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Rupa Vilas Writes Wrongs

RE: Rupa Vilas Dasa 

From Rupa Vilas das (Robert D. Mc Naughton) : 

Dear H prabhu,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

I saw your Facebook postings and received your letter. As you were convinced by what I said 25 years ago, see if you can be convinced again by what I tell you in this email. If you have studied my video recordings and my old VVR articles, you will know that I was NEVER a proponent of what is now called by some HARD RTVIK, i.e. the idea that only Srila Prabhupada can ever be the guru and that devotees who dare to execute the office of guru are pretenders. This idea is untenable and continues to be untenable. It is the product of Krishna Kant's imagination and envy: a philosophy of fanaticism and continuous aparadha in my estimation.

[PADA: What guru parampara is "tenable" and who is the current link? Whether Krishna Kanta (IRM) made mistakes in his documents or not, does not change the fact that Srila Prabhupada did not see anyone who is qualified to be his (and Krishna's) guru successor, and thus he did not appoint any. Lets take a quick look at one of the "bona fide acharyas in the parampara" that the Rupa Vilas Das (RVD) program is promoting:]

* Is this Krishna's Bona Fide Guru Successor? Apparently yes! This is one of Rupavilas's "current acharyas" aka Mahavishnu swami the "current link in the parampara from God." Really RVD? Jesus is a pure devotee, and this is another one? Really!  

Q: Except for a few folks like RVD, how many OTHER people in the jagat think this is the successor to God? 

A: Just about no one.

RVD: What we proposed at that time in San Diego was that Srila Prabhupada named rtviks. He never named gurus. That has been proven.

[PADA: Fine, if it has already been proven that;no gurus or successors were appointed, then how did the current wave of ISKCON gurus become authorized? (A) The original 1978 guru wave has no authority (RVD agrees). (B) Then, the second wave of GBC gurus were ALL "voted in" by the first wave of bogus and self-appointed gurus. This makes no sense?  

Rupa Vilas Dasa says he has gone back to promoting members of the GBC's guru process, but since the first wave is bogus (as he admits) -- how could they have "voted in" a second wave? Again, this makes no sense? The first wave were never brain surgeons -- but frauds, and therefore, they certified a new group of brain surgeons?]

RVD: Becoming guru is a process, just as becoming a doctor or professor is a process. It also requires an order by the predecessor guru. That order comes to sincere followers who are ready to execute it. The order may come as a revelation or a dream. Both are possible. Our Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya sampradaya system for continuing the disciplic succession is guru-parampara. I proposed at that time so long ago that the rtvik system could serve as a method of CONTINUING the parampara system UNTIL such time that devotees became sufficiently qualified to act as gurus. This idea was not accepted by ISKCON's leadership. Subsequently, I was excommunicated from the society. About 12 years ago I was reinstated.

Now, 25 years later, what is the situation? My own conviction is that a handful of devotees (perhaps even more than a handful) are presently qualified to be spiritual masters.

[PADA: The main problem we have NOW with the current followers of the GBC's guru system is, formerly they would AT LEAST name the specific people they thought were their gurus. For example, "Ramesvara is our guru for Los Angeles." In case no one has noticed, what is happening recently is this, they almost NEVER mention the name of their current guru. Why is that?  

* Of course in the 1980s when we told Rupa Vilas Dasa that Satsvarupa was a kingpin / writer for the bogus guru program, he said that is not possible because SDG is "the only one I know who is bona fide in the group." A number of other devotees tell PADA that SDG's art "looks like the result of Satanic possession." Why doesn't RVD know this is NOT the art of a saint, but maybe a Bellvue patient, and that SDG is a chief architect within the bogus guru scam?

Instead of the RVD's folks telling us that their "current guru" is Mahavishnu swami or Satsvarupa swami, its their new ad hoc explanation "there are a handful of gurus out there somewhere, but we cannot tell you WHO they are; WHERE they are; Which IF ANY one of them is bona fide, and so on." Its a peanut and shell guessing game now! 

Great, we go to a Christian Church and they say, "You cannot worship Jesus here, that is the post-samadhi ritvik idea, rather we have half dozen successors to Jesus, but -- we forgot which or whom the bona fide ones are, or even where they are located, so we cannot actually tell you which persons these successors are. You'll have to guess for yourself which peanut shell has an actual peanut under it. 

Yep, this is also known as speculation and gambling. A circus shell game. Did we forget to mention that the other members of the RVD / GBC's gurus group supports and endorses Jayadvaita swami, who says gurus often fall into illicit sex? Why does Rupa Vilas not know that God's messiahs are not engaged in illicit sex? 

Oh no! Its "Chart-pada." Where is any of this stuff found in the Vedas? And if there is "care and concern" for others, why are their temples empty? And why are so many sick and dying devotees begging for money to help them?  Where is the empathy? Indeed! Way back in 1979 "His Divine Grace Srila Jayatirtha Tirthapada" was making almost these same identical "psycho-babble" charts! "Needs" "Strategy" "Observation" -- I have a "need" also, to go take my percodans now! 

Worse, in ISKCON they are also promoting all sorts of RADHA KUNDA babajis, along with all sorts of other folks like Fakir Mohan as "gurus," so we really are not given any specific individual to worship as our guru, its a sort of free for all out there. Same problem we used to have with our friend Wyatt prabhu over here, he also says there is a guru out there -- somewhere. 

Is this alleged guru maybe hiding behind a dumpster in Beverly Hills? So now we have to drive all over Beverly Hills and start looking at each and every dumpster to find out if the messiah of the jagat is hiding behind one of them? Great plan these guys have got here! 

There is a guru out there, maybe, somewhere, but, we cannot tell you who he is, where he is, or even -- if this person actually exists ANYWHERE, its a guessing game! Is this not called a GIANT bluff? If one goes to buy a new Cadillac and tells the car dealer, -- "I have the money to pay for the car -- somewhere, but I cannot tell you where it is, or if it even exists," ... the dealer will then call the men in white suits to take one to Bellvue. Its called -- the bluff of a madman. 

Yep, and the next Jesus could also be living "somewhere" in Los Angeles too, thus maybe out of seven million people -- he is one of them? So we need to start asking each and every person walking down the road if they are the next Jesus?This is called mental speculation. If we have a guru -- we have to give the name of that guru. 

Instead the RVD / GBC program is down to: A handful of people in ISKCON are as pure as Jesus -- and they can absorb sins like Jesus, fantastic, -- but RVD forgot to tell us -- which persons they are? Really! "I know where the next Jesus is, but hey, I am not telling you, its my secret, tough luck for you buster"!]  

RVD: Please see the attached quotes about the parampara system.

[PADA: The guru system that Rupa Vilas has been "reinstated" into says that gurus are falling into illicit sex, drugs and crimes. What does that have to do with the actual parampara? Even us lowly kanisthas are not constantly falling off the wagon like Rupa Vilas's parampara of messiahs? RVD cannot produce any quote where the "guru parampara from Krishna" system is described as illicit sex, drugs and crimes, and yet this is the program RVD has been "reinstated" into? 

* RVD's "Guru and Sannyasa Ministry" Director: Prahladananda swami. Jesus needs a manager? And this is his manager? Where did Srila Prabhupada say we need a "Guru and Sannyasa Ministry"? And how did this guy become the "manager" of the messiahs? Krishna says He is the director of the acharyas, how can this man kick out Krishna and take Krishna's place? Where do we find that acharyas are under the authority of a "Guru Ministry" or is this just a total concoction?

The apparent good news is, while Rupa Vilas Dasa's first wave of messiahs was engaged in illicit sex, drugs and crimes, they voted in another wave of messiahs. Where is any of this process found in the Vedas? Why does RVD think that people engaged in illicit sex, drugs and crimes can "vote in" God's next wave of messiahs? Where is any of this mentioned in shastra?]

RVD: The minimum qualification of a guru is nistha-bhakti, which is the beginning stage of liberation: the firmly fixed platform, whereby one does not deviate from the practice of Krsna consciousness and has realized that he is not the body and is the eternal servant of guru and Krsna.

[PADA: Brahma nistha (steadiness) -- is not the minimum qualification of guru, its the basic minimum standard for a kanistha brahmana. This is the problem with Rupa Vilas program, minimum qualification, maximum pooja. The basic level devotees are also ordered NOT to become diksha gurus, or even to allow others to touch their feet, or they will be accepting karma which they are unqualified to absorb, and they will get sick, fall down or both.

Why does Rupa Vilas tell a group of people ALREADY suffering from an epidemic of getting sick and falling down, to make their conditions worse? Yep, our gurus are taking karma, and then getting sick, falling down, and running off to the Gaudiya Matha, and so we need to -- increase the disease?]  
RVD: Guru begins from there.

[PADA: Maybe the basic levels of steady devotion is a type of (shiksha) guru, but first of all RVD, your gurus are not on even the basic steady nistha plane yet? The minimum qualification is to be a barely running Volkswagen, but your Volkswagens cannot even run without blowing up? They keep falling down left, right and center, they are not on the fixed plane?

niṣṭha—firm faith Madhya 15.155, Madhya 22.134, Madhya 23.11, Madhya 23.14-15
niṣṭha—faith Bg 3.3, Bg 17.1, SB 3.9.38
nistha—attachment SB 7.14.13
nistha—stage Bg 18.50
nistha—devotion Adi 3.49
nistha—firmly fixed Madhya 6.104
nistha—of devotion Madhya 10.170

Have you not noticed this yet RVD? Rupa Vilas Dasa says the basic quality of a guru is that he is not deviating, that means he apparently does not know his gurus are deviating left, right and center? Meanwhile, everyone else knows these gurus are deviating, even the public! And when one of the RVD gurus is caught deviating, he is -- as often as not --"reinstated" by the rest of the RVD guru group. And now RVD is himself reinstated into the SAME group that reinstates illicit sex with taxi drivers as their acharyas? 

Next, even if we are on a sort of basic level of fixed brahmana etc., we are still ordered NOT to become a diksha guru and try to act like Jesus and absorb other's sins etc. because this will destroy the kanistha. Srila Prabhupada also says we have to offer bhogha to the pure devotee, but under the Rupa Vilas Dasa program -- we are offering bhogha to people who are "minimum qualification" neophytes. 

Where is this process authorized? We are supposed to offer bhogha to -- persons who are still conditioned and neophytes. Nope, the guru is offering the bhogha to Krishna because he is pure enough to do that. Even Jadurani said the RVD program is "the International Society of Bhogha Consciousness."

Where were we specifically told to place the photos of still conditioned devotees on the altars and offer bhogha to them? Srila Prabhupada says the acharyas must be a resident of Krishna loka, that is the minimum qualification of an acharya, whereas a person who is barely hanging onto the nistha level is nowhere near a resident of Krishna loka? The guru who is on the barely functioning level is a kansitha guru, and that is why he has to act as an agent of the acharya (like a preacher or priest), not as an acharya himself. This itself proves they are only agents or ritviks.]

RVD: This can be established by sastra.

[PADA: RVD's gurus are falling into illicit sex, and many other deviations. One of them was seen by me eating chicken salad at a health food restaurant. This is not the standard for acharya established by shastra? You yourself RVD said these GBC people are severe offenders (aparadhis) for their constantly mixing material desires with pure devotee gurus. Now you are re-writing shastra to make it seem like acharyas are often debauchees?]

RVD: To assume that no one has this qualification is foolishness.

[PADA: We never said -- no one -- is qualified, we said the people you folks are forwarding as acharyas are not. You have failed to produce anyone who is a bona fide pure devotee, nor are you even attempting to name someone from your group of gurus who is pure, because you know -- its all bluff, you have none.]

RVD: Presently, the focus of ISKCON's leaders is to emphasize the siksa of Srila Prabhupada (books, tapes, videos, etc.) and his position as founder-acarya as the paramount guru of all devotees, just as Madhva is the focus in his line or Ramanuja is the focus in his line.

[PADA: OK, and this is a good sign, it means the pressure made by us ritviks has forced the GBC to emphasize Srila Prabhupada and not their hokey acharyas. So this it ritvk de facto. That proves our idea is correct, we said Srila Prabhupada should be the main focus all along, and that is the current policy in many ISKCON programs.]

RVD: This recognition of Prabhupada's paramount position is welcome news. It is a shame that it took so long to come about. Time has proven just how dependent we are on his guidance and protection.

[PADA: Right, so what you are really saying is that the GBC guru program has only been established artificially and criminally, by banning,beating and killing us, and its a shame thousands of people had to be forced out of the society and sometimes killed on the way out the door, to establish their illicit sex in the parampara guru process. We said in 1978 these gurus are not bona fide, it just took you folks a long time to catch up to us, good, better late than never.

Now RVD is trying to say that since the GBC says its acharyas are often engaged in illicit sex, that means they are finally telling folks to take shelter of Srila Prabhupada's directions instead of these bogus gurus. Good except, Srila Prabhupada never said that acharyas are often debauchees? Where is the evidence the GBC has followed the shastra, acharyam mam vijnaniyam, the acharya must be as pure as Krishna?

The GBC is not an actial parampara, their whole parampara is bogus just as we said, and its taken a long time for others to realize that. So if your gurus are functionaries on behalf of the acharyas, then they are AT BEST ritviks, just as we said they are all along.]

RVD: I do not wish to engage in a debate on this issue.

[PADA: No kidding, you cannot explain how acharyas are often debauchees and never will be able to explain it. The actual acharya is a person who is visualizing Krishna at every step, he is not visualizing: naked women, chicken salads, marijuana bongs, beer bottles, machine guns etc. like the gurus in the RVD program are doing. Even us clod hopper neophytes are doing a better job of visualizing Krishna than the RVD messiahs?] 

RVD: I don't think that rtvik has any relevance anymore.

[PADA: Yet you just admit that our program has pressured the GBC into emphasizing Srila Prabhupada more, and themselves less?]

RVD: Some devotees have proven their steadiness and sincerity and are, in my opinion, qualified to guide others on the path.

[PADA: We are also guiding people, we are telling them not to be snookered into accepting one of your hokey acharyas. "Some devotees are qualified to be GBC gurus," but you cannot name even one of them? And since the GBC now says acharyas are often debauchees, what kind of "sincere guidance" is that?]

RVD: Srila Prabhupada wanted this.

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada wanted us to preach that the parampara is full of debauchees? Where?]

RVD: Please take the time to read all of the quotes I am sending you, hopefully with an open mind. I know all the quotes and arguments on rtvik. The fact is that guru-parampara is the system.

[PADA: OK so now RVD confirms that he agrees with the GBC idea -- that they have a guru parampara, and their guru parampara is often producing debauchees as acharyas. RVD is saying the post 1978 guru program of the GBC is "the parampara," after he just said that the GBC has no authority to promote anyone as a guru because their entire 1978 "guru appointment" is a lie, and its fraudulent? How can the same people who lie that they are appointed as gurus, appoint more gurus?]

RVD: The disciplic succession did not end with Srila Prabhupada, nor was it meant to end. Nevertheless, he is still actively guiding whoever approaches him for instruction. On this, I am sure that we agree.

Your servant,
Rupa-vilasa dasa

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada is guiding more and more people -- away from the GBC's guru parampara.Of course a lot of our God brothers and similar devotees have not been very helpful in rectifying the ills of ISKCON. Many of them ran off to the Gaudiya Matha -- or the Radha Kunda Babajis, some re-became Christians, a good number just ran off and disappeared into the woodwork -- never to be seen or heard from again. Others fell down into drugs, sex scandals, homosexuality (some got AIDS), some got into wife swapping (a few murders happened over this) and some fell into criminal behavior and who knows what else.

In short, many of the God brothers (A) helped the bogus gurus, while (B) many others abandoned ship. Same basic things happened in the Gaudiya Matha, one party deviated -- and produced false gurus, while the other party abandoned ship, both parties were not helpful.And most of those who abandoned ship did not want to help us fight against the GBC's criminal guru empire, as many of them openly admit to us over the years.

There ALSO just wasn't much interest in collecting, organizing and collating Srila Prabhupada's documents and statements. Only a few of us even showed any interest in doing that. To his credit Rupa Vilas Dasa helped us for a few years in promoting some of these (mostly hidden) documents and statements.

Unfortunately for folks like RVD, the conclusion that we came to in the 1980s after reading the documents are the same as now, because the statements and documents we organized then -- have not changed. Srila Prabhupada did not appoint eleven or ANY other gurus, he only appointed proxies who would initiate on his behalf.

Nothing has changed since then. In any event, the mass of God brothers are a big part of the reason ISKCON fell off a cliff so badly, they basically either helped the bad guys, or did not help us protest, or worse, they helped the bad guys and protested us. The take over of ISKCON was not done in a vacuum, it was done with the cooperation of many of these God brothers. CBS TV news in 1986 asked us for the names of the people -- apart from me and Sulochana -- that we could name as helping our protest, and unfortunately, we could not name hardly anyone in 1986.

Lets look at what another God brother named Praghosha das says: 

Patrick Hedemark: "Well - since you asked - allow me to offer just a brief comment. Both sides of the issue always end up insulting each other when the issue is discussed. Neither side EVER projects a shred of reservation in expressing their conclusions on this subject. Neither side concedes an inch to the other. Neither side appears to possess a shred of respect for the other's self-perception as being loyal to SP in their position. Each assumes the other to be 100% wrong, mistaken or deviant to some degree.

As such I frankly do not see how either side is ever actually "discussing" this. Neither side is trying to understand the issue OR the other side. Both sides simply bludgeon the other and then retire in due coarse, only to live to fight another day. That is all I could offer on the subject. At least at this point in my life.

[PADA: OK so here is another God brother who thinks that our idea -- that homosexuals and deviants are not messiahs -- is "insulting others." Bhakta das says that our idea that deviants are not acharyas is "offending great devotees." Imagine how confused the public is about all this? The people who are promoting Srila Prabhupada as the guru (i.e. us folks) are one and the same as the people who are promoting deviants as gurus, because both of us are stuck in "self-perception." 

There is no right and wrong anymore, its all subjective. The police and the criminals are both equally bad, because they are fighting one another. How can we run a society where both law enforcement and law breakers are identical, they are both self-absorbed? We had the same problem with the HKC Jaipur folks. They said the Bangalore vs Bombay case is "a property issue and not a siddhanta issue." Everyone is fighting over property, everyone is the same. 

OK, so the folks who worship deviants and criminals as acharyas are the same as those who worship Srila Prabhupada as the acharya, because the mode of WORSHIP is not an actual issue. The real issue is -- a fight over property only, not a fight over what worship takes place on the property? Worship of Jesus or Satan can be done in either case, that has nothing to do with the issue at hand? 

These same folks, even Rupa Vilas at one time, will sometimes say we need to "kick on the the GBC gurus," of course if anyone actually does kick on the bogus gurus, then they cry like lost puppies, "oh boo hoo, PADA is speaking stools by attacking our deviant gurus, he is the bad guy and because Bhakta das is cheer leading the GBC gurus he is the good guy. 

"We need to work with Bhakta dasa and promote the GBC's gurus." In other words, they are just like Rupa vilas, compromised with the deviant guru process. Of course they have some sentiment for Srila Prabhupada, and that is nice, but they do not actually want to see his worship implemented exclusively because they also have sentiment for the false messiah's club.

Anyway! Ask any ten year old USA child if the worship of Satan vs Jesus is "a property issue." These foolish people could not even argue with a ten year old kid, much less anyone else! This is what happens when people promote the GBC's henchmen as their spokesmen, their brains turn into so much mush, they are less capable than a ten year old child. Having a Slaughterhouse or a flower growing business in a particular building, its all the same thing, its a property problem. That means they do not want to see the worship of deviants halted, and the worship of Srila Prabhupada established.   


Taking this Prahghosa idea ahead logically, if any sort of fighting is wrong headed "self-perception," this would also mean Krishna's fighting Kamsa was "duality and self-perception," or illusion. The fighting of Krishna and the fighting of Kamsa are one and the same thing, both of them are stuck in self-perception and duality? This is mayavadism on steroids. There is no right and wrong in this scenario either, because anyone who objects to false gurus is a victim of selfishness in perception and illusion, no wonder then crimes go on left, right and center in this situation? Of course Krishna fighting Kamsa was "a property issue too," sheesh!

Nope, its a fact, deviants are not messiahs, and this is not a self-created illusion. Praghosha das has no idea there is a right and a wrong in this universe, he says no one can come to a conclusion of good or bad when it comes to these guru tattva matters, because its all some sort of mundane fight over nothing of significance. Worship of Jesus or Satan has no actual difference of significance? This is why any "karmi" could defeat these people, they know there is a BIG difference here! 

So! When deviants say that acharyas (God's successors) are engaged in illicit sex, we should "understand or appreciate the other side." READ: We should acquiesce if not cooperate with the worship of illicit sex. And that is how these fools have created their entire illicit sex pooja lineage program for the past 35 years.  

Why should be appreciate and cooperate with this argument, that deviants are God's successors? 

Praghosha makes it sound like we should compromise with deviants posing as God's successors, that means any ten year old child in the USA could defeat Praghosha dasa in a flash, because any ordinary child knows deviants are NEVER to be advertised as God's successors and messiahs. 

So this is a big problem, these folks like Rupanuga Dasa, Rupa Vilas Dasa, Praghosha Dasa, Bhakta Dasa, Hari Sauri and many other of our "senior" God brothers, they want us to make some sort of compromise with these folks who are saying deviants are in the parampara chain of God's successors. OK, and lets look at the result of their compromising with fools posing as ISKCON's messiahs:  

What kind of "guru program" are these people producing?

OK, we will give Mahavishnu swami some credit at least, he has said that he is only a "monitor guru" (a ritvik really), so he is bending to some extent to our pressure:

That is a good start. The GOOD news: even he says he is not a full fledged diksha guru, just as we said all along, he is only a representative of the guru, a monitor or ritvik, yep -- what we said all along. The BAD news, since he is still not being clear on all this, and he is still supporting the rest of the GBC who say they are diksha gurus, its pretty much self-evident he is having a mental break down and that is causing him to act like an eccentric fool (see photo above).

Meanwhile, some of our other God brothers (like Bhakta das) who oppose us -- are saying we should not be protesting the illicit sex, homosexual, drug addict, and criminal messiahs program because that is "potty mouth." How did you guess, the HKC Jaipur folks are now promoting the biggest critics of PADA, those who say its a great offense to oppose deviants and criminals posing as Krishna's successors, while sitting in a Vyasasana seat. 

Why do the GBC's groupies / RVD / Bhakta das / HKC Jaipur folks say that our opposing deviants posing as acharyas is "potty mouth"? Why don't they know illicit sex should not be worshiped on a Vyasasana, and we are right to oppose this deviation?  

Yep, anyone who says illicit sex is not fit sit on a Vyasasana seat is "a potty mouth." Anyone who says illicit sex is not the qualification of Krishna's successors is "speaking stools." OK that means they are in love with the illicit sex messiahs program and they want to stop their program from being criticized. These little cry babies are saying, "Oh boo hoo, its potty mouth to try to remove illicit sex from the Vyasasana seat." Sheesh! Gimme a kleenex already! Crying because -- they do not want to see their illicit sex messiah's program removed from the Vyasasana seat?

Yes, PADA is bad, bad, bad to say we do not want illicit sex to be sitting in the Vyasa seat! He is a potty mouth! No one should object to this program, ummm, ok that is why its been going on, you folks are blocking us from objecting. So this is good, it means you admit you own that program, you say no one should object to your illicit sex messiahs sitting in a Vyasa seat program, = you own that program. Good admission!     

OK that means they are with the group that promotes deviants and criminals sitting on Vyasasanas in the first place. And, as for the person who asked us, aren't most of the people who oppose PADA usually child exploiters and / or misogynists themselves, thus no wonder they want to see that agenda worshiped? Well at least some of them are:

Anyway, the good news is, we are making headway more and more all the time. More and more people are reading PADA from all over the planet, and we are getting favorable responses and increased interest all the time. Our idea, that the acharyas have to be pure, is gaining traction and acceptance no matter what. Mahavishnu swami is saying he is only a monitor, which means, our idea is sneaking into the institution itself, we are forcing them to admit they are not pure diksha gurus but minor league agents. That is what we said all along ... ys pd

RVD's "Shastra advisors" --

Washing the feet of a bogus Jesus 

Let them eat cake!
Mad Gurus?

The original guru

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  1. Mahesh Raja: Rupa Vilas Writes Wrongs

    krishna1008: Rupa Vilas Writes Wrongs

    I just read this above,---- just to give some few extra comments:

    1) We understand Rupa Vilas das was more interested in Karnamrita Prabhu's WIFE then the Ritvik Issue. He is supposed to be living with Karnamrita's WIFE near Bhaktivedanta Manor.

    2) You have to see where the man's Chappati and Dal comes from then you KNOW where his opinion is ALSO coming from. These CORRUPT people are after MONEY. As long as they get PAID they will talk THEIR language:

    Bhaktivedanta Manor Accounts SALARIES

    Lets take a brief analysis of what nonsense he writes:

    Rupa Vilas: Now, 25 years later, what is the situation? My own conviction is that a handful of devotees (perhaps even more than a handful) are presently qualified to be spiritual masters.

    Mahesh: How sweet of him to give us a lecture that we have to consider HIS conviction INSTEAD of Srila Prabhupada's. The man thinks he is AUTHORITY. So lets start from the beginning. WHERE is the ORDER from Srila Prabhupada that he AUTHORISED any NAMED person as Diksa Guru? And HOW can you have a DISCIPLE since ALL the DISCIPLINE 16 Rounds Hare Krsna, 4 regulative Principles, ALL Srila Prabhupada DISCIPLINE in his books are COMING FROM Srila Prabhupada:

    WHEN I order

    Become Guru by Order, That's All

    What We Have Heard from the Spiritual Master, That is Living

    Srila Prabhupada's Disciple

    RVD: Please see the attached quotes about the parampara system.

    Mahesh: So now--------- he wants to lecture us on PARAMPARA. However - the CURRENT PROMINENT ACARYA IS Srila Prabhupada. EVERYONE QUOTES SRILA PRABHUPADA - HIS LAW BOOKS. Nobody can deny this FACT!


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