Monday, March 30, 2015

"Purity Party's" Backstabbing and Betrayal

Have to take shelter of the actual purity party

[PADA: The self-advertised New Delhi political party of anti-corruption was recently voted in and installed to combat political greed and alleged widespread corruption, which is said by many to be common in Delhi politics. Yep, these heros were going to clean up all these things like "giving political appointments to cronies" "taking bribes from the cell phone companies" "diverting water resources to political allies" and so on and so forth.

Yes! The were the self-advertised party of "purity from personal motivation." Fine except, ooops, this party seems to have descended into a powerful PUBLIC cat and dog infighting program in a very short time after they were voted into office. ISKCON has had the same types of "backstabbing and betrayal" problems, but then again so have a number of other political programs, religious institutions, family infighting over estates and etc.

"Backstabbing and betrayal" happens even to us at PADA from time to time, when some of our alleged friends and allies decide to "take us out" as the way to fix everything, because apparently, this is one of the characteristics of the age of Kali. All the more reason to take shelter of Krishna because the people we want to consider as allies and count on to help us -- may or may not, but Krishna always will help us. He is the only reliable person who can factually "watch our back," and thus this type of public cat fighting episode is simply another good lesson for us -- as to why we need to realize that the people of this world will often fail us, only Krishna will not. ys pd]    

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