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Hansadutta's Bizarre New Conspiracy Theory


Lenny: Right, also these so called poison whisper tapes might be manipulated? 

[PADA: Audio tapes that have been dubbed and spliced will be noticed on professional digital audio forensic lab equipment (which we used), because there are clicks and "start and stop" noises, changes in speed, changes in background noises, changes in microphone direction and so on. The labs said these tapes are authentic and not dubbed.  

Has Hansadutta had the November tapes checked for dubbing and splicing at a professional audio lab? Nope. 

And if the GBC dubbed and spliced these tapes as Lenny suggests, why would they splice in THEIR OWN whispers that incriminate themselves in a poison conspiracy? Or was Ramesvara alone trying to make it look like the other leaders were involved in a poison plot and HE dubbed them in? A devotee who worked as a tech for the Los Angeles tape department says, they had no equipment to make splices of this type (see his comment below).   

All this sounds incredibly far fetched, apart from that -- Ramesvara has never mentioned the poison issue as far as we know? What would be his motive to make Srila Prabhupada's words juggled around to make it sound like he was complaining of poison, and he would implicate the other leaders by splicing in their whispers? 

And why is it that Adridharana, Bhakti Caru, the Kaviraja and others all confirm that a poison complaint was being made at the time, separate from the tapes? Why did Hansadutta in his recent conversation with me confirm that the parts of the tape we discussed are accurate? Is he saying -- they only spliced the sections where he was not present?    

Lenny: They worked for ten years with these audio tapes and had all kind of fancy equipment in LA for possibly doing that - to alter any voice recording. 

[PADA: So it was Ramesvara who was in charge of these tapes and he had these tapes spliced together, because he decided to make a tape apparently sounding like Srila Prabhupada was complaining of poison, and he added whispers from the other leaders -- to incriminate the other leaders in the plot. Does this make any sense? The GBC made their own tape to incriminate themselves, or Ramesvara made a tape to incriminate the others? Where is the evidence any of this happened?] 

Lenny: At that time of zonal acarya system their main focus of attention was how to remove all these thousands of rank & file Prabhupada disciples and make sure that nobody of these veterans will show up in any temple. Plan was to refill all temples with new disciples. Of course this hasn't changed very much till present day? 

[PADA: Well right, they got rid of Srila Prabhupada and then wanted to get rid of his servants.]

Hansadutta pr just mailed this:

Obeisances, Prabhu, all glories to Srila Prabhupada, I don't know what Puranjan wrote. I did speak with him casually outside the Berkeley temple some days ago mostly I was just being polite.

I listened attentively while he went on about different evidences but after all it's simply what he says and who can say what he says is true or has any authority? Everyone is simply talking, no one has brought the matter to court for legal adjudication, thus it is just seen as "in house squabbling" by disgruntled factional "Prabhupadanugas".....don't waste ur time...follow Prabhupada, chant Hare Krishna, take prasadam, get ready to go......disaster is coming...the world is on the brink of unimaginable is the end of an era.

When i asked Prabhupada if there was anything we should do to prepare for this war, he said prepare to chant HARE KRSNA, THATS ALL HE SAID....PREPARE TO CHANT HARE KRSNA..........


Hansadutta das

[PADA: Well right, the Hansadutta crowd also said that there was no child abuse "because no one took it to court." Eventually it was taken to court and they pleaded no contest, because they had no counter argument. Who is going to take the poison issue to court? Hansadutta would not even take the other leaders to court over the child abuse issue, much less any other criminal issue? Instead Hansadutta moved everyone from Berkeley to the source of the abuse culture, New Vrndavana. Srila Prabhupada said there needs to be 50 poojaris in Berkeley, and Hansadutta moved everyone away from there to worship his criminal pal Kirtanananda, he has no regard for Srila Prabhupada.

Sure! No one (so far) has brought Hansadutta and his regime to court for ruining the lives of thousands and devotees; Kicking out nearly all the Prabhupada devotees from Berkeley; Having some of these devotees die from depression, cancer and suicide; Having some other devotees beaten and killed; Supporting a regime that was abusing children; Going to New Vrndavana to help get Sulochana killed by propping up Kirtanananda as the next messiah; Ruining the name of Krishna for millions of people all over the world. Right! Who will prosecute Hansadutta for all these crimes against Krishna and the Vaishnavas? Just because he was not prosecuted by a court here in this world, he is free of guilt and prosecution? 

Nope, he is guilty as sin. Therefore shastra says, the courts of Yamaraja will take care of these people. Hansadutta has said the November 1977 audio tapes were manipulated, but we had three expert audio forensic labs go over the tapes and say they are authentic. Now Hansadutta says the culprits dubbed in their own whispers to implicate themselves, that is making no sense at all? The culprits dubbed in their own whispers into a tape, to make themselves look guilty? This makes no sense whatever? Criminals hide their crimes, they do not make a tape to implicate themselves in the crime?

And! What have Lenny and Hansadutta done, other than gossip about the issue? Hansadutta told me he was there and many of the parts of the tape we discussed are ALSO what he heard, he agreed that much of these tapes are valid. Only the parts where he was not present were altered, but not the parts where he was present? Again, sounds spectacularly far fetched. Where is his evidence this happened? Why did he not mention this idea when we talked in person, that he now thinks the GBC dubbed in their own whispers -- and he did not tell me this at our meeting because even he knew this would sound insane? The crooks added their own voices to incriminate -- themselves? 

The FBI in Gainseville said that if this crime had occurred on US soil they would have prosecuted for murder. That means Hansadutta has no counter evidence? In India bogus gurus have ex-followers who write all kinds of things about being molested, even about murders etc. and often these gurus are never prosecuted, that is the standard for Hansadutta? Molesting and murder are ok as long as one is not prosecuted? 

Anyway! Srila Prabhupada says these false acharyas go to the lowest regions of the universe, but sure, they may TEMPORARILY escape the laws of the materialists. That means, just because they escape from the law of the materialists, this does not mean they will escape the laws of God? God's laws are always and forever, they are not going to be escaped for very long. As Srila Prabhupada says the time factor is like a cat playing with the sinners like a cat plays with a mouse, eventually the mouse is consumed by the time factor. 

Hansadutta says the laws of the materialists are the "be all -- and -- end all," nope, shastra says the mundane laws might not prosecute these false acharyas, but the higher laws will prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. 

Oddly Krishna Kanta of the IRM said the same thing, he told me if I can convince a chicken tikka eating judge that Srila Prabhupada complained of poison, then he would accept. That means he accepts chicken eating judges over the authority of Srila Prabhupada, just like Hansadutta argues, we need to get the court to agree. 

Anyway! When is Hansadutta going to read and study anything? He should know all this already: i.e. he is not going to be charged here by the karmi courts, he is going to be charged in Yamaraja's court for being a false messiah. That is what the shastra says. Where is Hansadutta's counter analysis to all this, either the poison case or the fact that false acharyas go to the lowest regions? 

He says the world is on the brink of disaster, right, and that is because Hansadutta's ilk virtually destroyed ISKCON and ruined the name of Krishna and destroyed the process to save the world. Yes! Chanting God's name would have saved the people of the world, but Hansadutta turned Krishna's chanting of God's name program into his personal criminal enterprise that was banning, beating, molesting and killing the vaishnavas. And Hansadutta was apparently also propping up the people who made Srila Prabhupada complain of poison.  

And Hansadutta wanted to establish his fellow sexual predator pals as the messiahs of Berkeley, many say, because he never had any real love for Srila Prabbhupada, rather he loved his fellow crime pals more, and so he wanted to establish their worship and not Srila Prabhupada's. Hansadutta's people announced, "Kirtanananda is the only pure devotee on the planet, lets all move to New Vrndavana," and Hansadutta was the leader of this parade to Kirtanananda's empire. 

So he stole all the Berkeley manpower, vehicles, money, books and sent it all into Kirtanananda's hands so they could bankrupt and destroy the Berkeley temple and burn it to ashes. And it has never recovered from the Hansadutta carpet bombing program.   

Hansadutta is thus the person who will be charged in Yama's court for ruining the chanting of God's name program, and thereby ruining the world, and the price he will pay is not going to be pretty, that is what shastra says. Srila Prabhupada said that a bogus guru dragged all of Bengal to hell, so these bogus gurus have to pay for all the bad karma they created for millions of people. Those who impede and derail people from going to God will be punished worse than the ordinary man. And shastra says, its better that these false acharyas never even heard of the Vedas because their punishment will be very severe and serious. 

The people who derail others from going to and serving God are called atma hana, killers of the soul. People who kill other's souls will find a bleak future for themselves, and that is why shastra says they are the most dangerous elements in human society who will go to the lowest regions of the universe, where they then toss away the key. There are hundreds of thousands of hellish planets for such deviants, and the Bhagavad Gita says the same thing, the false religionists are going to the worst destination. 

Hansadutta was never prosecuted for all this (so far), ok fine, and he and his ilk foolishly think that means they are getting away with all their banning, beating, molesting, assassinating and helping the poison sabha sit in big seats. Nope, he cannot escape the laws of God. This is arrogance on steroids, he gets thousands of devotees banned, beaten, dead, and he thinks there is no problem since he was not prosecuted, that means he is more or less an atheist. 

Sorry, Krishna's court will prosecute him for harming so many devotees and ruining the name of God wholesale all over the planet and thus discouraging people EN MASSE from taking shelter of God, and killing millions of souls (atma hana) in the process, by making a horrible public spectacle of Krishna's name. 

In sum! He has dragged ISKCON to hell, and that means he dragged all the people of the world to hell wholesale, because he stopped their path of chanting the names of God and being liberated. People wanted to surrender to God, for example a nice poojari woman that Hansadutta kicked out in Berkeley. After that, she told me she lost her will to live, and then she got cancer, and she died slowly and painfully. 

Hansadutta killed her soul, and then he de facto killed her body, because his atma hana soul killer program is fully the reason why she is dead. After that, another one of his disciples killed himself, and many others have died prematurely, and so on and so forth and so on, thus all these people had to suffer and die so he could sit in a big seat, take drugs, and have illicit sex with disciples for a few years. 

The Isopanisad is clear, hell is where these false acharyas are going. Killing a cow means one has to suffer thousands of years for every hair on the body of the cow, and someone is going to suffer for much longer times than that for ever hair on this poor dead poojari who died of cancer. Her death was not necessary, it was induced by Hansadutta, and that is all there is to it. He was not prosecuted here for her untimely death, fine, he will be prosecuted elsewhere, that's for sure.

He has no faith in the court of God. Anyway! He is another person who has not gone though all the conversations and made counter points analysis, because he cannot, there is none. And Lenny is another who thinks these guys are not going to be punished in the court of Yamaraja, he thinks that the courts here are all in all. 

Srila Prabhupada says no, these false acharyas can escape the courts here. that means all these people who think these false gurus are free -- are atheists. No wonder they love the poison sabha and deny the words of Srila Prabhupada. Why would the culprits add their own voices to the tape saying they are giving poison? You guys simply make crazy arguments. This makes no sense to anyone. Now Lenny is saying they added their own whispers, that means, he is never going to explain this properly, and this explanation is worse than anything we have heard so far. Their counter arguments are going more insane by the moment. 

I am glad that when I announced the poison case in public some women in bikinis being dragged by their dogs came up and said, what is this? I said this man complained of being poisoned, and they had pained and concerned looks on their faces. They have more love and compassion for the poison complaint of a pure devotee than many of his "disciples" ever will have, ever. They were not stone hearted rocks. 

I was glad to see that this is how a normal, feeling and caring person will react, whereas the stone hearts never will. Same problem we have with Prahlad and HKC Jaipur, they say all our items like introducing the poison case are all PADA lies, that means they have no feelings. And their pal Kamsahanta said we cannot introduce this issue because we will lose the buildings, these people worship bricks and stones and dead rocks, and they are on the same page as Hansadutta, they want to squash our attempt to forward this issue. ys pd


JD: Because that probably did not happen? What I have to add is likely not necessary, still. Ramesvaras archives or tape ministry was, in the beginning, run by Caru. I took it over in 83. There were two high speed dubbing machines that needed repair, an old type writer and a chair. That was all. No fancy editing machines. If anyone did and if anyone may have had equipment capable of doing that, it would have to of been at Srila Prabhupads archives. Still, there would not be any reason for them to of had equipment capable of that and I don't see them doing it anyway.

PADA: Thanks for the info. Right, also modern digital technology is much more advanced than anything they had at the time. It can detect things like -- tape speed changes (which happens on twin tape dubbing), changes in background noise, even if the microphone is in a different location, and of course old style dubbing on twin tapes made all sorts of clicks and bumps that are easy to detect on modern digital programs. Apart from that, why would the culprits dub in their own voices to incriminate, themselves? The tapes were declared as "consistent content" by three separate audio labs, which means, it was not dubbed. This is really getting bizarre, the culprits dubbed their own voices in, to incriminate, themselves? I think someone is not taking their medications? This is baffling. ys pd

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  1. Lenny, you and Hansadutta are saying that Srila Prabhupada's November 1977 tapes were spliced and dubbed, and even more to the point, that the GBC spliced and dubbed in their own whispers into these tapes, this sounds insane for starters, and where is your proof?

    We had these tapes analysed by three professional audio forensics labs. We have asked all parties, including Hansadutta, to make a counter reply to all these tapes, eye witness accounts from the kavirajas, the gurukula student, Adridharana, Bhakti caru and others since 1997, there is none. Hansadutta told me he himself recently that he was there when the GBC was discussing much of this with Srila Prabhupada. He says he is an eye witness, and he verified that most of this tape is what factually happened because he heard it himself.

    That is what he told me in person just a few weeks ago, he was there, he was an eye witness, and much of what was said was eye witnessed by himself, its factual and its what happened and it is WHAT IS ON SRILA PRABHUPADA's TAPE.

    Now he is saying to others that is not what was said, because all this was spliced and dubbed together, that means, he is not being honest. This is also the problem with his so-called guru appointment tape, he lied that he had been appointed, and when Sulochana brought out the tape, Hansadutta helped demonize Sulochana to get him killed. Hansadutta group has people killed for bringing out these tapes, and he is your main evidence?

    Anyway, he could not say anything in person, that means he could not defeat the evidence when he met me in person, he had to agree with the facts because he knows I have the tapes. Then he says to you that these tapes are not accurate, that means he is not being truthful.

    The tapes are truthful and until and unless you people address the factual material on the factual audio forensically verified tapes, you are gossiping about nothing factual. I am attacking Hansadutta's credibility because he is attacking the statements of Srila Prabhupada as dubbed up gossip, and he already helped get people killed for bringing out these tapes in the past as he did by demonizing Sulochana instead of supporting the tapes he brought out. In sum!

    He has no respect for what his guru is saying, which is why he also created so many other troubles, he thinks the words of the pure devotee are dubbed up splice works and not factual, and the people bringing out the tapes should be demonized and maybe -- killed. He was in New Vrndavana helping Kirtanananda when Sulochana was murdered and he sent three goondas to Berkeley to get me, but they were arrested at the time they were about to attack me because the cops were doing surveillance on me.

    He wanted to have me physically silenced. Why? He wants these tapes suppressed, and he has wanted that all along. This is about history, and this is Hansadutta's history, and the November tapes are history, Hansadutta helping demonize Sulochana to get him killed is history, and so on and so forth.

    You have to give us evidence this history is not correct, and you provide us with gossip instead. And now the HKC Jaipur / Prahlad folks tell us they are circulating my photo saying they want to get me killed because they admit to me they are working with the GBC gurus goondas. These people are all the same, they want to have Prabhupada killed and have their criminal pals sitting in his seat, and suppress his documents, and have us killed for finding and publishing his documents and opposing their kill guru and become guru program. ys pd


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