Thursday, June 30, 2011

Child devotee murdered in Orissa (ISKCON) ys pd

Eight year old devotee murdered in Orissa.

by Brajsunder Das on Thursday, June 30, 2011 at 5:34am
Hare Krishna Dear Devotees,
Just got a very shocking information from our ISKCON center in Pattamundai, Kendrapara, Orissa.
There is a very small preaching center in Rajnagar, a remote place in Orissa. A devotee Mataji was preaching amongst the very low class people in the village. She would encourage them to take to Krishna consciousness. Because of this some so called village brahmins got distrubted by seeing her success in preaching. With help of the local people they decided to kill this Mataji. One person with a very big knife arrived on Friday at the center were this mataji lives. Not finding her in the temple the cruel person killed her 8 year old son. Unfortunately this took place in the Main Temple hall. The boy was cut in to pieces very badly.
The Local Brahmins with the help of some local people always try to stop and bring disturbance to the preaching here.
Please pray for the devotees who are putting there life in risk and preaching here. I personally stayed here for 6 months and situation is very bad. There is no support from the local people but still some good no. of people have taken to Krishna consciousness. The devotees there need help in form of manpower, money and so many ways. On behalf of those devotees we are requesting you to help them in whichever way it is possible.
You can visit there Facebook page: Pattamundai ISKCON or
your servant
Brajsunder Das.

( Please share this note around the devotee community and encourage to send some help to our centers in the remote villages of Orissa.)

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