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A Lecture for Everyone! (Bir Krishna swami)

PADA: OK, so much for all the foolish people who said "no one cares about PADA's issues." Bir Krishna is now discussing ALL the issues we forwarded over the years, for example:

*** 1) The GBC are NOT gurus: In 1978 we said these GBC gurus are not qualified to be gurus. Subsequently, they have been falling down left, right and center. And thus -- even Bir Krishna admits -- that his GBC's gurus are generally falling -- and found to be unqualified. And this is  now common PUBLIC knowledge. Which simply means, people should have heeded us in 1978-1980 when we first started making complaints about this concocted GBC guru process when the "fallen guru" cracks started to form at the start.

Bir Krishna's new idea is that NOW we are the ones who should "take care when choosing a GBC guru." Why? Because -- Bir Krishna is not taking any care when selecting his GBC gurus. He just selects a big pile of people as gurus, and rubber stamps them by a "GBC vote" that they are gurus. And then you have the job to sort them all out to see if any of them are bona fide or not, since he does not even try to sort out whom is bona fide and whom is not for ISKCON. Yes, he is still promoting false acharyas and so its "up to you" to figure out which of his gurus are real and which are not. Its a peanut and walnut shell circus guessing game.

That means he is knowingly promoting false acharyas and its "up to you" not to get cheated by his system. He is handing you a pile of dollar bills, some might be counterfeit, some might not be, but he does not tell you one way or the other. You have to look at his dollar bills and try to figure out if they have value or not.

Just imagine if the USA banks started handing out money that might be counterfeit or real, since the bank no longer bother to certify the currency, or even care one way or other if they are handling false or real currency. In a short time -- the entire society would collapse since their monetary system would fall apart. And ISKCON has fallen apart for the same reasons: the GBC is printing out counterfeit "guru" money, then assuring people that their guru currency is real, and yet -- then their victims are having to find out for themselves -- nope! Its counterfeit.

The good news is -- that means Bir Krishna is admitting his guru process is not bona fide. The bad news is, he wants to shift the blame for his bogus "selecting false acharyas" on us -- and not on the GBC -- despite it is the GBC who has been promoting all these false gurus all along -- in the first place. This is called cheating, "You have to buy one of our used cars, but we cannot guarantee any of them will actually be reliable, or even that your car will run far enough to take you off our dealer's lot." Jayadvaita swami actually said that, taking a GBC guru is like buying a used car, it is "buyer beware."

Anyway some of us at least, like the PADA editor, said -- way back at the "get go" in 1978 -- the GBC are promoting false gurus. And now Bir Krishna says -- we are correct! And moreover he says our idea that this is bogus -- is commonly known all over the world at the present time. That means, our idea was correct the whole time, and all of our challenges to the "bogus guru appointment" are factual.

A few fools are still saying we are making offenses for questioning this bogus guru process, they just cannot get over the fact that there WAS no GURU appointment. Now they are having a hard time recruiting new people into their system, because who wants to accept a peanut and shell game guru system?

*** 2) Children of ISKCON: In 1980 we said there is a child mistreatment problem. Some people said "PADA is a crazy man," etc. Yet now, even Bir Krishna says -- our complaint on this issue is a fact and is now common knowledge. Bir Krishna's argument is: "We were only 23 years old then, we were still very young, and so we did not know how to manage children, and that is what caused the mistreatment." Umm, you did not know that children need food, clothing, medical care and protection from molesting?

At the same time, those of us who objected to the mistreating of children issue were suppressed, even murdered. That means these Bir Krishna folks not only knew there were problems, they knew we were being suppressed for raising and discussing these problems. Later on we had to make the whole issue public to save hundreds of children who were still in that system, to get them pulled out. Many of them have thanked me for helping get them out of that program. Of course the perps, abusers and their supporters have not been happy we liberated their victims. Naturally! What kind of people are happy to see children being abused? Our opponents, whom else?

*** 3) ISKCON's Gaudiya Matha "Shiksha gurus": We said that the GBC's going to the Gaudiya Matha in 1978 "to associate with elderly and senior devotees" was going to back-fire, because it would create a second tier of authority for ISKCON. It has. ISKCON has lost thousands and thousands of people over to the Gaudiya Matha, because the GBC said ISKCON members should go there and "obtain senior and advanced association" from these Gaudiya Matha folks.

Bir Krishna is trying to walk this backwards, and say that the Gaudiya Matha's gurus were often failing and were not authorized, but he cannot put his GBC's "shiksha guru" genie back into the bottle. ISKCON now has several full scale competitors due to the GBC's promoting all these Gaudiya Matha authorities, and that means we were right -- they should not have gone there in the first place. Worse, this has spawned serious competition for ISKCON. Bir Krishna fails to explain why the GBC made all these Gaudiya Matha folks into "ISKCON's shiksha gurus" in the first place?

*** 4) Women's issue: Some of our earliest PADA helpers and "informers" were a pack of women. They wanted us to expose their stories (without using their names), and so we published many of their comments in our earlier newsletters. Yep, giving a voice to the oppressed women, no wonder many misogynistic "men" are so upset with PADA!

Srila Prabhupada wanted the women to be protected, to sum it up, they weren't. Bir Krishna gives a wishy washy explanation for how that happened, but we all know what happened, his GBC exploited the women as a class. One of the women they exploited is named Nandini Dasi (Nori Muster) and she wrote a book called "Betrayal of the Spirit" -- which is one of the books these people cite in the room asking Bir Krishna about it.

What amazes us is --many ISKCON "men" were (and still are?) afraid to speak out, whereas Nandini was writing articles against these bogus gurus -- for decades really, way before many "men" said anything. Apparently, a 98lbs. woman has more "kshatriya spirit" than a lot of the ISKCON "men."

The Bir Krishna program is trying now to make a few women into gurus -- to pacify their group, that's just not going to fix things. Nandini could easily kick the stuffing out of 95% of the ISKCON men because -- she has been fearless. I do not agree with all her writings, but she at least said we have to reign in the exploiting of women and children and -- she is right on this point.

Pretty amazing that the people asking these questions are in maybe Serbia or Russia, and they are reading Nandini's book, Monkey on a Stick, and no doubt --,

*** Radha Kunda Babajis: Oh swell! Bir Krishna swami says that often the Radha Kunda Babajis are very offensive because they are "criticizing the guru line of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta." And they are called "the anti-party" (against Srila Prabhupada's line). We even heard about that in 1970s, there was an "anti-party" in Vrndavana. And the reason the GBC allows their members to go and associate with the anti-party is -- what? Aindra dasa was complaining about this in 1990, if not much sooner, and nothing seems to be done to fix this, rather GBC members are going there still.  

*** Monkey on a Stick: Me and Sulochana working together really brought down the GBC guru show big time. He was assassinated and I was then interviewed for the book, CBS news, etc. and gave these folks a lot of inside details. The GBC gurus have never recovered from this mess.

*** Poison issue: After we brought out the poison tapes in 1997, this issue just keeps on going.

*** Changed books, same problem, people are wondering how come the books are being changed and this was an issue PADA brought out early in the 1980s. Of course some cry babies are now upset with PADA for "making a controversy."

Anyway, the point is, the issues we raised are not going away, rather more and more people are bringing these things forward. Until the GBC has a total house cleaning, these issues will continue to be coming forward to challenge them. Bir Krishna has meanwhile gone off with Hrdayananda's Krishna West program, that means, they are trying to sneak out of Dodge city. Hee hee! ys pd

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