Friday, April 3, 2015

"Taking Care of Cows" No Easy Task

[PADA: This is a big problem, if cattle are not killed, they will need to be maintained. And India seems to be struggling with maintaining the cows they already have got. We saw a documentary how numerous cows in India need stomach surgery, basically cutting the cows open from the side, to get out the piles of plastic and garbage they are eating. 

There needs to be a much bigger fix for "saving the cows" like for example -- huge goshallas, where these cows will be housed and fed. There does not seem to be any realistic or actual plan afoot to maintain all the cows which will be saved from slaughter. In short, simply stopping the cows from being slaughtered is not a complete fix, they will need to be maintained, and the plan for how that will be done has not been delineated practically. ys pd]   

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