Friday, June 17, 2011

Are ISKCON's problems "all in the past"? ys pd 06/17/11

Dear Kapildasa, I am not sure how you can call these issues "all this past," the GBC still says Harikesha was a diksha guru, and his devotees needed to be "re-initiated," that means they are still saying he was giving initiation / diksha, "re-initiated" means a person engaged in illicit sex gave the original initiation. Before people like Harikesha left office, they voted in "more gurus" the likes of child beater Bhakti Vidya Purna swami, ok this is a famous child beater:  ... and this famous child beater is still a guru and authority NOW in MAYAPURA which is supposed to be our HOLY DHAM. Dhanurdhara is another child beater and he is still an authority / guru now. Gauri dasa UK is another famous child beater and he is the president of Bhaktivednata manor now. Bhavananda, Satadhanya and Nitai chanda and other child abusers are still hanging around Mayapura now. The GBC STILL says acharyas fall into illicit sex because this was Harikesha's idea, and they are still repeating his bogus siddhanta now, none of this is "in the past," the GBC still says Harikesha WAS a guru link in the parampara, they still say the system he created of voted in child beaters as gurus is bona fide, and so on, how can you say now is in the past? The GBC up to NOW / TODAY says gurus like Jayatirtha and Harikesha etc. fall down, because acharyas fall down into illicit sex, and they have said that since 1979, and they have never recanted that view? Where is the document where they recanted? How can people develop love when they are worshipping child beaters and their supporters as gurus? ys pd 

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  1. apparently iskcon had been continuously invaded by high level demons..all the evils...within iskcon..illuminati..yes...reason was devotion was not strong enough...greed lust and anger rules iskcon...unseen insidious spiritual warfare..ignorant world population...insignificant planet...but yet ideal to develop KRSNA CONSCIOUSNESS...OM TAT SAT....HARE KRSNA


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