Friday, June 3, 2011

Another devotee has a health crisis (ISKCON) ys pd 06/03/11

Dear Mr. PADA, Mother Racitambara is having more issues with her health. ISKCON people are asking to pray for her. She has been spending over 20 years overseeing Mayapur gurukul. I am not sure what kind of medical problem she has, and what treatment they are giving her, but I'd like to know since I knew her from Mayapura. Hare Krishna, BD

[PADA: I have not heard about her health problems but if anyone knows please send me the info at One thing is probably true, she is not getting Cedars Sinai hosptial treatment like some of the GBC gurus, who spend hundreds of thousands every time they have a minor toothache. At the same time I cannot understand why she stayed at Mayapura all these years when they have been worshipping deviants, perverts, molesters and homosexualas as acharyas there. ys pd] 

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