Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lets make a deal (Surya dasa NZ) ISKCON

Surya dasa: If he's as honest as his supporters say, Madhu Pandit das could place ISKCON Bangalore under the legal umbrella of ISKCON Mumbai. ISKCON Mumbai - to demonstrate that they are not just trying to steal Bangalore - could then sign Madhu Pandit das up to a 99 year lease on the ISKCON Bangalore temple. Both parties could agree to disagree on the issue of guru-tattva. Both parties could make a gentleman's agreement not to agitate one another over the issue of guru-tattva, or to preach against the other's choices made in this regard. Both parties could offer and accept apologies for any offences committed, thus demonstrating to the devotees - and the world - that this is not about money, passion for honour, material gain, pride, control, false ego, or one-upmanship from either side.
[PADA: Here is the problem, the GBC will not allow anyone to preach anything that is outside the purview of their idea, and their idea is: that acharyas are often engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. They cannot tolerate the idea that the guru is pure. According to some reports they have spend millions of rupees suing the Bangalore devotees, and with the same money they could have built two big temples just like Bangalore. No! They are not interested in preaching and building temples, they are interested in stopping others from preaching. As such, any deal they make will not be honored. Sorry, the molester messiah's project will never agree to the idea that the guru is a pure devotee and not a pervert and molester like many of them are proving to be. ys pd]

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