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Story of Krishna's Headache

Story Time : Krishna's Headache!

In Dwarka, Krishna once manifest His jvara-lila. He was shivering with high fever. Narada Muni came and saw Krishna shivering:

“What happened?”

“Fever and headache.”

Then Narada Muni said, “I will get some medicine for You. Then You will be cured of the headache.”

Krishna said, “Oh Narada, there is no medicine for My body. Only one medicine is there. If you can get it, then I will be cured. If you go to some of My devotees and beg some dust from their feet, that is the medicine for Me. No other medicine will work for this body.”

Narada thought, “Here in Dwarka thre are so many hundreds of thousands of queens, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati and others. Surely they will give some dust.” So he approached them. “Krishna is sick. He has a high fever and the medicine is with you. Please give me some dust of your feet so Krishna will be cured.”

They said, “Oh, what are you saying? Krishna Is our revered husband. Shall we give dust from our feet and go to hell? Get out! We cannot give.” They would not give.

Then Narada went to Vrajabhumi. Seeing Narada Muni, all of the gopis ran to him. Narada wanders everywhere, so the gopis thought, “He can gives us information about Krishna and inform Krishna how we are always thinking of Him and feeling acute pangs of separation from Him.”

Narada Muni said, “Yes, I have information. Krishna is very sick now with high fever. I have come to you for medicine.”

“What medicine is that?”

“If some of you gopis can give dust from your feet, that is medicine. Krishna will smear it on His body and He will become cured.”

“Oh, that medicine. All right, take from me.” said the gopis. At that time there was some competition between them who will give dust for Krishnas headache.

“O Narada take from me!”
“No, no, no! Take from me!”
“How many bags will you take?”

They said, “If giving dust from our feet is required for Krishna, and we have to go to hell and suffer forever, we are prepared for that. Let our Krishna be cured and happy.”

Moral of the story:

This is love. This is the difference between their love and the love of the queens of Dwarka. Where there is jnana and aisvarya then love is shrunken, priti-sankucita. Gopi-prema, radha-prema, is kevala-bhakti; only pure love is there. It is not mixed with jnana and aisvarya. They are prepared to go to hell and suffer there forever, “Let our Krishna be happy.”

So we should ask ourself today, how can I Make Krishna happy?

When we understand our relationship with God then we all will be happy. It is an essential factor for establishing peace in the world.

Please accept my humble obeisances

All glories to Srila Prabhupada ...

Always think of the Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna and you will find no difficulties in executing the tasks allotted to you by Krishna. As you clap your hands in praise for success, similarly clap your hands in Sankirtan movement of Holy Names. Chant these names with love and you will feel the ecstasy:

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare ...

Hare Krishna ... Jay Jagannath ...

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