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Another conversation about rtviks 06/11/11 (ISKCON) ys pd

Srinivas Kumar: @Lelihana mataji, your concerns are very much valid. But if you are aware, what has happened in the last 2 weeks at bangalore, all the reputation that Iskcon Bangalore had from the last 15 years was brought down to a pitiable stage in the general public and media. People are disliking us very much. The people who are fighting for truth, Madhu Pandit prabhu and his team, now they are accused of forgery, corruption, and so on ..... Iskcon Mumbai had hired so many goondas to attack the temple here and take it over ... By Srila Prabhupada's help, their plans failed. If you would have been in our stage, living amidst all these problems and accusation everywhere from office to home etc... u would understand or u wud have beaten them with shoes by this time. Now, already Madhu Pandit prabhu is making the peace proposal with them for the third time to save the name of Iskcon but with strict conditions like keeping SP as the centre etc... But we are gandhiwadi's.... We are fighting for truth and devotees have already resolved to fight and win for this biggest revolution in Iskcon whatever the cost may be....LIFE or DEATH for the sake of SP..

Lala Gopala Laurianne MacMillan: I want to see all the faces of the murdered devotees, kids that have committed suicide because they were molested, the women forced into prostitution ect...on signs and paraded in front of Dayaramas' house. We are in a very visual age and pictures of the victims are much harder to ignore than numbers. Start the parade off with a poster of my godbrother Sulocan Das.
Lala Gopala Laurianne MacMillan MPD did not start this fight! He was quite peacefully going about his service and the temple was attacked! Now people are telling him/us to sit down read and watch T.V. Wake up!

PADA: Dear Srivas Kumar prabhu, Followers of Krishna should not be Gandhiwadi, they were beaten with sticks by the British, we need to be Bhimawadis, we attack, we are not going to lay down and get beaten. All we have to do is expose them, they support the worship of deviants as acharyas, no one will accept this in Karnataka. ys pd  like 1 person

Lala Gopala Laurianne MacMillan: It is important to note in this connection that there is a class of sentimental Vaishnavas who advocate that no one should argue or dispute contentious issues. They say ' just leave everything to Krsna'. While there is a degree of truth to the above statement, it is often used to avoid dealing with pertinent issues. They sometimes say that everything has already been discussed before, or that these kind of contentious discussions should be handled only by an elitist few. Or that such matters better be left to some research committee. Some other sentimentalists prefer to argue that because the very nature of arguments and disputation may entail some criticism, then that should be avoided altogether. They contend that we should not argue and dispute. Adi-Lila 1.46
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PADA: Same argument I have had all along. Once (around 1980) I was in a devotee's house and he told me -- I was not leaving things to Krishna. At this very time, his five years old boy then ran into the house with a big dog stools on his shoes spreading stools on the carpet, and so -- this devotee started screaming at his boy, get the F*** out of the house! I said ok, so when it comes to YOUR house, its ok to scream your head off, to get YOUR house in order, but when there is dog stools in Krishna's house, you suddenly do not care or worse, you want the stools to stay in HIS house and -- leave (the mess) to Krishna. I said its very amazing that I have finally met a person like you who has Krishna as his private janitor, you are really advanced! Hee hee. I have seen this over and over and over, devotees going into a panic to fix their own private house and personal problems, but Krishna can serve Himself and sort out His own temple's problems, because Krishna is their servant and not the other way around, that is a big problem. And that is why there is now rats, mice, bed bugs, bad plumbing, dangerous electrical wiring, guru's dogs, temple cats, leaky roofs, etc. in Krishna's house, they all left it to Krishna to serve -- Himself, they served their own house and not Krishna's house. They failed the test ... ys pd

Jess Chavez: mayaya paritha j├▒ana his knowlge has been stolen for illusion.

Gopi Flick: So the question here is what are you doing to help.ranting and raving is all well and good but do you have hands can you pick up a broom. There are so many little ways we can help. I have been a devotee for so many years and have walked through the fire and i am still here. I may be alittle worse for wear but i am still here still hearing and chanting and following the four regs.i still tell people what my guru told me about krsna. i still read srila prabhupadas books and try to give them to as many people as possible. Like · 1 person

PADA: Dear Gopi, We are gradually convincing more and more people to worship the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. Perhaps you may have heard about our idea which everyone in and out of ISKCON is always talking about day and night 24/7, its all about us "ritviks," those of us who since 1977 have been making considerable headway convincing people to worship the pure devotee Srila Prabhupada. In 1977 we had almost no support. Almost everyone thought we needed to worship their bogus acharya pals. And almost no one agreed to help us forward the worship of the pure devotee process, but now there are literally thousands of devotees worldwide who are with our idea. And they follow our idea to worship ONLY the pure devotee, so its spreading like anything. That's not ranting and raving, its the absolute truth, i.e. if we worship a pure devotee we can go back to God head, or at least make progress on that path, whereas worship of deviants takes one to the planets of deviants, its not helpful. So we are preaching the right thing, and thus convincing others, in fact thousands of others, to do the same thing. If we were merely ranting, then no one would adopt our idea, but thousands are now on board, that means -- our idea makes sense, worship the pure devotee and not deviants, so -- we get new people on board with that idea every day, not by ranting, but by preaching solid siddhanta from the Vedas. I am glad you have stuck to the right thing, that is wonderful, but we wanted to get thousands of others into the right thing, and by Krishna's grace it is now happening all over the planet. The idea that we have to worship the GBC's illicit sex messiahs is what is dying out, they are the ranters and raver nowadays, not us. ys pd 

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