Saturday, June 4, 2011

BV Damodara debates PADA (ISKCON) ys pd

PADA: As for BV Damodar supporting Sridhara maharaja, yes, as soon as I said that molesters are not acharyas in 1979, Sridhara maharaja said "none should protest" because he wanted these molesters to sit in a Vyasasana, just as he put a bi-sexual deviant in a Vyasasana in 1936. Srila Prabhupada told us how to understand all this, Srila Prabhupada said Sridhara maharaja acts without authority and makes false gurus. Why does BV Damodara not listen to the acharya, he said Sridhara maharaja has no authority to rubber stamp all these bogus acharyas? ys pd VIDEO: Sridhara maharaja supports the bogus 11 gurus: (see it here)

Bv Damodara: ok Ill leave u guys to go to hell, Im outta here!
PADA: BV Damodar also has not even identified who his living guru is? Is he bluffing? Who is his live guru? BV Damodar already sent ISKCON to hell by following his molester gurus program. This is exactly what Sridhara did in 1936, he made the Gaudiya Matha worship his deviant acharya, and when people were being beaten and killed for protesting his false guru, Sridhara maharaja simply left and said, see ya later, I do not care about anyone's problems that I created, I set the house on fire and you can all burn, I don't care. BV Damodara has the same identical attitude. ys pd

Martin A. Raghavendu Lewis: PADA, by your rhetoric which is based on circular logic, you have become the Super Villain of Vaisnava aparadha. When I read your comments I see in my minds eye the Joker from Bat Man Comics. Yes, debating with you is like "dancing with the Devil in the pale moonlight."

PADA: My rehtoric is based on Srila Prabhupada's direct account: Sridhara maharaja deviated and artifically made a bi-sexual man into the acharya in 1936; People (like me and Sulochan types) who dissented were beaten and murdered; The INDIA media, press and newspapers wrote articles about the beatings and murders in India; The reputation of the mission was thus spoiled; Sridhara's guru had a 13 year old son who was poisoned to death to cover up his scandalous life, and then Sridhara's guru commited suicide by drinking poison. All this was in the newspapers because Sridhara ruined their mission, this is the account of the pure devotee. This is thus your idea of acharya, but even Bat Man does not worship bi-sexual deviants? And Sridhara maharaja just left and did nothing, how do we know?, this was Sridhara Maharaja's own account, he said he just left the mess he made behind. He set the fire to the house and let the people burn, he admitted that himself. OK, what is the correct account if this is false? ys pd

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  1. They always come up with ritvik means I can also become the disciple of Srila Rupa Goswami, Gour Kishor das Babaji, etc. No sense that you have to chose the current link.

    Just see what kind of stupid idiots call themselves to be Vaishnava. And even when their guru bloops, drops dead, has a stroke, heart attack, is suspended. Do they turn to Prabhupada? No, never, they rather also bloop.

    Same point of inflection when Prabhupada forever stopped all attempts to teach his godbrothers.


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