Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday, June 3, 2011

Mumbai Gimmicks, ISKCON Bangalore gives back

Dayaram Das near ISKCON Bangalore
Today, ISKCON Mumbai devotees tried to enter ISKCON Bangalore which came aftermath of the state high court order which stated that the city property was part of the Mumbai ISKCON. Varada Krishna dasa, Dayaram Das and Anukula Keshav with 3 Mayapur devotees and 3 gundas tries to enter the temple as it created a tense situation prevailed at the entrance of ISKCON temple complex at Rajajinagar where hundreds of activists of the Bangalore unit resisted Mumbai teamThe Madhupandit Das objected the Mumbai ISKCON attempts to gain control of the ISKCON Bangalore as the matter was still pending before the Supreme Court. meanwhile police controlled the situation and sent Mumbai ISKCON gundas back to the pavilion. 

Varada Krishna dasa and Anukula Keshav Verbally attacked MPD

"Varada Krishna Das actually informed us (media) before entering ISKCON. we contacted Media department on hare krishna hill and informed about it" sources said. This shows that the Mumbai devotees just wanted to create some scene near ISKCON.

Madhupandit dasa talking to media

Anukula Keshav (Builder from Mayapur) pushed an ISKCON Bangalore devotee and later the same devotee filed an FIR on the builder. I have got a video which shows Anukula Keshav pushing a devotee and Bangalore devotees as taken it as video evidence backing the FIR. The video will be uploaded soon on this blog Anukula Keshav is the main person behind all this, the sources said that Anukula Keshav actually bribed many government officials to turn the table. today he came with 3 of his men who tried to hit some devotees of ISKCON Bangalore. Anukula Keshav later challenged that they will enter ISKCON Bangalore on 5th june at 8:30 am morning to create another scene at ISKCON. The sources said that the ISKCON Bangalore FOLK Devotees will be will be persent on sunday about 5000+ people who will try to defend ISKCON Bangalore from Mumbai Devotees. So i think the drama will go on till monday because on monday Supreme Court will take up this matter and can place a stay order.
Hoping for the best.
Bangalore devotees supporting Madhu Pandit Dasa

Iskcon Mumbai need Bangalore torpedo's to destroy this Bangalore blades

Jayanth Dev. B. K

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Killing Civilization - ISKCON Bangalore

The following conversation between His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and some of his disciples took place on May 30, 1974, during a morning walk in Rome.

Jun 02, 2011 – Srila Prabhupada: If people do not want to approach the Lord's devotees for spiritual enlightenment, what can be done? Just see this sparrow. Sex is always available to him. At any time sex is ready for him. The pigeons, so. Any time they want sex, sex is ready. Visayah khalu sarvatah syat: our only attachment for this material world is visaya, material sense gratification. The whole world over, people are fighting simply to gratify their bodily senses. "I must have nice eating, I must have nice sleeping, I must have very good sex, and I should be defended by a big bank balance, by military soldiers, by a powerful police force, by atomic weapons." This is going on all over the world. Take defense: the rascal does not understand, "In spite of all these defensive measures, at the end of this lifetime I will have to change bodies and go on suffering. The same sense gratification will be available again, in a different way -- and also the same suffering."
Take the tiny ants. They are very fond of intoxication. Did you know that? As soon as they get information, "At the top of this skyscraper, there is a grain of sugar, they will go. [Laughter.] Wine is made from sugar, molasses. So sugar has the potency for intoxication, and if you keep a grain of sugar out in this room, soon there will be thousands of ants. An ants' gold rush. 

So study. Can you see any real difference between this so-called human civilization and the ant civilization, the dog civilization?
 No difference. It is only a matter of outward configuration.
Devotee: Yes. At the Sunday Feast we usually make sweet balls, and there's some sugar water left over. And the next day we find many drowned ants, because they went so wild for the sugar that they jumped into it and killed themselves. 

Visit ISKCON Bangalore -
Visit Akshaya Patra -

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Iskcon brawl may spoil kids’ meal

The ongoing tussle between the Bangalore and Mumbai centres of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon) to control the temple premises in the city could affect 5.5 lakh school students in Karnataka.
The row has resulted in dearth of funds and Iskcon Bangalore has decided to drop its expansion plans, particularly the flagship project — the mid-day meal scheme for school students through Akshaya Patra Foundation.
Iskcon Bangalore was planning to extend the mid-day meal service to another 1 lakh students this year. However, it has now shelved the plan because of the legal battle.
The legal battle has also affected the flow of donations and Iskcon Bangalore is left with few options, but to drop its expansion plans.
“Though high court of Karnataka has ordered Mumbai Iskcon not to disturb the mid-day meal scheme of Akshaya Patra Foundation run by Bangalore Iskcon, but practically we are facing several problems. It is very difficult to manage. We are trying to overcome the problems and continue the mid-day meal scheme, but in the coming days it may get hit,” said sources in Iskcon Bangalore.
According to the sources, if the same situation continued, it might have to stop the service or quality of food might suffer. The state government is offering just ¤3 a meal for the scheme, but Iskcon says it is spending ¤6 a meal, thereby offering the service at 50% discount.
Through the mid-day meal scheme, Iskcon Bangalore feeds 2.2 lakh students in the city. Over 13 lakh students in eight states also benefit from the scheme.
Bangalore Iskcon also feeds over 10,000 people in Bangalore under the senior citizen feeding project.

ISKCON Bangalore Debate

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bangalore Press Club: Update from News-Papers

Sex, ‘dhokha’ behind Mumbai machinations: Iskcon Bangalore

Madhu Pandit Dasa, the head of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (Iskcon), Bangalore, on Monday termed the supervisory committee constituted by the Iskcon, Mumbai as illegal and alleged that the entire exercise was a personal vendetta that followed the exposure of irregularities and sex scandals involving some top gurus of the sect.
“The constitution of the supervisory committee is unconstitutional. The so-called resolution of Mumbai Iskcon is invalid, apart from other infirmities of non-compliance with rules and regulations. I, being a member of the governing council body, am entitled for a copy of the proposal. But they have not served me a copy,” he said.
He alleged that Iskcon, Mumbai was trying to make a backdoor entry into Iskcon, Bangalore. He also questioned the credibility, integrity, honesty and dedication of Iskcon, Mumbai leaders.
Chanchalapathi Dasa, the vice-president of Iskcon, Bangalore, said the Iskcon, Mumbai had targeted Madhu Pandit Dasa as he had always been opposing the corrupt practices and involvement of Iskcon gurus in sex scandals.
Chanchalpati said that Dayaram Das, the head of Iskcon, Kolkata and chairman of the supervisory committee assigned to probe the alleged irregularities in Iskcon, Bangalore, was a big real estate businessman with a multi-crore construction business in Kolkata.
“In 2001, Adidharan Dasa, the then president of Iskcon, Kolkata, had raised his voice against sex scandals and corrupt gurus. Dayaram arranged hundreds of hooligans who masqueraded as devotees, stormed the Kolkata temple and physically ousted Adidharan Dasa. As a reward, Dayarama was made the president of Iskcon, Kolkata," he said.
“The core of the dispute between Iskcon, Bangalore and Iskcon, Mumbai is the flawed Iskcon guru system. In 2001, Adidharan Dasa, the then president of Iskcon, Kolkata, who was the temple president for over 20 years had opposed the corrupt guru system of Iskcon, just as Madhu Pandit Dasa and devotees of Iskcon, Bangalore are doing now,” said Chanchalapathi.
Iskcon, Bangalore was formed and the temple inaugurated in 1997 under the leadership of Madhu Pandit Dasa.

We won't allow panel: Madhu Pandit Dasa

BANGALORE: President of Iskcon Bangalore Madhupandit Das on Monday said they will not allow the supervisory committee from Mumbai Iskcon to enter the temple premises in Bangalore.
Iskcon Mumbai on Sunday said that a supervisory committee would inspect Iskcon Bangalore and a report would be submitted to the governing body.
Das alleged: "The plan behind sending a supervisory committee to Bangalore Iskcon is to tamper with our documents and frame cases against us.''
He told reporters: "Everything should be done only through process of law. If they want to take over or inspect the temple, they should come with the required court orders. The high court has clearly said they should not disturb the activities of the temple. Besides, the committee has to be an official committee, not persons from Iskcon Mumbai. We have full powers to go before the Supreme Court.''


Police bandobust has been ramped up at the Hare Krishna hills temple on West of Chord Road. Police said they had received requests from both parties. "We have to closely examine the legality of the case. We are looking into the court order. Based on it, we will decide who should get police protection," said T Suneel Kumar, additional commissioner of police, law and order.  

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Copy of the High Court Order

Karnataka High Court websites copy of Judgement


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ISKCON Mumbai petitions Home Minister

Following the High Court verdict in favour of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Mumbai, Varadakrishna Das, president of the Mumbai ISKCON in Bangalore, filed a petition with Home Minister R. Ashok apprehending funnelling off of jewellery and other valuables from the temple here.

The Karnataka High Court, on Monday, ruled that ISKCON, Bangalore, had falsely claimed properties of ISKCON, Mumbai, and that the former is not an independent autonomous body.

Stay sought
Speaking toThe Hindu, Mr. Varadakrishna Das said that the Bangalore branch has sought a stay on the High Court order. “We fear that Madhu Pandit Das, president of ISKCON, Bangalore, his family members and associates may try to siphon off jewels and other precious items worth crores from the temple,” he said.
Over the past 12 years, devotees from across the world have donated crores of rupees by way of gifts to the temple, Mr. Varadakrishna Das said his petition on Monday evening and urged the Home Minister to provide protection at the temple. “This is a sensitive matter. We have urged him to ensure that nothing is removed from the temple compound,” he said.
He said that Mr. Ashok had directed the jurisdictional Deputy Commissioner of Police and Assistant Commissioner of Police for a 24-hour vigil at the temple and make an inventory of all the jewellery and valuables at the temple.

‘Appoint administrator'
MLA D.K. Shivakumar

Kanakapura MLA D.K. Shivakumar welcomed the court verdict and urged the Government to take over the temple and appoint a senior IAS officer as its administrator.

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