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Text DRAFT only / for new Video "ISKCON gurus" ys pd

Dear prabhus, New Video coming up and this is going to be the text, ... your suggestions / additions / comments welcomed. Must be brief! This is going to be a summary version. This is only a draft and it may not be all corrected, it will be edited more before final release. ys pd

01) BHAGAVAN DASA (William Erlichman): Was called "The Sun King" because he was living in expensive Paris hotels. Meanwhile, the children in the ISKCON schools were being deprived of basic food, clothes, soap and medicine, and many of these children were being sexually molested. He was exposed for "falling down with a female follower." After this, he secretly abandoned ISKCON while "taking all the money from the temple's safe." Then he was arrested at his girlfriend's house for "being in possession of counterfeit money," and he was put into jail. Bhagavan's "zone" of France went bankrupt. The French newspapers said: "The Canadian director of the international Krishna cult, Lucien Dupuis, religious name Vishwambhar Das, who has stepped in to pick up the pieces says that Bhagavan's desertion in a time of crisis was 'an absolute catastrophe' for the morale of the community." Bhagavan dasa still supports the ideas of Narayana Maharaja who was the chief
supporter of the "falling down gurus" program.
2) BHAVANANDA "SRILA VISHNUPADA" (Charles Bacis) During the early 1980s Bhavananda was exposed engaging in homosexual activities, for example paying taxi drivers in the holy land of Vrndavana to engage in oral sex. Despite being exposed in these odious actions, in 1986 the other ISKCON gurus "re-coronated" Bhavananada as their "Acharya Vishnupada." Bhavananda brought in his child molester friends into the ISKCON schools, resulting a massive child abuse lawsuit against ISKCON in 1999.
3) HANSADUTTA SWAMI(Hans Kary ex-guru of San Francisco USA): Hansadutta's temple and farm were raided by Federal agents in 1979. Crimes included: possessing a machine gun, credit card theft, stealing from Farm's neighbors, illegal guns, in sum there were 75 felony arrests from his temple in just a short time. According to his followers, he was making some of them get a number of bogus prescriptions for psychotropic drugs like percodan, and he was taking all the doses meant for a number of people (he was a drug addict). Hansadutta kicked out all but two of Srila Prabhupada disciples by 1984, the two he saved were a criminal and a homosexual. Newspapers started calling him "The Machine Gun Swami" and he gave the Krishna religion the reputation as a criminal organization. He temporarily came to his senses and tried to re-establsih the worship of Srila Prabhupada, but then in 1986 he ran off to become Kirtanananda's assistant and he sent people to Berkeley
temple to "get rid of dissenters," had it not been for vigilant police surveillance some of us dissenters (including this author) would have been -- assassinated by now. Hansadutta has subsequently come forward admitting the whole guru program was a hoax.
6) JAYATIRTHA SWAMI TIRTHAPADA (James Immel). After he was caught engaged in illicit sex and taking drugs he was "suspended from the post of guru," yet a short time later he was "re-instated" into the post of acharya. He fell down with several female disciples and was killed in 1987, being beheaded for having illicit sex with another man's wife. Was reputed to be the biggest importer of the drug ecstacy into UK.
7) JAYAPATAKA SWAMI (Gordon John Erdman): Vociferously supported the homosexual and pedophile guru regime of Bhavananda "Vishnupada" in Mayapura India.

? An arrest warrant was released against him for alleged murder of a devotee under trial Sureshwar Das. ?

Has to report to Temple President regarding the sadhana and the no. of rounds chanted wherever he stays. This is a ruling from the GBC.Srila Prabhupada once stated, "Jayapataka will be responsible for the deaths of all the members of the Calcutta temple because he has hired an abominable sweeper to cook for the devotees and Deities, and that the food thus cooked is poisonous."
Jayapatka is one of the main suspects regarding the poisoning complaint made by Srila Prabhupada: http://www.b-i-f.com/JPS_NEWS.HTM

8) KIRTANANADA SWAMI (KEITH HAM, Guru for West Virginia now living in Hardwar, India): In the 1960s he was living in a reputed homosexual "household" on Mott Street in New York City with Umapati and others, and they were all involved in the 1960s "homosexual liberation" scene. After he joined ISKCON he turned against Srila Prabhupada and adopted "interfaith religion" which was rejected by Srila Prabhupada. After Srila Prabhupada departed he started once again practicing homosexual activities, and worse, he was even having sex with young boys (pedophilia) in his self-created Holy Dham, New Vrndavana USA. When asked why there was child molesting in his schools he said: "sex is sex" and he took no action. Some of the former women from New Vrndavana claim they were forced into prostitution "sankritan parties." In 1986 he orders the murder of dissenter Sulochana das. Kirtanananda was finally jailed in 1996, and was fined $250,000 and convicted to a
twelve-year federal prison sentence for racketeering and conspiracy in two murders described in the book "Monkey on a Stick".
9) Ramesvara (Robert Grant): Was caught "dating" a minor aged girl named Rukmini. Was part of the conspiracy to have Sulochana assassinated according to his former hencmen.
10) Satsvarupa Dasa Goswami (Steven Guarrino): Prolific writer of most of the post-1978 bogus guru's "position papers," including the 1980 paper "The Mahajanas Have Difficulties" wherein Satsvarupa claims that the great saints of India are prone to fall into illicit sex. Satsvarupa also wrote in ISKCON's main publications that the worst homosexual pedophile "guru" Kirtanananda was "just like Prahlad maharaja and Jesus," making it almost impossible for dissenters to complain about "Jesus." As Sulochana dasa began complaining about the homosexual behaviors of some of these big ISKCON holy "gurus," Satsvarupa wrote that Sulochana is a demoniac "poison pen" who is atttacking another "Jesus." In sum, Satsvarupa tried to have Sulochana assassinated by branding him as a demon who was attacking another Jesus, and it worked, Sulochana was assassinated.
Later, Satsvarupa wrote "Sanitorium" a book about how a patient has illicit sex with his therapist, which describes exactly himself, he was having illicit sex with his own married disciple who was his alleged "psychology therapist." All along Satsvarupa has been taking powerful psychotropic medications which he constantly writes about, for example that he is "the guru of pills." Satsvarupa says he cannot chant Hare Krishna aloud because "this gives me a big migraine headache." He has made a series of very crazy looking art works of devotees who are with barking dogs and so on. Satsvarupa has been the main "philosophical writer and advisor" to the false gurus.
11) Tamal Krishna (Thomas Herzig)
FIRST "VOTED IN GURUS" -- they settled the complaint that there were no "Indian bodied gurus":
12) Bhakti Charu Swami:
13) Gopal Krishna swami (Gopal Khanna, Guru for New Delhi, India):
A sample of ISKCON's "guru reform movement" -- gurus voted in after 1986:
R 01) Agrani swami (Andrew Lerra): Was appointed as ISKCON's guru for the Carribean area. This "God's successor" fell down into illicit sex. Allegedly he was attending a Caribbean ghost busting voodoo ceremony for a ghostly haunted young woman "disciple" and said that the female witch doctor had spread blood from a slaughtered sheep on her breasts during the ceremony and this had "agitated him for sex." He subsequently "resigned from the post of acharya," but he still preaches that Lord Krishna's acharyas often fall down into illicit behaviors. Persons who "dissented" while Agrani was deviating were vociferously banned from ISKCON.
R 02) Atreya Rsi / Marz Attar (was ISKCON guru for Iran): Now eats chickens and says Krishna consciousness is bogus.
R 03) Bhakti Tirtha swami (John Favors)
R 04) Bir Krishna (Bruce Jacobs): Bir Krishna was "voted in as guru" by the same people who re-coronated a known homsexual pedophile as guru in 1986. His son (Krishna Chaitanya Jacobs) wrote a letter which is on the PADA web site saying that -- the GBC's gurus are a bunch of greedy Jews.
R 05) Dhanurdhara swami: An ISKCON guru who was credited with physical abuse and violence against children, which also helped cover up the molesting prolem. When one of his ex-children victims saw him in Los Angeles, that victim went home and hung a noose around his neck, kicked a chair out from under himself, and he died. Despite a number of ISKCON children having commited suicide because of Dhanurdhara's program, he is still a big authority in ISKCON.
R 06) Danavir: Says gurus make mistakes and fall down (into illicit sex), and this is "the tradition of gurus in India (that gurus are often debauchees).
R 07) Devamrita swami: Women are toilets.
0 00) Gaura Govinda swami:
Gaura Govinda maharaja attacks ISKCON: http://youtu.be/YPJkh2uiOw0
R 08) Giriraja swami:
R 09) Gunagrahi swami:
R 10) Indradyumna swami:
R 11) Jayadvaita swami (Jay Israel): Says gurus fall down into illicit sex with men, women and children.
R 12) Jaggadisha dasa: Ran off with Italian woman and her child.
R 13) Lokanatha swami
R 14) Maha vishnu swami:
R 15) Mukunda Swami (Michael Grant) Said that criticisizing Kirtanananda was "offending a pure devotee" which lead to the assassination of Kirtanananda critic Steve Bryant.
R 16) Param Gati swami:
R 17) Prithu dasa (former guru for Germany: Peter Brinkman)
R 18) Ravindra swarupa dasa (William Deadwhyler):
R 19) Rohini Kumar Swami: Suspended from being the acharya due to "inappropriately touching young men." He later resigned from the post of acharya and works as a Hotel manager in San Francisco.
R 20) Suhotra swami
R 21) Umapati swami (Wally Sheffy)
R 22) Vipramukhya dasa (Wayne Boyd) Just go to Wayneboyd.com and see where he currently brags that he works as a jail security guard.
R 23) Virabahu (Marcos Zafarani): Wrote a book "The Guru" where he said that the new gurus (and their illicit sex?) were just as qualfied as the other gurus in the parampara.
A 01) Anuttama dasa: ISKCON's media spokesman. He says that when Krishna's "guru successors and acharyas" fall down into illicit sex, this is exactly like the Catholic priests who fall into illicit sex. In other words, ISKCON's media and newspaper spokesman claims -- Krishna's successor acharyas are -- fully equal to Catholic priests. Simultaneously, Anuttama's guru program says, anyone who wants to worship an actual pure devotee is like the foolish Christians who worship Jesus. In other words: worship of an actual pure guru is foolishness, we need to worship bogus ISKCON's falling down "Catholic priests" and make pretend they are pure guru - acharyas.
A 02) Badrinarayan dasa (current GBC for ISKCON San Diego USA): One of the main henchmen for Ramesvara when innocent devotees were being banned, beaten and even assassinated in Los Angeles. He recently complains in writing -- ISKCON's credibility is losing ground because our gurus keep falling down, and we are not doing anything substantial to prevent this.
A 04) Bhurijana dasa: One of the teachers in the ISKCON "gurukula" school system when many hundreds of children were being abused and molested. Was accused by a number of ex-ISKCON school students for "covering up": lack of basic food and supplies for children, violence, sexual molesting of children and so on. http://www.harekrsna.org/gbc/black/bhurijan.htm
A 05) Chitesvara dasa:
A 06) Hari sauri dasa
A 07) Hari vilas dasa
A 09) Yasomatinandana dasa:


  1. In 1976 being at variance with Prabhupada, Harikes left his service as Prabhupada's secretary in Vrindavan.

    On his way back to US he made an intermediate stop at ISKCON Germany which at that time after the Hansadutta scandal was without leadership.

    As self-appointed successor of Prabhupada he kicked out all Prabhupada disciples and took control of all European BBT and temple accounts.

    1998, when deciding to leave ISKCON he claimed that as guru/sannyasi/GBC he was running two investment companies in Moscow which made millions. So he insisted upon that 5 mio was his private money.

    When making millions in Russia these companies would have paid income tax. These documents are still missing. Many of his ex-disciples assume that these two companies in Russia were nothing but dummy companies.

    Today he lives as honorary citizen in Florida and invites ISKCON gurus for audio recordings in his professional Music Studio.

  2. SICK ...I am Ashamed to be a Hare Krishna, no wonder Madhu Pandit Das and ISKCON Bangalore are fighting with Mumbai FSKCON ,blaming foreigners for ruining ISKCON and American gurus coming to India ,falling down with murder, drugs and sex.. Most of us Prabhupadad disciples (foreigners)are not allowed in either camp. What to do?


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