since God is the role model for society, why would he marry a five year old girl when He was 23? And why does Shaksi attack us for not our not worshiping a guy who at 23 married a 5 years old? Does he have no idea how odd this looks around the world? He claims he is against the image of older men taking young wives because this degrades the society, but jeepers, 5 years old girls as a wife is about as young as it gets. Or if this information is not correct, what is?

OK this may have been done in the culture at the time by a few folks, but still, a man of 23 is almost like the age of the father of a 5 years old especially at that era of time because people did not live that long (Vivekananda only lived to 39). Its really not something God would be doing, marrying a 5 years old at age 23? Again, not rocket science, this is well known all over the place.]


Vivekananda (apparently said to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva in some sectors)

But he was constantly ill will many health issues:

In a life-span of only 39 years, Swami Vivekananda, who spread the message of India's spiritual heritage across the world, battled several health problems all along and no less than 31 diseases and ailments. 'The Monk as Man' by renowned Bengali writer Shankar lists insomnia, liver and kidney diseases, malaria, migraine, diabetes and heart ailments as some of the 31 health problems that the Swami faced in the course of his life.

[PADA: Why would an incarnation of Lord Shiva have liver and kidney ailments, malaria, migraines, and so on? This sounds like a health record of the GBC's gurus!]

Shankar describes Swami Vivekananda's health problems using a sanskrit quote 'shariram byadhimandiram' --- the body is the temple of diseases. Ironically, Vivekananda used to emphasise greatly on physical strength and is known for the shocking statement 'Better to play football than read the Gita'.

[PADA: Wait a minute? What body are we discussing here? The body of a material man or Lord Shiva's Avatar? And look at this, it better to play sports than read the Gita. That is because these guys thought Indians had become weak and it would be better to do sports exercises and get strong (to beat back India's invaders). Football is better than the Gita, well that is what the British taught.]

One of the perennial problems that Vivekananda lived with was chronic insomnia and in a letter to Shashi Bhushan Ghosh dated May 29, 1897, he confided "I never in my life could sleep as soon as I got into bed." The previous year, Vivekananda seemed to have written to his 'dhira mata' (Sara Bull) from New York complaining about his lack of sleep. "My health has nearly broken down. I have not slept even one night soundly in New York since I came.

I wish I could go to the bottom of the sea and have a good, long sleep." It is also known that Vivekananda used to suffer from diabetes like his father and at that time suitable drugs were unavailable. Shankar writes that Vivekananda had tried different modes of treatment ranging from allopathic, homoeopathic to ayurvedic and had also taken advice from all kinds of quasi-medical experts from various countries.

He narrates that in the summer of 1887, Vivekananda (whose real name was Narendranath Dutta) had fallen very ill due to overstrain and lack of food. During this period, he also suffered from gallstones, and acute diarrhoea. Later, during the same summer, he came down with typhoid and problems in the urinary tract.

"Narendranath's abdominal pains were a source of great anxiety," Shankar says. Shankar wonderfully chronicles the various medical problems Swami Vivekananda faced during his stint as a wandering monk in the country and across the world, and why he cut short his journey in Cairo, Egypt, to return to India. Shankar wrote. The fateful evening of July 4, 1902, Vivekananda passed away following a third heart attack, completing 39 years, five months and 24 days.


PADA: If these allegations are correct, it would seem that Saksi and Joanne Keown French (Australia) are promoting a few cults much worse than anything we have encountered, since this was done in the name of Avatars of God. Legal disclaimer: We cannot vouch for all this material herein as fully factual, but its odd that apparently no counter lawsuits and so on have been made by the Sai Baba folks to contain this. If there are such lawsuits and / or CID investigations etc. we'd like to see them. PADA could easily find many other resources that claim Sai Baba is a fraud, here are but a few samples:

A documented overview of the history and extent of the alleged sexual abuses by Sathya Sai Baba and the questions they raise
6 Sai Baba's 'oiling' of genitals of young males an 'acceptable practice'? 
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8 Sex with "the Avatar" proclaimed as "Good Chances"

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Part 5 - Sathya Sai Baba's Claims of Purity and Celibacy that Defy all Accounts

15 Defending the indefensible - rationalizing pedophile activities
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17 The self-professed 'teacher of mankind' who totally avoids the subject of sexuality?

Joanne Keown French (Australia) Cheer leader of the above Shaksi program. Why do these people think God's body is bile, urine and stools? 

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