Monday, December 1, 2014

India Women Fight Molesters

[PADA: Article describes "eve teasing," a process where women are molested (if not assaulted) by groups of rowdy men -- and these poor women are even attacked on public transport in India. The article describes how these women felt they were "fighting for their lives," and maybe they were because sometimes these women are beaten down badly for resisting. Bravo to them for fighting back!

This is one of the unfortunate results of aborting so many female babies in India, there is a bigger population of men who cannot find a proper woman for a mate, and self-evidently they get uncontrolled lust due to inability to find a proper mate. Of course nowadays Bollywood culture does not help the situation much, what with scantily clad women running around in some of these films. 

Someone posted a hideous video on youtube of some man in India attacking a poor woman in a deserted place, and she was very fearful and crying etc. and the man was laughing. So this is the problem with Kali Yuga, people will lose their civilized human culture, there will be little or no mercy, there will be open sex like cats and dogs, poor women, children, elderly and cows will be exploited and etc. Mind you, there are still a lot of pious people in India, but these are inauspicious signs of some cracks forming in the seams.

This is a very sad commentary on the current degradation of the culture in India. Worse, most of the people on the bus sat around and said and did nothing. This was the same problem we had in ISKCON, we informed people the GBC was engaged in crimes and victimization, and yet hardly anyone wanted to speak up and help us. The good news is that more folks are finally speaking out, such as Govinda dasi, Nanda Kumar and many others, they are finally speaking out, better late than never. 

This is all the result of India forgetting its own original spiritual and Vedic culture. Srila Prabhupada says because India has Vedic culture in its past -- it has a duty and obligation to follow it now, and if it does not, then there will be a lot of suffering, shortages, poverty and deterioration, they will be punished by the laws of nature. We hope this incident inspires some of the sheeple in ISKCON to get more active in cleaning house. If these petite ladies can clean house, so can anyone else. ys pd]    

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