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Radha Krishna Das: Blame the Westerners!

Sacinandana Swami and his "female assistant" -- part of the Gopal Krishna swami guru program.

Radha Krishna Das Brahmachari (RKD):

Some update and clarification --

"We just received authentic news on Facebook that HH Mahanidhi Svami (formerly initiated sannyasi disciple of HDG ACBSP) undertook white-clothed Babaji attire from Śri Kṛṣṇadasa Babaji of Nityananda Parivara in Radhakunda yesterday. Saw the photos also. His new name is Śri Madanagopala dasa Babaji.

But, in such situation, we would not have changed our diksa-parampara and would have rather interpreted HDG ACBSP's teachings in alignment with that of 6 Gosvamis and other classical Gaudiya acaryas. This is the only solution to the root problem existing today in neo-Gaudiya institutions and BRVF has been established only for this sake. Otherwise, the other option is to do what HH MNS Maharaja did.

[PADA: Radha Krishna Das Brahmachari (RKD) is claiming that the GBC's guru lineage is bona fide because a "current link" in that line, aka Gopal Krishna swami, is a bona fide diksha guru. However, most of us simply do not accept that the GBC's guru lineage is authorized. Srila Prabhupada for starters did not appoint 11 gurus in 1977, and there is simply no evidence he did that. Therefore the pillar foundation of this post-1977 "guru line" (aka the "guru appointment") does not exist as fact. As Tamal Krishna swami said in 1980, the guru appointment is "a myth."  

Nor did Srila Prabhupada EVER say these 11 could subsequently "vote in" more acharyas like Gopal Krishna swami was voted in later on. In 1979 Gopal Krishna swami was complaining that the 11 gurus were all Westerners and there are no "Indian bodied gurus" in the GBC's guru line. 

And Gopal Krishna Swami was allegedly threatening the GBC that he would cause them political problems if they did not make at least some "Indian bodied" gurus. Later the GBC voted in two "Indian bodied" folks namely Gopal Krishna swami and Swarupa Damodar swami in the early 1980s, so they could claim to now  have "Indian bodies" in their guru group. Later on the GBC voted in Gaura Govinda maharaja and similar other "Indian bodies." 

However, if the original 11 were not authorized to be "Krishna's successor acharyas" in the first place, how could they authorize / vote in another wave of acharyas? And what kind of claim is this -- to be an acharya because: "I am an Indian body"? 

This is called illusion, to consider oneself as the body, whether Indian bodied or Eskimo bodied. "I am an Indian body," that statement itself is proof of mundane bodily identification. Gopal Krishna swami and others have argued that the GBC is bogus for NOT having Indian bodied gurus, this proves they think acharyas are qualified due to national birth and external bodily identification. 

No! An acharya is a self-realized person, whether this body or that body. For that matter the Garuda bird is also a pure devotee, any "body" can be a pure devotee if Krishna desires. Being an acharya is a process of internal self realization, and not simply having a particular external body. So, the GBC's guru appointment process is bogus, just as this "Indian body guru" process is equally bogus.]   

Oh swell! Gopal Krishna swami program's "female diksha guru conference." Notice: Western body, Indian body, Male body, Female body, ok -- but we are not this body? And since the original 1977 guru wave was never appointed and authorized, how can they "vote in" another wave of -- any body -- as guru -- since they have no authority? 

Hee hee, look at the squirming faces of the "men," hah hah, really happy campers over here! OK, no small wonder Mahanidhi bailed out of this ship of fools, but he did not go back to supporting Srila Prabhupada as the guru. Nope!

RKD: We personally have no objection to HH MNS Maharaja's reaction coming in this way. But, our way is what we have shown above.

[PADA: "Your way" is what WE have shown above, the self-appointed 11 later on voted in another wave of gurus, and now they are debating voting in a wave of women as gurus. At the same time (A) the 11 were never appointed as gurus and (B) no "guru voting system" was ever established by Srila Prabhupada. Nor do we find any such "acharya by votes" systems in our parampara? Nor could people who are deviating "vote in" more pure devotees in any case? 

A person who has no PHD degree in brain surgery, nor the skills, nor any other certification himself -- cannot issue brain surgeon certificates to others? Nor do we find any bona fide acharyas saying, "Hey! Why not vote me in as the acharya, I am an Indian body." Srila Prabhupada says bodily identification is the symptom of an ass or a dog.] 

RKD: For certain, ISKCON has deviated theologically, at present. Otherwise HH MNS wouldn't have taken this step.

[PADA: If ISKCON is now deviated, that itself is another proof that their acharyas are not bona fide. And if ISKCON has deviated, then how does it help to jump into another deviation, such as accepting the Babaji guru line? Why not promote Srila Prabhupada as the acharya, as we are doing?]

RKD: But, it should be our duty to be loyal to HDG ACBSP and not accept the deviated siddhanta and this can be done by leaving ISKCON institutionally (but, not leaving its guru-parampara - unless somebody has taken diksa from an occidental guru who is not authorized to initiate according to scriptures like HBV of SG) and joining that new organization (BRVF) which interprets HDG ACBSP's non-tampered teachings in alignment with 6 Gosvamis' siddhanta.

[PADA: Right, so this is what Gopal Krishna was saying way back in the early 1980s, the occidental (Western) gurus are not so much authorized -- because they come from a lower birth background. Fine, except then -- he got his own guru certification from these self same 11 occidental gurus? These 11 so-called occidental people are not qualified to be acharyas, therefore, let me become certified by them as an acharya. Does this make any sense? 

Worse, most of the "saints and scholars" who subsequently boosted and supported these bogus GBC gurus were from India -- such as: BR Sridhara Maharaja, BV and BP Puri maharajas, BV Narayana Maharaja, various Babajis, Fakir Mohan and many others, and at the same time GBC guru's biggest rank and file / mass of public following today is -- in India. 

Crowds of people STILL stand in line to touch these guy's feet -- in India. So it is not so much the occidentals who are baffled and still worshiping these gurus today, its mainly an India program. And even in the West, their temples are full of mainly ex-India folks and not so much the Westerners.]

Q: Whose idea was it to establish that the 11 are acharyas? Whose idea was it that the 11 can "vote in" more acharyas? Whose idea was it that acharyas become "mad" debauchees from time to time? 

A: All this came from India's BR Sridhara Maharaja -- (not from the West) --

PADA: Where do these "Western Gurus" always hang out and get supported? 

The West? Nope! 

India? Yep!

[PADA: Mr. High Priest Master Meister of the Jagat, ok mostly he has ONLY India followers and he has almost nothing going on in the West. Why? Because we Westerners have already figured out a long time ago -- this is a bogus guru process. And we Westerners figured this out ALREADY way back in the 1980s.]

RKD: However, HH MNS Maharaja's way makes it appear that he has lost faith in ŚP also and not just in ISKCON. These are our personal feelings.

[PADA: Well since Mahanidhi backed the idea that 11 conditioned souls can be the successors to Srila Prabhupada, he never had faith in Srila Prabhupada from the get go.] 

RKD: Today (on Thurs. 18th Dec. 2014 AD), we met HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaja at ISKCON's premises in VV Nagar (same city, wherein, BRVF's global headquarters is located) in Gujarat. Showed him the 30 points of ideological difference between BRVF and the current deviated siddhanta accepted by Westernized ISKCON GBC. HH gave his internal well-wishes, but said that externally he is bound to institutionally remain with Western controlled GBC. On a personal level, our relationship as his initiated disciple will continue.

[PADA: There you have it? The GBC says that acharyas fall into illicit sex, and Gopal Krishna swami says he is obligated to help the bogus GBC promote that process. Obligated by whom and by what shastra? Gaura govinda maharaja told PADA the same thing, he has to "work with" the GBC gurus. Why? Tell that to a court judge, "I have had to work with criminals your honor. Yes, I was driving their getaway car after they robbed the bank, and they shot the people in the bank, but you cannot judge me for that! Why? I was obligated to drive the getaway car. Obligated?" Really?] 

RKD: We have the photos of that meeting as well and which are produced below. Western controlled GBC has banned us from preaching within global ISKCON, instead of replying to our formally raised philosophical objections to its current policies.

[PADA: OK, so if you object the GBC gurus, then that itself proves they are not acharyas? That means you agree with us, they are not acharyas. Gopal Krishna is obliged to work with a guru process that says acharyas are often debauchees? Who is "obligating" him to promote this?]

The "voters" who are voting in more acharyas?

RKD: Hence, BRVF came into existence. Currently, we are also writing a thesis revealing how some western disciples of HDG ACBSP have seriously tampered with his writings and how currently available tampered writings dubiously attributed to HDG ACBSP (falsely) make him appear as clearly contradicting the siddhanta of 6 Gosvamis and other previous acaryas of Gaudiya Vaisnava Sampradaya.

[PADA: Right, the GBC is editing the books of Srila Prabhupada. We were complaining about that in the early 1980s. Why does Gopal Krishna swami not help us object?]  

RKD: If HH MNS Maharaja would have waited a bit for our thesis to come out, he might not have changed his guru-parampara -- though institutionally remaining out of ISKCON (which he, already, was doing since few years). In short, accepting a new guru-parampara gives a very different message.

[PADA: Mahanidhi has been part of the entire GBC guru process and their bogus idea that acharyas are often (or apparently most of the time) conditioned souls subject to illusion, cheating, falling down into sex and drugs, orchestrating criminal actions, being arrested with a machine gun, engaging in homosexual acts, saying Krishna is bogus, and even -- eating chicken salads. 

These are the LEELA (!!!) activities of many in his "acharya line." He left ISKCON a long time ago, this is not the teachings of actual ISKCON, i.e. -- that acharyas are often debauchees. If Gopal Krishna swami thinks all this is "ISKCON" -- he also has never understood what ISKCON is.]  

RKD: We 100% appreciate someone leaving today's deviated ISKCON (in an institutional sense) and its Westernized GBC set asastriya-siddhanta - but who would not change his spiritual guru-parampara simultaneously.

[PADA: You missed the point, the GBC's apa-siddhanta came from Gaudiya Matha folks who told the GBC that acharyas fall down. The idea that acharyas fall down was preached first of all in India, and it spread over here from there.]

RKD: For those who say that HDG ACBSP is ISKCON and ISKCON is HDG ACBSP -- following remarks made by HDG ACBSP are sufficient -

"Therefore we have created these GBC. So they should be very responsible men. Otherwise, they will be punished. They will be punished to become a sudra. Although, Yamaraja is a GBC, but he made a little mistake. He was punished to become a sudra. So those who are GBC’s, they should be very, very careful to administer the business of ISKCON. Otherwise they will be punished. As the post is very great, similarly, the punishment is also very great."

(HDG ACBSP's Lecture on SB 1.13.15 given in Geneva, Switzerland on June 4th, 1974 AD)

[PADA: Right, so as a disciple of Srila Prabhupada Gopal Krishna swami should be informing the mass of common people that the GBC's illicit sex acharyas program is bogus. Instead, as he admits, he is obligated to be working with that deviant program. That means he will be punished because he is responsible for mis-leading others and promoting deviants in the name of God's successors. If one can be sued in court for false advertising in the material world, what will happen when Yamaraja sues one in his court for promoting false advertising of fools and debauchees as Krishna's acharyas?]

RKD: Clarifications -

1) Those who say that late-lamented HDG SBSST never took diksa from HDG GKDB and thus not anywhere in the Gaudiya Sampradaya should refer to the fervent eulogy of SBSST made in the Preface to 'Astikya-darsanam' by the late-lamented Sri Visvambharanandadeva Gosvami of Śri-paṭṭa Gopivallabhapura (WB, Bharata) - the herediatry scion of Śri Rasikananda Gosvami and the 9th Acarya in the line of Śri Śyamananda Prabhu alias Sri Duḥkhi Kṛṣnadasa. Thus, one who is already initiated in Advaitacarya Parivara should not be again initiated in any other Parivara of the Gauḍiya Sampradaya.

[PADA: OK, but Gopal Krishna's GBC program first of all lead people to Sridhara Maharaja and says he is the shiksha guru of ISKCON, the senior most Vaishnavan on the planet etc. and everyone has to surrender to his authority. That means: they are inviting people to go there and take shelter of him as their guru or guru de facto. Then they said Narayana Maharaja is the rasika acharya of ISKCON, and once again all the ISKCON people were going there. 

Then they were also taking "shastric advice" from folks like BV and BP Puri, and so on and so forth, and people were getting "re-initiated" the whole time. Now the GBC's folks are getting re-initiated by the babajis and who knows whom else? That is because these ISKCON leaders are going to these outside gurus and telling people to take shelter there. 

And they are, folks like Jadurani, Jagat Guru, Tripurari, Dheera Krishna, Gopa Vrndapal, and hundreds more, they all took the GBC's lead and ran off to these GBC's "advisors." Who started this mass exodus? The GBC! And Gopal Krishna swami is compromised with this program because he has supported it the whole time.]  

2) Those who claim that sannyasa is against the tradition of Gaudiya Sampradaya should refer to the incidents of sannyasa taken by the late-lamented Prabhupada Radhikanatha Gosvami of Advaita-vamsa etc., late-lamented Sri Gaura-govindananda-bhagavata-svamipada and the recent incident of late-lamanted Sri Atulakṛṣna Gosvami alias Sri Kṛṣnacaitanyasraya Tirtha Svami (after sannyasa) of Sri Gopalabhaṭṭa Gosvamī Parivara (Radharamaṇa Mandira, Vṛndavana).

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada suspended sannyasa in January of 1977 saying the leaders are basically not fit for this post, how could he have appointed the same group as gurus in June of 1977?]

3) Those who claim that the followers of HDG SBSST do not fall within any bonafide parivara of Gaudiya Vaiṣṇava Sampradaya - should not forget that HH GDKB (the gurudeva of SBSST) was initiated by Śri Nandakisora Gosvami Prabhupada of Advaita-vamsa in the line of Sri Kṛṣna Misṛa Prabhu (the second son of Advaitacarya Prabhu).

[PADA: Srila Prabhupada did not see anyone who was qualified to be guru, so he only appointed proxies or ritviks. That would mean, the worship of the pure devotee would continue. Gopal Krishna swami opposes our idea that we need to promote the worship of the pure devotee -- and he has supported the GBC and their illicit sex guru process. He needs to come back to the original idea of Lord Krishna, we have to worship the pure devotee and not a pack of losers and debauchees.] 

BRVF's 30 points of contentions with ISKCON GBC's currently deviated ideology and our brief life-sketch will be shortly given in a new status update on our timeline in short time from now.

-- By the Central Administration Staff of BRVF (India) and its global affiliates on behalf of Acarya Sri RKDB 'AV'

[PADA: OK so we Westerners are the problem here, except, we were the first people to write position papers declaring the GBC gurus are a fraud? We were the first people to say there was no gurus appointed, and that gurus do not fall down and etc. So if we were not involved, who would have saved the situation from India? No one apparently! 

Many of the devotees in India today who agree that Srila Prabhupada should have continued as the acharya, came to that idea by READING our materials. If our materials did not exist, then what? If ISKCON had only been in India, it would have still had bogus gurus after Srila Prabhupada left, but no one writing papers to defeat them?

And who have been the biggest defenders of the GBC guru program? OK, how did you guess, all sorts of people from India like Sridhara, Narayana, BP Puri maharajas, Gaura Govinda, Bhakti Caru, Swarupa Damodar etc. and almost all the current disciples of the GBC are in India, and so on. India has not been the greatest help here, and worse, each time we exposed one of these gurus as bogus then a "saint" from India came in to pat the GBC on the back and keep their bogus program going.  

OK India has a lot of pious people and its a place of pilgrimage, but people there need to also recognize that they do not have a 100 percent monopoly on the Vedic ideas. And a lot of the Indians there in India are --  in our opinion -- part of the problem. For example, the criminals who are helping Jayapataka in Bangalore. These folks seem to be more interested in money than Krishna? Instead of helping us establish that the acharya is pure, they are helping the bogus gurus?

Anyway our idea is the Vedic idea, the acharya has to be pure. That's final. We wish some more people from India had been helping us write and challenge these bogus gurus all this time, yet almost all the time we kept seeing photos of people in India falling at their feet? Anyway now some folks there are helping us by challenging, and that is a good sign. RKDB needs to refine his challenge, its only a surface reform that he is proposing. Blaming us Westerners is blaming the messenger, its not helping at all. We should be working together on the same issue? Haribol! ys pd]       


  1. Unsophisticated language? Ok its simple, either (A) the parampara from Krishna is often contaminated with mundane defects (as the Gopal Krishna swami lineage says in numerous position papers since 1977) or, (B) its not, as Srila Prabhupada says? The problem for you is that us mlecchas are originally worshipers of Jesus. Therefore, we all knew that God's successors are not EVER deviants, and we knew that our entire lives, and we solidly knew that in fact when we were five years old already -- without any need of sophisticated knowledge. That is why we were able to spot the defect of the Gopal Krishna lineage from square one, day one, in 1978. As soon as they said acharyas are defective if not debauchees, we knew they were wrong. ys pd

  2. OK but acharyas do not EVER support illicit sex acharyas? You have missed my point. Even Lord Advaitacharya supported Mayavada at one time to tease Mahaprabhu, ok all that is fine, but these folks never supported a full blown illicit sex acharya programs? Nor were these folks ever "voted into" such programs? Bhakti Prajna Keshava Maharaja says that the Gaudiya Matha people "costumed themselves as acharyas," so this program was already going on in 1936 in the Gaudiya Math, its not an occidental issue only. The GBC has wrote position papers saying that their gurus may "engage in illicit sex with men, women and possibly children as well." Gopal Krishna swami need to come out and say this is ALL bogus, and its an aparadha to the Vaishnava guru lineage. Instead he says he is obligated to co-opt and help the members of this bogus process? Like I said earlier, here in the USA every occidental child over the age of say 12 knows that God's successors are not engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. Nor would these occidentals ever be "obliged" to co-opt or work under such a system, rather they would never co-opt with such a process considering it as a high class offense to the Supreme Godhead, to say His successors are debauchees. Even us occidentals are not obligated to co-opt with this deviation. In sum, there is no example of any acharyas saying they are obligated to co-opt with the worship of illicit sex with men, women and children as the Lord's successors and acharyas, and you have failed to provide any such example, Thats all I said, you cannot provide any examples of any acharyas promoting a program of illicit sex parampara systems. And you haven't. ys pd


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