Friday, January 30, 2015

Krishna Balarama Swami update

[PADA: Krishna Balarama swami recounts some of his bad experiences with the GBC guru program herein. Unfortunately, he is also saying -- Westerners cannot ever become as pure as India's folks. He is also declaring himself to be "acharya number 33" in the parampara, which is what the GBC gurus are also doing. He is also alleged to be writing his own Gita, and there are other complaints and so forth. 

He is basically following the GBC gurus off the cliff of self-aggrandizement. Similarly, some of the Gaudiya Matha folks complained that the GBC gurus are bogus, and no one should imitate the param guru, then they declared -- they are also gurus -- ummm, like the GBC is doing! 

"The GBC are terrible gurus! Therefore, I am the guru"! Seriously dude?

NOTICE! On another level, over the years a lot of these same people have ALSO said, "Oh nobody likes the PADA style of complaining about the GBC gurus." Really? Meanwhile almost everyone of these folks is NOWADAYS copying the PADA style of writing -- by complaining about the GBC's gurus, including: Various God brothers and sisters; The IRM, Gaudiya Matha folks, Narayan Maharaja folks, Sridhara Maharaja folks, general media reports, police, FBI, etc. Yep, no one likes PADA, however, almost everyone of these folks copies and pastes from PADA, or at least uses our style of writing complaints. 

"We hate PADA so much, we are going to -- imitate and copy and paste from PADA"!  

Heh, heh, heh! 

In any case this falls on the heads of the GBC leaders, they invited all this criticism by their odious behavior, and they drove almost everyone out and emptied out ISKCON, and simultaneously they spawned multiple competing guru programs, in sum they created a huge mass of protests from every quarter. We are sad to see so many of the protesters are starting to take the GBC's guru bait and claim to be gurus themselves. This is like saying, "Everyone who thinks they are Jesus in the mental hospital is foolish, but not to worry, I am the next Jesus," 

I have to take my percodans now, this is giving me a headache. ys pd]  

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