Thursday, January 22, 2015

Poison Tape Reviewed

[PADA: Many people thought we were "crazy" when we started saying Srila Prabhupada was complaining of being poisoned. Same group of our opponents also said we were crazy when we established: There was no guru appointment; The books are being changed; We should not go to the Gaudiya Matha etc.

Apparently, time is on our side and all these issues are gaining in credibility. ISKCON Truth is doing a great job getting this info out, which is why they are getting the same ill treatment we got from various GBC guru defenders. Some of the GBC friendly folks even started an "ISKCON Not-Truth" site to shut down the poison complaint and defend the GBC.

Too bad!

This info already IS out, and will get out more, because people need to know what actually happened in ISKCON, and what happened to Srila Prabhupada personally. Krishna Kanta and his IRM had to be jettisoned by most of us since they still argue that this poison conversation is not really a poison complaint. That is not the growing consensus, most accept that the poison complaint is valid. ys pd]  

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