Friday, December 12, 2014

Warrants Issued against ISKCON Bombay

Warrant against ISKCON Mumbai and Office Bearers

Honorable High Court today issued warrant against ISKCON Mumbai and its office bearers Sri Bhima Dasa and Doyaram Dasa.

A divisional bench consisting of Honorable Justice N Kumar and Honorable Justice B Manohar today issued a warrant against Sri Doyarama Das and Bhīma Das of ISKCON Mumbai in relation to the contempt of court case based on the complaint filed by ISKCON Bangalore. A contempt notice against the same was earlier issuedby the honorable court.

Varada Krishna Das sought an exemption seeking nonappearance in court for today and it was accepted by the court.
When police served notice to Sri Doyarama Das and Bhīma Das, One Mr. Sandipani Das, representing ISKCON Mumbai wrote on their behalf asking the police to serve the notice after 15 days.

The High Court rejected their plea and issued a warrant against both of them and sought that they appear before the court on 6th of January 2015.

Generally any criminal contempt of court requires the accused to be present personally before the court during all hearings.

It was reported here on how Balaji Subhash had sent an email on April 11, 2011, to ISKCON Bangalore claiming that he stole the images of Judge Justice K L Manjunath visiting ISKCON Bangalore and receiving a photo frame. He also confessed that this handiwork was done by him as per the directions of ISKCON Mumbai. He had passed on the stolen images to ISKCON Mumbai. Balaji had also revealed in the email on how the plot was conceived jointly by Varada Krishna Dasa, Doyarama Dasa and Bhīma Das of ISKCON Mumbai.

This evidence strongly points to the fact that the mystery packet containing the photographs of the Judge was handiwork of ISKCON Mumbai and its leaders in association with Balaji Subhash.

In regard to this ISKCON Bangalore had sought criminal contempt of court proceedings against ISKCON Mumbai and Balaji Subhash.


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