Friday, March 27, 2015

Tirtha Yatras In India

Hare Krishna, I am organizing a pilgrimage tour to Bhadrachalam. This is a place from where Mother Sita was kidnapped by Ravana. Bhadrachalam is considered as the Ayodhya of South of India. Here one can have darshana of Sri Vaikuntha Rama in a big celebrated temple.
The yatra will depart Bangalore on Jul 31 (Fri, 7 pm) and return on Aug 03 (Mon, 11 am). We shall be travelling by train. Travel, prasadam during the yatra, accommodation everything will be arranged by us.
Special features will be abhisheka of Sri Vaikuntha Rama (Mula Vigraha), Kalyanotsava of Sri Sita Rama, Dip in Krishna and Godavari rivers.
On our way, we shall be visiting the temple of Sri Panaka Narasimha and Sri Lakshmi Narasimha (installed by Yudhisthira Maharaja) in Mangalagiri.
In Bhadrachalam we shall be having the darshan of Vaikuntha Rama, Parnasaala where Lord Rama and Sitadevi stayed in a hut. There are impression on rocks of Rama's dhoti, Sitadevi's saree, stones which Sitadevi used to apply kumkuma and turmeric and Marichi's foot print.
Yatra amount is Rs 4999/- per head. Last day of booking is April 05, 2015. I invite devotees to come for this yatra and experience a wonderful bliss.
If you wish to come you may contact me at 09844700850
Thank you
-Agrani Krishna Dasa
For more details of schedule, etc please visit

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