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Radhakrishna das Brahmachari Replies

"Sri Sri Radha Krishna" -- Painted 1910

*** His Grace Radhakrishnadas Brahmachari Prabhu (GKG) of Sridham Vrindavan is a duly initiated disciple of (ISKCON's) His Holiness Sri Srimad Gopalakrishna Goswami Maharaja Bhagavatapada. He also travels throughout Bharata-varsa and the whole globe for the purpose of disseminating the precepts of Sri Gaurangadeva, the Sad-goswamis, and Srila Prabhupada. His Grace is fluent in languages like: 1) Sankrit, 2) Hindi, 3) Gujarati, 4) Bengali and 5) English. His Grace is also expert in North Indian Classical Music. However, the most illustrious remarkable speciality of His Grace's discourses and personality is that he is an original thinker and philosopher, presents Gaudiya Vaishnava doctrine in an unprecedented and unique way with acute logic and sharp memory, philosophizes in a dialectical style of debate, harmonizes various controversial and mutually contradictory subjects of the scriptures. 

HG wrote: "Towards Mr. PADA

Those who claim that HH Gopal Krishna Goswami was not specifically and explicitly appointed by HDG ACBSP to function as his successor diksha-guru – should know that the specific institutionalized appointment of mantra-sisya to function in the role of diksha-gurus is a recently invented custom of neo-Gauḍiya institutions (but, there is no discrepancy even if they were to be appointed by their mantra-gurus). 

[PADA: Right. so that means you admit that Gopal Krishna Goswami is participating in a concocted and indeed "invented" diksha guru process. And worse, he has been a GBC leader (and guru) within this group of "inventors" for years. First of all, after 1978 Gopal Krishna swami claimed that 11 conditioned souls were "appointed" as ISKCON's gurus in 1977. So far, he has no evidence this appointment ever took place? Nor does he have ANY evidence that the 11 were qualified to be diksha gurus?

As we pointed out earlier, later on, Gopal Krishna swami complained that there were no "Indian born" gurus among the 11, and so he begged these 11 conditioned souls to vote him as one of their co-acharyas. You say this is an occidental (Western) deviation, while simultaneously, you say that Gopal Krishna swami is himself "voted into" this program, and he is indeed "Indian bodied" according to -- himself. And he was begging the 11 (Western gurus?) to participate in their post-1977 debauchery guru lineage on the plea they needed "Indian bodied" folks contained within this deviation.

Sorry RKDB, lest we forget, you also said Gopal Krishna swami is your "guru link" to the parampara. That makes you linked to the debauchee's guru line, according to -- yourself.   

Again, around 1982 the 11 conditioned souls "2/3 show of hands" voted GKG in as their co-acharya. Except, the 11 were never appointed as gurus -- as you actually agreed to and pointed out herein, because all this was invented? And apart from that, there is no system of "2/3 show of hands voting for the guru," and we all agree to this. Its all a concoction on the part of GKG and his cohorts.

So -- Gopal Krishna swami's party is creating huge deviations, and you even admit he is a GBC leader among the group that is inventing and then promoting these deviations. Thus GKG is -- participating, endorsing, enabling and EMPOWERING all these deviations, by his participating in this bogus (a) "appointed" and (b) "2/3 show of hands voted" guru process. In sum, GKG is participating in a recently concocted invention, just as you admit. We agree!]

RKDB: Contrary is found in the classical history of Gaudiya Sampradaya. Even HDG ACBSP was not specifically appointed by SBSST as his successor guru.

[PADA: Correct, the factual acharya is self-effulgent and there is no need of mundane certifications. Whereas the "guru sytem" Gopal Krishna Goswami and his cohorts have concocted is totally outside the bona fide parampara since GKG's guru system has: appointed gurus, illicit sex gurus, beer drinking gurus, falling down gurus, 2/3 show of hands "voted in" gurus, suspended gurus, censured gurus, gurus who end up blaspheming Krishna, and who knows what else,

And all this is part of Gopal Krishna Goswami's guru line. And he is thus guilty of concocting, inventing, -- and worse -- helping, aiding, abetting, assisting, empowering, enabling and acting as the maid servant to this lineage. So the blame for orchestrating this lineage is on his head. 

He is responsible for orchestrating this lineage as are others from India such as BR Sridhara / BV Narayana / BV and BP Puri / Gaura Govinda / Subhag / swamis -- and many assorted other "GBC shiksha advisors" who upheld and under-wrote these alleged GBC gurus in one form or other.]

RKDB: Hence, any disciple who has sincerely rendered service to his guru and if his guru (e.g. HDG ACBSP) has directly appointed him (HH GKG) as the first GBC of ISKCON in India in 1975 AD (the guru-given post which HH GKG continues till date),

[PADA: OK so now you are saying that Gopal Krishna Goswami is a GBC -- and he has been all along -- which means -- he is largely responsible for aiding and abetting all the crazy, apa-siddhanta, offensive and contrary GBC documents that they have posted over the years including their 1980 paper -- "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" -- wherein Gopal Krishna's GBC attacks the Mahajanas. 

In addition, the GBC claims to be the "administering board" for their acharyas. How is it that Krishna's acharyas need -- "administration" -- from a governing body? When someone like Ravindra Swarupa is the secretary of the GBC, that would make him the secretary of the acharya administration board -- or more literally -- the overseer of the acharyas. 

How does a person like Ravindra Swarupa become the person in charge of God's acharyas? Why does Gopal Krishna Goswami empower a person like Ravindra Swarupa to be the chief head authority over the acharyas? Which previous acharyas needed to be supervised by such a committee? And while some of the GKG gurus were engaged in illicit sex, we were complaining, and yet GKG was going along with these deviants posing as acharyas? Why are we occidentals almost always way ahead of your "India scholars" like GKG -- because we recognize false acharyas years ahead of your program? 

Worse! We thought the shastra actually says -- Krishna (God Almighty) is the person who is in charge of His acharyas? Wasn't Ravindra Swarupa censured for having a "young female assistant"? Why does Gopal Krishna Goswami empower and emplace such people in charge of the acharyas, when Krishna says He is the one who dictates to the acharyas (and not someone like Ravindra Swarupa das)? 

Where does Krishna say, "Henceforward I shall no longer dictate to the acharyas, I am handing off that job to Ravindra Swarupa das"? And why don't you and your mentor GKG know these things already, that a conditioned soul cannot "manage" the acharyas? Another example is when the GBC placed Malati dasi in charge of "monitoring" Satsvarupa Das Goswami for deviations. 

Which previous acharyas had to be "monitored" for deviations, and monitored by a "monitoring committee"? It seems you fellows are concocting more things -- every day? That really means -- Gopal Krishna Goswami thinks Malati dasi in the person who is in charge of the gurus in the parampara. How did she become the boss of the acharyas, and how was Krishna removed from this post?    

So this is the question which was asked since 1978, how can Gopal Krishna Goswami's GBC empower and emplace someone like Ravindra Swarupa in the post of chief administrating secretary -- of God's acharyas and messiahs? Which previous acharyas were under the authority of such governing bodies? Which previous acharyas needed to be "monitored for deviations," and why do you folks say acharyas are deviating in the first place? When Krishna says He dictates to the acharyas, you folks say no, because Krishna's idea is bogus, rather it is our committee that is going to dictate to the acharyas. 

And why don't you and GKG know that acharyas are not subordinated to governing bodies ESPECIALLY since -- there has been nothing but troubles left, right and center with your process? And why is it we fallen down occidentals have to constantly clue you folks in about these topics? 

Srila Prabhupada says the acharyas get dictation from Krishna, not from a board that is contaminated with debauchees? Why doesn't GKG and his disciples like RKDB not know that people who have been Kirtanananda's main supporters, who are being censured for having a female assistant etc. -- are not the dictation masters, governance masters, and authorities or overseers of the Lord's acharyas?]

RKDB: If later, he acts in the role of a diksa-guru in ISKCON, there is no harm (because, HDG ACBSP had formed GBC to oversee the spiritual direction of ISKCON).

[PADA: OK this is common in the GBC rhetoric, their conditioned souls will "act in the role of acharyas." This makes no sense? You folks take the hospital's janitor, hand him a scalpel, and then tell him to perform brain surgery on patients by "acting in the role of a brain surgeon." And you think this will end well, despite repeated failures in your program? 

Where in the Vedas do we find that conditioned neophytes are ordered to "act in the role" of God's successors and messiahs? And this begs the question, are you folks even reading the Vedas? I can also go out and purchase an airline pilot's hat and uniform at the thrift store, does that means I should then be placed at the wheel of a Boeing Jetliner and told to "act like a pilot"? OK lets face it, lots of people will die if we start doing these things ...! Rather, the Vedas tell us that "play acting" at being an acharya takes us to the lowest regions of the universe.]

RKDB: The same logic cannot be applied to occidentals because they are not allowed to act in the capacity of diksha-gurus according to scriptures like Mahabharata and Haribhaktivilasa. Despite severe objections taken by his fellow occidental peers, HH GKG was made first oriental diksha-guru in ISKCON in early 1980s due to exceptional desire of HDG ACBSP (though HDG ACBSP was not present mortally then).

[PADA: This is a rare case when the 11 are right. Gopal Krishna Goswami is foolish to say that having an India body birth makes him an acharya. In any case you now admit -- Gopal Krishna Goswami was voted into a debauchee guru system by persons who were sometime engaged in debauchery, and he thinks that makes him bona fide? And your debuachee guru process is "the will of the acharyas"? We Westerners are in part to blame for this giant imbroglio, agreed, but as you admit herein, Gopal Krishna Goswami was voted into their system. He therefore validates their system.]

RKDB: The PSPT or the Ritvik System of mantra-diksha cannot be applied in Vaiṣṇava Sampradayas (only in exceptional cases of tamasika-trantra-sadhana, it is allowed) and because, the usage of
the conditions set in the dubiously formed July 9th 1977 letter (dubiously formed because it doesn’t contain name of any oriental disciple of HDG ACBSP – which HDG ACBSP would not have done voluntarily – unless under a severe compulsion created by occidentals) are only applicable till the physical demise of HDG ACBSP – which is quite implicit from that directive’s perusal.

[PADA: OK so it is tamasic to worship pure devotees like Srila Prabhupada, and it is bona fide for Gopal Krishna Goswami to empower an illicit sex guru process? You seem to have not read much shastra RKDB? GKG's worship of illlicit sex gurus program is considered as tamasic, and our idea of worship of pure devotees is considered as shuddha sattwa, according to shastra. 

You folks keep saying the worship of illicit sex is bona fide, while worship of pure devotees is tamasic, where is this stated in shastra? And when GKG's acharyas are caught engaged in illicit sex, then they are often papered over, covered up, if not re-instated. So when deviants are being re-instated as acharyas, they are simultaneously voting in folks like GKG?]

RKDB: Also, the age-old classical norms and conventions of Sanatana Dharma do not permit the termination of live diksha-guru-parampara.

[PADA: OK so you and Gopal Krishna Goswami are promoting the worship of "living" illicit sex as acharyas. You folks have no idea that worship of illicit sex is not bona fide, whether living or not living? Where do we find that shastra says we need to worship living illicit sex acharyas, and their promoters and enablers like GKG? 

And what difference does it make if you are promoting the worship of living illicit sex deviants, or departed illicit sex deviants? This sounds like another smokescreen deviation. Religious people are not supposed to worship illicit sex deviants, and their cheer leaders like Gopal Krishna Goswami, period.]

RKDB: Or else, it would remain no different from Sikhism (which separated itself from Sanatana Dharma) and the instance of Ekalavya considering the deity of Droṇacarya to be his vidya-guru!""

[PADA: Fine except, the Sikhs also do not worship illicit sex acharyas? This is not relevant to what we are discussing. You also need to read how Gopal Krishna Goswami's program of spending apparently $20 million dollars suing us -- leaves places like Gita Nagari high and dry without proper funds, with not enough money to fix their heater for the devotees and the deities? 

Why does GKG want Krishna to live in the ghetto and his lawyers to live in mansions? And did we forget to mention that the result of GKG's program of spending millions suing us is that now, your GKG people are being charged with criminal theft, criminal contempt of court, criminal conspiracy, fraud, tampering with the courts, bribery, etc.? So now your program wants to give Krishna even more bad publicity, and you are spending millions for the sole purpose to give Krishna another black eye of bad publicity? Why is this? ys pd] 


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