Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Harinama in Bangalore

Street Sankirtana @ Uttarahalli & BEML Layout
Our basic mission is to propagate the sankirtan movement (chanting of the holy names of God), as was recommended by the incarnation of the Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. People in this age are very much reluctant to understand God consciousness because of their unfortunate condition of life. They are working hard day and night simply for sense gratification. But this transcendental vibration of sankirtan will knock at the door of their hearts for spiritual awakening. Therefore, they should be given the chance for this opportunity.
It is not recommended that a Krishna conscious devotee go into seclusion to chant by himself and thereby gain salvation for himself alone. Our duty and religious obligation is to go out into the streets where the people in general can hear the chanting and see the dancing. We have already seen practically how by this process many, many boys and girls of America and Europe have been saved from the immoral practices of this age and have now dedicated their lives to the service of Krishna.
Join us on coming Sunday.

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