Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bangalore devotee -- not fighting for Krishna? ISKCON ys pd

Dear Vishnubhakti prabhu, You say you are living in Bangalore and you have not gone to publicly protest that the court is ruling in favor of the homosexual and pedophile acharyas? Get a big sign, go to the court and protest, this court rules in favor of homosexual and child molester acharyas programs, otherwise, I would have to ask, do you even believe in Krishna? If I lived in Karnataka I would be out there every day with a big sign, again every day, saying -- we cannot allow the worship of homosexual child molester acharyas cults, this is an insult to Krishna, Hinduism, the acharyas of India and so forth, and make your protest public. Otherwise this means you are acquiescing with this decision. You have to protest this idea that child molesters are Lord Krishna's guru successors, otherwise what is the point of reading the Gita "you have to fight for justice" -- if you are not going to fight? I fought them over here, had them sued, exposed in the media and all that, this is your duty there. ys pd

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