Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Changes Issue On Dandavats

[PADA: Right, some of our original "PADA newsletters" were complaining about these books changes, way back in our earlier newsletters in the 1980s. Some people thought that we were "making controversy." Others were shocked and alarmed. Eventually, by the mid 1990s, we got more people interested and we met with some of those who also wanted original books in Los Angeles.

And we all mutually agreed -- that we'd need to make a lawsuit to get the LEGAL rights to print the originals, and this lawsuit was made. How did you guess, in the lawsuit the GBC said that Srila Prabhupada is their "writer for hire." After the lawsuit was made, this brought the issue to the attention of thousands of others, and we got even more support for the idea that the originals are required. This issue still seems to be more and more tilting in our favor, because more people are challenging these changed books and agreeing with us, these changes are not bona fide. Goody! ys pd]    

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