Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Little Krishna Videos

PADA: These "Little Krishna" videos on Youtube have had 6-7 million views, and that is not counting -- the millions of folks who have watched these videos on television in India, -- plus millions of sales of these as DVDs for home playing.

Overall, very nice preaching, targeted for children. As usual, some folks criticized these videos as "childish" -- ummm right? The target audience is children? Anyway, it appears that no one else has been able to put together any better program of preaching to children like this. This is way superior to having children watch Bugs Bunny!

This always amazes us at PADA, some "devotees" say that it would be better for children to watch Bugs Bunny than these Krishna stories. These folks are apparently, more devoted to Bugs Bunny than Krishna. Anyway, our experience seeing kids watch this is, they love it! ys pd

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