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Shaksi & Joanne Keown French Attack India's Leaders

Thanks prabhu, yes Saksi now says that the people who promote the ISKCON process of worship of Krishna (like many of the TOPMOST leaders of India's government, -- various Hindu scholars, -- major wealthy India industrialists etc.) are "lunatic cult members." So yes, he is calling the biggest leaders of India "mad cult people." Correct. Of course his main backers are none of these people, but rather ex-Krishna's now quasi-Christians, so -- we should all join the ex-Krishna's now Christian's hamburger eater's club program? Really! ys pd

Australia's Shaksi French. Had to give up his India name to adopt his new mleccha identity.

[PADA: Oddly, some of the people most critical of Narendra Modi are self advertised "India patriots." They don't seem to realize that Mr. Modi is perhaps their best bet for any progressive transformation in India. For the record, PADA is very glad Narendra Modi has taken office and we think he will do the best he can to implement Vedic principles there, but he is not a magician, so he will be limited as to what he can do there, but some improvement is WAY better than none.  

Anyway, now an ex-Krishna devotee named Shaksi French and his wife Joanne Keown French have joined with other ex-Krishna's (now Christians like ex-Shyamsundar) to take up the job of insulting and attacking India's top leaders like Narendra Modi, Pranab Mukherjee, Hema Malini and many others -- by saying they are endorsing a religion which is "sexist and racist" namely, Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON. Which brings us back to the point of the article above, the people who are against the leaders of India are actually against India itself -- and all it stands for.

Yep, leave it to the "super patriots" to say, ... our Hindu nation's leaders are supporting rascaldom and foolishness! Hee hee! Anyway, this is what happens when people who were born in Bharat and were supposed to be in the Vedic culture, run away from it and instead marry themselves into the mleccha (Western) culture, they may become worse than the mlecchas, because the average mlecchas are not out there trying to paint the leaders of India and Hindu culture as foolish, sentimental, superstitious, racist, sexist and so on, like Shaksi and his "Onward Christian Soldiers" program is -- cheer leaded by his wife Joanne. Yep, you could say Shaksi French has become a super mleccha, he is more critical of the Hindu nation and its leaders than any of the Westerners ever could be.

Saksi's program criticizes many (most) of the highest religious and government leaders of India -- who are for the most part highly supportive of Srila Prabhupada and ISKCON. Of course Shaksi has ALSO personally attacked ISKCON itself for allowing in members with names like -- Zakheim, Lieberman, Israel, Herzig, and other Jewish names in its congregation. Apparently Shaksi thinks Jewish people are the problem with the world and with ISKCON, not unlike many "conspiracy" sites. 

Is this part of Shaksi's new religion? He cannot even follow his apparent new Christian faith, because actual Christians are mostly in favor of the Israel program. Yes, Srila Prabhupada allowed Jewish people and everyone else into ISKCON, because he was not a racist and bigot like Mr. Shaksi, 

Saksi French has moved from India all the way to the West (Australia) to join with his Christian critic pals of India's religions and government leaders. At the same time mind you, PADA and Srila Prabhupada give a lot of credit to the Christians for being somehow or other devotees of God, and we credit them with helping us a lot since 1977 especially, in fact we credit the Christians with saving our lives. We really cannot give them enough credit, we owe them our existence.  

Shaksi however, has come all the way from India to the West to create his own version of a quasi-mleccha religion to attack India and its highest Hindu national leaders, and help his so-called Christian pals make propaganda that India's religions are sub-standard, sentimental, and superstitious. Meanwhile Shaksi argues with his shadow saying he supports the religions and leaders of India. He apparently just does not think the current leaders of India are good representatives of India since they endorse ISKCON, and apparently because the leaders of India have not moved to Australia to marry a mleccha woman and become disciples of mleccha culture head over heels.]

Narendra Modi Endorses Akshaya Patra

Chief Minister of UP Attends ISKCON Festival 

Hema Malini: Carrying Photo of Srila Prabhupada. 

Today Evening MP Ms. Hema Malini Visited ISKCON Vrindavan. HH Gopal Krishna Maharaj, HG Panchgauda and HG Deena Bandhu Das greeted her in Temple. She has a deep affection for Krishna Balaram. She ate Krishna Balaram's Prasad. She was requested her to be the Chairman for Next Years ISKCON's 50th Anniversary, She Readily accepted it.

Supports Akshaya Patra and Prabhupada programs, Shaksi says that makes him a cult person.
We could easily find 100s of other photos of India's leaders associated with ISKCON's leaders, and Shaksi French is trying to paint these leaders of India as foolish for having said associations. 

Meanwhile: Shaksi says that he agrees that a cadre of deviant Westerners poisoned Srila Prabhupada. So according to Shaksi, the Westerners apparently killed an Indian citizen, and thus we need to attack those of us who are forwarding that issue, and save the "Western" poison sabha folks? Why is Shaksi French trying to save the mlecchas who apparently killed an Indian citizen? Shaksi is in love with the mlecchas so much so, he licks the boots of those who kill India citizens by suppressing those of us trying to get justice for an India citizen? 

And Shaksi says India's justice system is first class, except he also says he could not get their justice system to prosecute the poison issue because the government is too bogged down in corruption there? Meanwhile, its not hard to find news articles FROM INDIA complaining about the corruption. 

Why is Shaksi helping the mlecchas apparently kill the Indians, while claiming to be an India patriot? Worse, Shaksi is offering complaints against Srila Prabhupada, a process that was given by the people who seem to have poisoned him. Why is he on the side of the people who poison India's citizens by de facto justifying the apparent murder? Why isn't Shaksi trying to get justice for the apparent poisoning of his own countryman? 

Nope, he is trying to justify it by also attacking Srila Prabhupada, which is aiding and abetting the position of the poisoners. In any case all the arguments he gives are the same ones the radical Christians give against India, Hinduism and its government leaders, he has become one of them. He moved to mleccha land to become worse than them, because unlike Shaksi, most of the Westerners like and appreciate Narendra Modi, and so he was given a standing ovation when he went to a festival in New York City. The Westerners do not think Narendra Modi is supporting "sexisim and racism," which means Shaksi is worse than the Westerners.  

Meanwhile Shaksi tells us he is going to shut down the program of Madhu Pandit, which is feeding 1.5 million poor and needy children in India. A friend of mine was looking at a photo of Jayaptaka, and he said, "This guy is huge as a house, he must be eating like an elephant, and he wants to shut down your program to feed needy children"? And Shaksi also has a quite well endowed stomach, meaning he eats quite well, but now he has joined with the Jayapataka program to stop needy children from eating? 

Yes, the fat as a lard can folks association apparently cannot stand to see skinny children getting a cup of soup. Shaksi has become identical in nature to the people he formerly criticized, he has become the twin brother of the people who poison folks and starve and mistreat children. His first plan to help the children of the world is, to get rid of the person running the program that feeds them. And the GBC wants to get rid of this program too, thus Shaksi has become the disciple of the mleccha gurus, he speaks like them, acts like them, thinks like them, approves of attacking Prabhupada in one form or another, because he is them.       

Shaksi's guru Joanne Keown French, Shaksi has adopted a mleccha name because he worships mleccha culture, while claiming to be for India's.


Saksi French says ISKCON is horrible! Why? Apparently because -- it has included women in its temples and pooja, which is not usually done in India. Women need to know their place! .


Meanwhile Saksi French seems to say that the India government has vetted ISKCON's leaders and found them to be sound:

Shaksi French: Thank you Mr. Editor for your direct questions, and an opportunity to respond.
Contrary to uninformed consensus re. morals of Law Enforcement within the Indian sub-continent, criminality i.e, breaching of legislated laws, meets with zero tolerance. Any honest research will attest to that.

India is a major player on the world scene. There can be no credence at such high levels unless the player is certified- veritable. The truth is, judging from India’s corpus juris (body of law: Ed), it is the most moral and ethical nation on the planet today.

Again, Thank You. Shaksi

[PADA: Right, here Shaksi says that the law enforcement officials, public leaders and government of India would have vetted ISKCON and found it to be bona fide, moral and ethical. In fact the Indian government leaders support ISKCON because "it is the most moral and ethical nation on the planet."

Shaksi is again arguing with himself? He sometimes says that ISKCON is rubbish, i.e. he is insulting the leaders of India who support ISKCON as supporters of rubbish. Simultaneously, Shaksi says that India, its leaders and corpus jurus support ISKCON because they have vetted the institution and found it to be solid. Is someone not taking their medications?]

Fat ass can against feeding skinny children

Saksi French Mleccha-pada. Me and my mleccha house, mleccha car, mleccha boots, mleccha hat, on the way to the mleccha golf course, to meet at the mleccha hamburger stand with my mleccha golf pals, of course did I forget to mention, mlecchas can't use my toilet since they are not pure enough?


PADA: Shaksi claims that India is superior to the Western culture, and in some ways we agree it is, and in some ways it is not. Notice the headlines of India's newspapers these days, seems to be obsessed with sex life. Srila Prabhupada says that sex attraction is the result of losing our attachment for Krishna. Sorry this is a problem ALSO in INDIA.  

Then again, some folks argue that the real reason Shaksi is working with some ex-Krishnas who are now Christians is, to promote radical Christianity's attack on Hindus as idol worshipers. He gets a boot in the door to the Western culture, and then de facto advances a form of radical Christianity.

There seems to be a case for that argument since some of his associates are promoting Christian's ideas -- ok that Hindus are idol worshipers. This again shows that Shaksi is simply a tool for radical Christians while promoting himself as the super Hindu race to others, but he has no idea he is simply a tool for these folks. Another devotee argues that Shaksi would rather have all of us Krishnas be Christians and attack Hindu-ism as idol worship, because he is in sympathy with mleccha culture -- all the way, thus he is even more gung ho against Hindu national leaders than the radical Christians.

Yes, some of the most prominent Hindu organizations appreciate that Srila Prabhupada is giving the Indian Vedic culture to people all over the world. Not only that, he is giving the culture of "Vedic priests" even to Western women, so the culture is spreading in ways no one else thought possible. In India Srila Prabhupada was criticized by some of the "Hindu purists" for allowing women to live in temples, to conduct the poojas and so on. Why is Shaksi French aligned with this racist and misogynist program? Why does the Shaksi program want to exclude others from worship of Krishna, based on race and gender?  

This of course begs the question, why did Shaksi French move away from the land of his alleged "pure Hindu" master race -- to the land of us Anglo-untouchable mlecchas, and marry himself off to the mleccha culture? Sadhus in India often (rightly) criticize -- how folks from India are being Westernized, and Shaksi is a poster child for that complaint.

Krishna says He is the father of everyone. So India should be proud its culture is being accepted around the globe thanks to Srila Prabhupada, and in fact, their leaders like Pranhab Mukherjee are proud of this fact. Meanwhile, Shaksi French has adopted a mleccha's last name "French" as his own name, because he is apparently ashamed of his own Indian heritage, so he wanted to have a nice new Western identity. This would be like me moving to India and calling myself "Ramesh Gupta," the people there would think that is foolish, because it is.

Some Hindu activists recently complained that India is getting a world wide bad media rap from all sorts of internationally published stories of various problems, especially in regards to the mis-treatment of women and children. Why not try to fix these things, denial is the same problem we have in ISKCON already? ISKCON has problems that need to be cleaned up, but so does the modern Hindu culture. So we should ALL work together to fix things and help make a better image for the whole India culture.

Sometimes bogus sadhus in India preach about the glories of sanatan dharma, but they also might be chasing after our Western mleccha girls in the back room. That is the same problem we have had in ISKCON. We have a common problem and should work together to fix these things. Srila Prabhupada says, whether Western body, India body, or for that matter fleas, flies and bugs, hey, we are all the same basic material elements of maya's external energy, -- blood, pus, mucous, urine and stools etc., and that is what creates such bodies.

And more important and ultimately, its the souls inside us that are ALL the same, and the bodies are also ALL the same maya, its all Krishna's potency. Whereas "I am the super race," means Shaksi has gone all the way back to bodily identification, the modes of ignorance. There is no super race in Kali Yuga, Kalau Sudra Sambhava, its all fallen down everywhere.

We have a sort of ongoing scandal in the USA where foreigners marry Western ladies to get a green card residential pass. Srila Prabhupada says these things are going on since many part time Hindus want to become more Westernized. Of course the whole of India has a problem of adopting more and more Western standards and ideas all the time, which is why some important Hindu sadhu are (rightfully) attacking the "Bollywood (Westernized) culture."

Why isn't Shaksi fixing his own mess in India, and instead he has moved here to surrender to the mleccha culture? We think that voting for Narendra Modi is a good start to help revive at least some of the actual original culture of India, but lets face it, India has a myriad of problems that cannot be fixed unless there is a huge wave of desire to change within a larger mass of people. Why is Shaksi living in mleccha land hoping against hope such changes will happen?

Shaksi's moving to the West is the ultimate opportunity to become more Westernized. Many of our own Hindu associates here in the West are also friendly and sympathetic to the original India culture IDEAL -- which is good, but only a few of them want to be strict devotees, and a large number of them are falling down more into Western life if not eating meat.

And many of them even tell me, they do not know much about the Vedas and so on, i.e. they are gradually Western-izing. One of them was chasing a neighbor lady here and he told me honestly, he is not interested in vegetarianism, the Vedas, or anything like that. He says he came here to get into the Western culture, at least this is honest, whereas Shaksi types did basically the same thing, but they just won't admit.

And isn't this separation from the original culture also a big problem in India itself? Why doesn't Shaksi fix this problem? His whole culture is going down to Western rat race lifestyle in so many respects, and he is abandoning the mother ship and living in Mleccha land himself, and he is worried about us mlecchas and what we are doing. Lets face it, he cannot fix the mess in his own culture, much less fix ours.

Of course we devotees of Prabhupada are at least feeding 1.5 million of the kids there, and Saksi told me he wants to shut us down over there. So Shaksi is going to sit around with his hamburger eating golf playing friends over here and -- shut down a program that feeds kids in his own homeland. He wants his own country's kids to maybe starve, while he sits around with the hamburger eaters in our mleccha land, that is his great plan to fix things? He says he is against abuse of children, so he is going to help his own country's children by, starving them? Shaksi is worse than the mlecchans, the mlecchans at least admire our program of feeding children.

Oh my Goodness, there are mlecchas everywhere, I'm surrounded!

Governor of Assam endorses Srila Prabhupada:

On 26th March, we had a Prabhupada katha lecture in Mayapur Temple by His Excellency P.B Acharya (the Governor of Assam, Tripura and Nagaland). He's a Vaisnava born in Udupi, Karnataka and had the fortune of serving Srila Prabhupada at his house in Bombay for 40 days.

During that time he had many memorable experiences with Srila Prabhupada and he narrated some of them. We can't replicate the nectarine experience of hearing this katha in Temple but we attempt to share some of the pastimes told by him.

Even before he met Srila Prabhupada, he was surprised to see His western disciples clean a bushy land even without caring for their meals. One day he asked Brahmananda prabhu for tea/coffee but he refused to have that. Then he invited him for a meal at his home. Brahmananda prabhu accepted food after knowing that it was prasad. Few other devotees also honored prasad at his home during next few days. When he first met Srila Prabhupada, He asked if he was a Vaisnava. He said yes and to his surprise Srila Prabhupada asked if He could stay at his home. He agreed and devotees cleaned His room very nicely. One day devotees objected to use of grinder as that may disturb His rest. He appreciated the attention His disciples had in serving Him.

During the Hare Krsna festival, he was amazed to see devotees from Western countries in Bombay dressed in Indian attire, chanting Hare Krsna while he was in shirt pant. He felt that Srila Prabhupada's remarkable contribution is to spread the Holy Names and teachings of Lord Krsna throughout the world in a short time.

Right people came to him and Srila Prabhupada expertly engaged them in Krsna's service. One Dutch hippie wanted to meet Him , Srila Prabhupada agreed and after hearing from Him, he became a clean shaved devotee within a week. He was an architect and Srila Prabhupada told him to make a design for Juhu Temple by visiting other Indian temples in 6 months. He could do so in 5 months and that design was used by Srila Prabhupada. Now the beautiful temple is a tourist attraction and it has benefited many people spiritually.

He closed by saying that situation is not so favorable in Purvanchal (North East India ) for bhakti. People there lack basic facilities and there are even threats to those who chant Hare Krsna. He asked devotees to remember NAMASTE (Nagaland, Arunachal, Meghalaya/ Mizoram/Manipur, Assam, Sikkim, Tripura : East) states and urged devotees to help people there take to bhakti.


  1. Thanks prabhu, We made this post at the behest of a few people who asked us to, they wanted to know who are the persons making insults to India and its biggest leaders by saying that India and its leaders are promoting crazy cults. The amazing thing is that both PADA and Narendra Modi endorse the same programs like Akshaya Patra, so Shaksi is not just attacking us, he is attacking India and its leaders, that makes me in very good company. ys pd

  2. Yes, Shaksi's homeland is Bengal, which is having problems with Muslims attacking Hindus, killing Hindus, raping Hindus and so forth. So Shaksi has fled the battle of his own homeland and left there and has joined forces with some Western ex-ISKCON people who are gloating that they are now free (Christians?) and they have the freedom -- apparently, to eat pigs feet. So Shaksi thinks his new freedom to eat pigs feet is something awesome. At the same time notice, he cannot go back to Bengal and help his friends there who are being whacked with Muslim swords, but he does take great pride that he has challenged a few gay gurus of ISKCON. Meanwhile he gloats that he is friends with -- and plays golf with -- the ex-British Raja folks who went to Australia, and these are the same folks who wrote that Hindus are idol worshipers, and now he is with the Christians who think Hindus are idol worshipers, meanwhile he cannot save any of his home people from being attacked by going back there to make some sort of neighborhood watch program, so he has become a perfect servant of the British Raja program. Yep, Shaksi is a coward, he cannot help his homeland, he has fled to a place where they say he is an idol worshiper and he has joined forces with the pig's feet eating program. Anyway, he also says we Westerners are fallen mleccha dogs, and that is why he married one? And his wife thinks he is a great guy, because he thinks she is a Western mleccha untouchable? Hee hee. And Shaksi is against Prabhupada because he made Africans into devotees, Shaksi is with the people who say Africans are not able to follow the India religion, he is a racist. ys pd


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