Thursday, January 22, 2015

Eldercare Crisis For Vaishnavas

[PADA: Simply amazing, the GBC has millions of dollars for lawsuits but not a few paisa to care for the devotees. ys pd]



Dear 'Servant of the Servant of the Servant,'
It is that time again to literally beg from you, on all our folded hands and knees, for your recurring Hospice ***monthly*** Seva of $5, $8 or $13, on behalf of the ill and dying devotees in the Holy Dhama(s). frown emoticon Sadly, there does not exist enough resources 'available' to freely care for those that have surrendered their lives to preaching and are now there either terminally ill or dying, without care.

There is no shortage of stories of devotees in need!! 

frown emoticon. Please feel free to contact Mother Kusha Dayna Fiorentino or Hospice nurse Mother Priya Sakhi, at our small satellite Infirmary Hospice Care facilities. Others in Vrndavan and Mayapur will also collaborate; there are 'just' not enough resources to care for those in need of Emergency Terminal Care — it's India.

"For one who is born death is certain."–BG 2:27 Sign up now for a ***monthly*** tiny donation at


As you may know, devotees are generally poor and do not have funds saved up (especially in India) for Hospice Care or Emergency Care. During our first humble Fund Drive before the end of the year, we reached over half our goal from recurring monthly small donations to pay for monthly bills, for Medical Supplies and for facility essentials for our Vrndavan satellite Hospice Infirmary. 'Thank you,' to all those who have committed monthly from their hearts to this very needed Devotee Seva!. We also did receive a number of 'one-time' donations, and we 'Thank you also,' to all those who helped to get us launched.

However, while we are very appreciative, these beautiful and heartfelt 'One-time' donations are exactly that, 'One-time.' They were very needed and helpful to get us started. Yet, moving forward these do not pay the ongoing monthly bills of a 'free-of-charge' voluntary Infirmary Hospice Care facility.

Therefore, we need to again ***literally*** beg you, on our folded hands and knees, stretched out before you in full Dandavats, in your dust — all who have not yet pledged ***monthly***— to please help these hospice nurses and staff in the Holy Dhama(s) with a just few dollars each month—on a recurring basis.

Please?!? We currently have terminally ill devotees that are being cared for both in Vrndavan and Mayapur, with more coming all the time, and we have not yet met the monthly funds requirement for all the care that is needed. Please look deeply into your heart and reconcile with SuperSoul residing there, just how much you are able to help with any spare coins each month to help sustain this very needed and neglected Seva at the various locations.

These 'Servants of the Servant of the Servant' are now in need of *your* most personal service, a unique Seva which you might 'ever' be able render to a devotee(s) of Radha and Krsna who are in such dire personal need.

Please click to give ***monthly*** $3, $5, or $8 to be part of this growing need—a membership of good will and Vaishnava Seva. We are now also representing the Mayapur Dhama Vaisnava Care and Assistance Program, (with Mother Aditi Dasi and Munipatni Devi Dasi), as well as the 'The Bhaktivedanta Hospice' through Giriraja Swami and DrAvnish Panday, for 'case-by-case' fundraising help to individual Hospice patients or projects. The volunteer nurses and staff at both the Vrndavan and Mayapur satellite care facilities need 'your' help to continue.

All the funds that you donate ***monthly*** go directly to pay for medical supplies, to pay the ***monthly*** rent and keep the lights on, so that this humble devotee care infirmary and satellite Hospice service may be given freely. Our goal is to to make these two (Mayapur and Vrndavan) facilities sustainable through your small donations. There are no funds *at all* coming from the institutions—so far. We are fully dependent on you. Please pledge a very small ***monthly*** amount right now and please 'Copy' and 'Paste' this entire message-text when sharing this to all your friends.

Thank you,

Your aspiring servant Yadunandana Pada Dasa acbsp
P.S. We *are* actively seeking for ongoing ways to show you our gratitude, please give and stay tuned as a participating member.


  1. First of all, Srila Prabhupada said that he wanted to have facility for the elder devotees to retire in Vrndavana. Instead, the GBC has spent $20 million dollars suing the ritviks, first in Bangalore and now the Supreme Court in Delhi, and this is ongoing. That means, the GBC are spending more millions on this case as we speak. They also said they will sue the ritviks for another 100 years, so their plan is to actually spend $100,000,000 on suing the devotees. Thus, their priority is to spend more and more and more money on lawyers, its apparently their number one expense at present. And now, because they sued these devotees, they have been found engaged in various fraud in the Bangalore court, and so the Bombay ISKCON leaders are being charged in the Bangalore court, right now as we speak, with criminal fraud, conspiracy, blackmail, document manipulation, attempting to derail a court case by judge tampering, and more charges will be added by the CID investigation. So the GBC program will be on trial for that soon, which, how did you guess, its going to cost millions more. Basically the GBC has no visible interest in helping the devotees, they want to make huge mansions for their lawyers. Some ISKCON devotees also sent me a "fundme" asking me to post on my blog, they wanted to collect money for an ISKCON temple to buy a washing machine for the devotees. There is no money for a washing machine, but there is $100,000,000 for lawyers, what's wrong with this picture? Are we servants of Krishna and His devotees, or servants of lawyers? ys pd

  2. Bhakti Ananda Goswami says: "[...]
    My Children, who are completely alienated from ISKCON and the Movement because of the years of abuse and hypocrisy that they experienced as Gurukulis, and my Father, who in the early 1980s was cold-heartedly conned and robbed by 'Devotees', are completely disgusted by the millions of dollars being spent on the lawsuits in India and the Temple of the Vedic Planetarium, while Devotees of all kinds, including damaged Gurukulis and broken Seniors are living in terrible conditions and begging for help from the very families, governments and churches that they once left to 'join the Movement'.
    Thus these, my Children and Father, who also gave so much of their lives to the Movement, want to know WHY ISKCON and other Gaudiya Vaishnava Institutions can raise so much money for giant temples and lavish "Deity worship", but they can't support or properly care for the Devotees who are in desperate need? Just see how Devotees must beg for the most basic help, just to 'die with dignity'?
    How can I answer them? What can I say about a society that does NOT take care of its own members, that does NOT protect them from predation, hunger, thirst, cold, heat, illness and death?
    Oh, one I can say that our Mission is to prevent all future suffering by preventing rebirth into a future material life. But we also have the opportunity to prevent or relieve some suffering in this life as well! Srila Prabhupada said that unnecessary austerities are demonic. Thus forcing unnecessary suffering on other beings is demonic too. How can we be so concerned about the suffering of cows and ants etc. and so unconcerned about the suffering of humans, especially those who depend of us, on our Community, for help?
    So, those of us that have some way to help others, even if it is to pray or network, to write about it or to organize, whatever it takes, we Devotees have got to try to help those who cannot help themselves. Not because it is mundane social work, but because NOTHING pleases the Lord more than Devotees taking care of His Other Devotees! [...]"


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