Friday, June 3, 2011

India needs to fix its child molester acharya worship program (ISKCON)

PADA: Dear Vishnubhakti, Thanks very much for your elaborate post on the acharya lines of authority in Vedic sampradayas of India, very nice. The problem is that in the West we have ALREADY rejected the GBC's homosexual and pedophile acharya's program, the only place they are having any credibility and success is in India. In fact the Karnataka courts of India just now ruled in favor of the pedophile acharyas program, in short the courts of India fully support the worship of pedophiles as acharyas program, and the courts in Karnataka are ruling that people have to worship these perverts as acharyas program. Worse, the poor children of India that we are feeding are having problems because this lawsuit is making it impossible for our program to expand.

So the Karnataka court not only rules in favor of the worship of homosexuals and pedophiles acharyas program, they are ruling in favor of starving the poor children by hampering our food program. So this is not much of a problem in the West, we have already had these people exposed, arrested, sued and curtailed by massive police, Federal marshalls, FBI and local police arresting these goondas and curtailing their program, and they were sued for $400m in USA for their homosexual child molester messiahs cult, so the West has already clamped down on these molester messiahs acharyas, thus India is the only place on earth where these molester messiahs are being given legal rights and support from the courts, because only in India do we find homosexual pedophile acharyas being supported by the courts as they are now being supported in Karnataka. So you need to start fixing this in India, we already exposed and sued them here in the USA. ys pd 

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