Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Debate with Bhajahari Mruphy (UK) ISKCON 06/08/11

PADA: Bhakta dasa has been a big friend of Trivrikrama swami, and Trivrikrama was "voted in as guru" with the re-coronation / re-instatement of Bhavananda in 1986 after a pile of reports on Bhavananada were given to the GBC, where Bavanananda was... found to be having "homosex in the holy dham" and thus Trivrikrama fully supports this regime and very evidently Bhakta das supports this deviants for gurus program. Bhakta's guru BV Puri even said on video that Srila Prabhupada told him they were only going to be ritviks, and when we told Bhakta that, he told me that his since his own guru BV Puri supports ritviks, he is "a piece of stool." In short, anyone who does not worship deviants as acharyas is evil according to Bhakta. Anyone who worships a pure devotee is a piece of stools since they are not worshipping Bhakta's molester messiahs program. ys pd

Bhajahari Murphy:
Serving Srila Prabhupada IS serving the servant of the servant. Serving an unauthorised guru is simply NOT devotional service. I have no problem serving Vaisnavas. I served Jayatirtha and Bhagavan as best I could when I believed that Srila ...Prabhupada wanted that from me. Now I just realise that they were bluffs and they abused us. Over 60 percent of so called authorised GURUs in Iskcon have fallen away. How can you endorse such a hit and miss policy. When and where did Srila Prabhupada authorise them to initiate. It is a mess - and it is plain lazy to not be bothered to take the time to understand Srila Prabhupada's directions as laid out in his Last Will and Testimony. I makes me sad almost beyond words to realise that after 34 years - most disciples just cannot be bothered to figure it out what he wanted to be done and instead take the easy option and hide behind statements such as "this subject has been argued to death". If the GBC were so certain of what HDG wanted - why did they go to him on May 28th to ask "then our next question concerns initiations in the future, particularly at that time when you are no longer with us. etc etc"

Agrani Krishna Dasa:
Servant of the servant of the servant but first servant of Srila Prabhupada.

Bhajahari Murphy: May I ask you just one simple question Bhakta prabhu. Putting aside the question of whether he did or did not for the moment. If Srila Prabhupada HAD wanted to set up a ritvik system - could he have???  Puranjan ji - do me a favour and just butt out will you. I am talking to Bhakta. I do not and have never liked your style. I'll email you Bhakta prabhu
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PADA: Thanks Bhajahari, yes while you were kissing the feet of your new messiahs like Bhagavan, I was kicked out of ISKCON by Jayatirtha, Ramesvara, Bhagavan, and Jayapataka in 1979. I was doing things like warning people that our children were ...getting molested because some of these gurus were perverts, while you were acting as their defender / henchman. You never liked my "style," that means means you blocked me, and that means you are responsible for thousands of children getting molested by blocking my protests. You folks also opposed me when I brought forward the posion case because you wanted to defend them again, you are always defending these idiot gurus and that is the whole problem, and that is why so many children suffered because of people like you defending them. Bhajahari, you are the cause of all this mayhem because you compromised with it and you still are. You do not like my stlye because it exposed you folks who compromised with the molesting and poisoning cadre. My style is -- to say that bogus people are not gurus, and their compromiser like you are responsible for that because SRILA PRABHUPADA says people like Professor Sannyal are respsonsible because he was a compromiser like you, Srila Prabhupada says the compromisers LIKE YOU are responsible, that is why you do not like HIS STYLE. Srila Prabhupada says you compromisers are responsible that is HIS STYLE, and I am simply repeating HIS STYLE. ys pd

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