Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Will Never Leave ISKCON

[PADA: Mahatma das says we should not leave ISKCON. Fine, but he already left ISKCON a long time ago when he began supporting the GBC's idea that acharyas are often debauchees and deviants, which is not actual ISKCON's teachings. And he has simply become a militant and vociferous "enforcer" of his bogus debauchee acharya's program.

He even admits, he is promoting his worship of debauchees and deviants agenda "from the inside," so he can militantly remove anyone who objects to his program. This is his concoction. He also says we can correct these deviations "from the inside" -- and we are allowed to say that acharyas are not EVER debauchees and deviants -- and stay in ISKCON.


As far as we can see at least, anyone who says acharyas are not EVER engaged in illicit sex, drugs and crimes is booted out of the institution by folks like Mahatma, which is what happened to me. No one (that we know of?) is allowed to say -- "acharyas are only pure devotees free from debauchery" -- and stay in the current official institution?

I dunno, lets ask the thousands who were booted out when they did not want to worship Mahatma's debauchee and deviant acharyas? Where are these thousands of people now? Mahatma's program has anyone who worships Srila Prabhupada systematically removed, so he can install the worship of his debauchee friends.

And his bogus messiah's friends can then pillage ISKCON, remove almost all of the samkirtana and poojari devotees, have illicit sex with some of the members of ISKCON, and in general ruin ISKCON by creating horrible media publicity, multi-million dollar lawsuits and etc.

Mahatma says we can criticize his idea that acharyas are often debauchees and deviants, and stay, nope! And look what happened to Sulochana, as soon as he said acharyas are not deviants, he was killed as soon as he did not want to worship a debauchee.

Sorry, anyone who says acharyas are not debauchees and deviants is often harassed, vilified, banned, beaten, sued, or even, killed. For example, currently the Mahatma / GBC program is spending $20,000,000 to remove the 400-500 Bangalore devotees, because the Bangalore devotees are saying acharyas are not engaged in illicit sex. That is forbidden. These devotees are on the inside while saying they do not want to worship debauchees, so they are being sued and removed. They are not allowed to stay on the inside.

So Mahatma's program not only says acharyas are illicit sex debauchees (sex dhokhas) -- Mahatma's program will spend $20,000,000 suing you to kick you out the door as soon as you do not want to worship his illicit sex acharyas. Worship of illicit sex acharyas programs is all his program apparently allows, and they will ban, beat and sue anyone who objects. Anyone who says "worship of illicit sex acharyas is bogus," is generally shunned, banned, beaten, sued, and maybe, killed. And Mahatma is one of the jack booted Gestapos who enforces this policy. ys pd] 

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