Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Prabhupada Temple in Gujarat

AGD: Last friday, with lot of excitement, headed towards Hare Krishna Mandir, Ahmedabad for the Prana Pratishtapana Mahotsava of Sri Sri Radha Madhav. Any material description of the event would fall short. I do not know what fortune I had done in which lifetime, I could witness every every event there. It definitely would be my "Once in a life time experience". Nothing more to ask for, over there... Devotees = Precious gems. Thank you very much JP, AK, AD, Pp, A and many other devotees who helped me render some insignificant service. I am very fortunate to have associated with you, who carry the same zeal which Our Dear Srila Prabhupada expects to be in a devotee. Temple = Palace. Hare Krishna Mandir, Ahmedabad is in par with many full fledged centers with a handful number of devotees. Feel like falling straight at their feet. Prasadam = Necter. Very much out of this world and no comparisons to it. Overall, I still relish every moment being there while forgetting all the hardships and tiredness caused there. The last and best part, Sri Radha Madhava. They are so so beautiful. I am very fortunate to witness their descending at HKM, Ahmedabad.

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