Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Jadurani Refuted (Narayan Maharaja program)


[PADA: Jadurani and Narayan Maharaja met me by chance on Venice beach in maybe 1997. They invited me over to talk with NM at his ashram, and so I agreed to go. After driving for an hour to Fullerton, my 8:30 am meeting was suddenly cancelled, and our meeting was forwarded to 11:00 am. So I had to sit and wait until 11:00, and then that meeting was cancelled until 2:30 pm.

So I had to wait until then, and that meeting was ALSO cancelled until 5:30 pm. Jadurani was frantically shuttling back and forth between me and NM trying to get this meeting going. At 5:30 pm Jadurani came out to announce that NM had left the property, and he was going to meet instead with some Hindus, so he would not be able to see me today, could I come back again another time?

So this is how NM treats his guests, and Jadurani was almost crying at the end because even she knew this was not a good way to treat a guest, and it was self evident that even the hamburger eating people have a better quality of etiquette when inviting a guest over. Anyway, we have analysed many of his statements over time and it seems there is a big gap between his ideas and Srila Prabhupada's. ys pd]   

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