Wednesday, March 11, 2015

NM Site "Suspended Until Harmony"?

This is real harmony!

[PADA: Yes thanks prabhu, Yep, it looks like the Narayan Maharaja site appears to be down, "until there is harmony." Well good luck with that NM prabhus! There is not much harmony among almost any group of devotees -- period. OK, at least more and more people are adopting our idea to worship the pure devotee, its a slow (but at least its steady) process. Yep, "GBC friendly" OneISKCON site seems to have disappeared as well, hmmm, is this a pattern here?

If we had stopped posting while "waiting until there is harmony," we would have been waiting for Satya Yuga to get started, its just not destined to happen over here in Kali Yuga, on planet earth, at the present time. OK there will be some harmony among some people, here and there, but thats it! The problem in the NM camp is the same as ISKCON, too many people want to be "the successors." Too many chiefs, not enough Indians, heh heh heh. ys pd]   

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