Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Badrinarayan Says Guru is UNDER GBC?


1) Badrinarayan das say that the acharyas are under the control of his "management committee." Yep, same "guru management committee" that says acharyas are often debauchees and deviants.

2) Krishna says the direct opposite, He says the acharyas are under HIS control "acharyam mam vijnaniyam" -- i.e. "the acharyas are as pure as My very self." And Krishna furthermore says anyone who claims that acharyas are fallen deviants is "a resident of hell" (naraka).  

3)  OK this cannot be true simultaneously? Either the GBC is dictating to the acharyas, and the GBC is in control of the acharyas or Krishna is dictating to the acharyas and He is in control of the acharyas.

4) The good news is that since the GBC has kicked Krishna out of His post as "dictating to the acharyas" and they have replaced Krishna's dictation with Badrinaryan's, that means Badri is the new person who replaces Krishna and dictates to the acharyas! So we now know who is the boss of Krishna! Its Badrinarayan! He has the power to kick out Krishna's dictation and replace that with his own dictating to the acharyas, that means, he is greater than GOD! ys pd  

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