Saturday, March 28, 2015

Drifting into "Landmark Education"

PADA: A devotee says that many members of certain ISKCON temples are getting their folks involved with the "Landmark Education" program. The first meeting allegedly costs $500 for a week end, and it seems, can go up to thousands for "more advanced meetings" after that.

Gopa Vrndapal and his folks were doing a similar thing in Berkeley back in the 1980s. You paid $350 for the seminar, then you'd smoke a cigar, make gorilla sounds while doing chest pounding, paint your face with war paint, and do silly war dances with American Indian war whoops, and finally you'd "become a man."

I said to Gopa and his pals -- if you guys are "real men" then come on over to the temple and help me, well nope, that's too dangerous. This means for starters these devotees are not really getting satisfied with Krishna consciousness -- since they are seeking knowledge and bliss elsewhere.

As Srila Prabhupada says, many devotees are just show bottle, they are licking the outside of the bottle and not tasting the honey within because -- they are not serious. Hee hee! I saved myself $350 since they told me what it was all about for free!

Later on this same sabha started a "relationships group" where they discussed their sex lives and other nonsense. What happened to thinking of Krishna? Anyway! This means a certain sector of the current members of ISKCON are simply not experiencing very deep understanding of Krishna or they would not be going off the reservation into these side track (and expensive!) out croppings. What amazes us is that many folks try to save themselves from one problem by getting into a worse problem.  

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*** The Landmark Forum have their origins in the Est Training, the edgy and controversial personal growth program started in the 1970s by Werner Erhard. The Landmark Forum is said to have a gentler approach and different course material than the Est Training, but both Est and Landmark have a cult following among those who say the courses have ‘transformed’ their lives. ***

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